Percy Harvin starts the second half with a touchdown


Percy Harvin did next to nothing to help the Seahawks get to the Super Bowl. But he sure is helping them win the Super Bowl.

Harvin fielded a short kickoff to start the second half at the 13-yard line, found an opening and raced to the end zone for an 87-yard touchdown. That made the score 29-0 and may have put this Super Bowl out of reach.

After a first half in which he had runs of 30 and 15 yards, Harvin is now a strong candidate to be the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player.

It’s been an utter disaster for the Broncos, who can’t get anything going. At this point, they need a miracle.

90 responses to “Percy Harvin starts the second half with a touchdown

  1. Manning never beat Florida in college………….ironic………a Gator gets him again in the Super Bowl……….

  2. This broncos team might just be one of the most overrated teams in NFL history. Embarrassing. They finally play a legit defense, and an overall great team….this happens. At least the 07 Put up points and made a game out of it.

  3. Seahawks have talent all over the field Denver has a qb and some wrs and a nose tackle.. At the end of the day the most talented team usually wins . This game was. Not even close in talent Denver’s defense is below average at best and stats show this despite 2 good payoff games doesn’t change that .

    Seattle hasn’t played a defense or team this bad in over 9 games .. They’ve been playing top 6 defenses for basically 8 straight games . This is what you get when your battle tested .

  4. 3 great weeks of playoffs only to conclude with this garbage. Very disappointing.

    Yeah peyton is great, but please don’t ever compare him to Eli when everything is on the line.

  5. Could not watch what will go down as the worse SB of all time any more. Thank god there is better reruns playing here in CT on any given Sunday.

  6. Everyone picking Peyton and the Broncos were WRONG. this is the worst SB ever. the game, the commercials, the halftime. Especially the halftime. Game over, everyone can go home now.

  7. Percy finally found the right team! Let the other guys get you to the playoffs, and then have a game here and a game there where you can turn it on!

    A match made in Seahawk heaven.

  8. Get Cheech Harvin away from seattle and the medicinal mary jane for 2 weeks and he’s back on the field.

  9. I’ll say it now – Congratulations, Seattle. You wrapped this thing up 2 weeks ago – Denver never had a prayer.

  10. Being a Browns fan I don’t have a dawg in this race, but do they not call holding or illegal contact on DB’s in the Super Bowl?

  11. The way the Vikings draft, in the end, they’ll have nothing to show for Percy.

    Everybody gets migraines with the Vikings.

    Especially the fans.

  12. Eli > Peyton.

    Broncos are overrated. That’s what happens when you play a good defense.
    I’d rather be watching a 49er v Seahawk rematch than this garbage.

    Seahawks still cheat by having everyone take PEDS and having their CBs defensive hold every play. Cheat Carroll and the Cheathawks

  13. And yes, MN did get the better end of the deal. Traded a headcase, migraine issued, bad hipped, terrible attitude, high priced, future salary cap issued, diva wr. For a couple of draft picks. One of which is Cordarelle Patterson. Someone who doesn’t have a migraine history, someone who has never assaulted his coach, or had a mary jane problem. Remember, Percy has a history. Patterson doesn’t.

  14. Just when Denver seems to get an offensive rhythm going the Seattle defense takes the ball away. This one is as good as over.

    Now I wish I’d bet money on Denver getting shut out for at least three quarters. That defense Carroll has built is overwhelming and doing against the #1 offense. Impressive.

  15. backdapack4evr says: Feb 2, 2014 8:50 PM

    Seahawks fans need to explain to the Viking fans how good it feels to win something

    Is that with Sherman PED’s? Or without Sherman PED’s?

    By the sounds of the past two weeks, he must have taken all the Prozac, adderal, and every other mood drug out there to calm him down and have a change of heart after his irate rant after the NFCCG

  16. As a Manning fan, I can’t say how disappointed I am with what has transpired.

    The strange thing about watching this train wreck as it’s unfolding is that Manning hasn’t been as terrible as the score would indicate. Maybe it’s just the shock of watching what may be Manning’s last, best chance to be the GOAT go down the drain.

    Just as I write this, D. Thomas just fumbled the ball after finally breaking free. Unbelievable, simply unbelievable.

  17. Hope this closes the book on the PManning apologists. Hey Forsbergler, think they’ll avoid the shutout? See you next August, when Brady throws a preseason INT. After all, that”s what you do. Wonder what’s on TV tonite.

  18. Congratulations Seahawk fans!

    Your team now joins the ranks of World Champions, and you get to leave behind the hapless and tasteless Vikings and their lifetime legacy of losing.

    Welcome to the club!!!!

  19. So much for the year of the horse orange crush.
    Boring Superbowl! Good job Goodell! Are you and your refs happy? Looks like you bet on the wrong teams.. Lol

  20. As bad as manning and denver is playing they were still good enough to go to the big game…what’s that say about the rest of your loser teams…and I’m a Steeler fan BTW…..good game Hawks….congratulations to you!!!

  21. I am not going to lie I was one if those that felt the Seahawks had no chance, apart from the wings and pizza that I have here I have a huge pile of crow as well, good game Seahawks in all facets, but Manning yeesh…

  22. Percy can get all the credit in the World. I just think it is ridiculous giving Harvin the MPV title. The Seahawk defense is the real winner in this game. They have shut down Denver hands down.

  23. Funny how the Seahawks are on the verge of a shutout Super Bowl win and all the fans can do is take shots at Viking fans. Wow! Harvin shows up in the Superbowl and scores a most likely meaningless td and you want to talk about the trade that happened last off season? Denver’s defense never even came out of the locker room after half time. Enjoy your win. But get back to me when Harvin puts together 2 games in a row. #stealingmoneyfromthehawksiseasy

  24. How BAD is Tom Brady for failing to do ANYTHING against this hideous Bronco’s pass defense in the AFC title game?

    What a complete joke. Manning and Brady both need to seriously think about retiring and spending the rest of their lives on TV.

  25. Congratulations to Pete Carroll and the Seahawks.
    I have to be honest, I am a Manning fan and although I was worried about Seattle’s D, I absolutely didn’t expect such a blowout.

    Well done Seattle, well done.

  26. Man the Hawks are getting close to the 49er Super Bowl drubbing of the Denver Broncos in 1990. 55-10

    Denver, come on man… Two of the worst games in Super Bowl history.

    Hmmm… Midnight move to Canada? Broncos vs. Roughriders…

  27. backdapack4evr says:
    Feb 2, 2014 8:50 PM

    Seahawks fans need to explain to the Viking fans how good it feels to win something
    Naw the 49ers already did when they beat the Packers in the playoff.

  28. As a Vikings fan I’ve always said it was a good trade for both team. But MN still gets Seattle’s 3rd round pick this years draft…lets see what they get there.

    Seattle’s defense is very impressive. Kudos to the GM for finding all that talent late in the draft. We might be seeing a modern day dynasty in the works if they can keep that team together.

  29. For all those who claim Manning is the best QB of all time…. Brady’s two super loses came by a combined total of 7 points. Mannings first Super Bowl loss was by 14.

  30. Vikings still got the better deal. They got rid of a head case and got great picks in the trade. Percy plays 2 games and scores a meaningless touchdown and all of a sudden that trade made the Vikings look bad? Hahaha….take away that TD and the Seahawks are still beating the broncos by a lot. If anything Percy is the winner if the trade. Got paid millions to play 2 games.

  31. Percy Harvin, TJack and Sidney Rice all get Superbowl rings….lol

    Tell me more about how great your trades will be working out….

    Go ahead… you can dream until Sept.

  32. Harvin belongs with the Seahawks…great talent, terrible person just like many of the others on the team.

  33. @bigjim50010 –

    Your forgot former Viking Heath Farwell — probably the ex-Viking on the Seattle roster who contributed the most all year.

    Just for your education, Tjack and Rice were free agents (not trades), and you got rid of Tjack once before you brought him back because he was so valuable.

    If you think you won because you Percy Harvin, good for you….

  34. bigjim50010 says: Feb 2, 2014 9:54 PM

    Percy Harvin, TJack and Sidney Rice all get Superbowl rings….lol

    Tell me more about how great your trades will be working out….

    Go ahead… you can dream until Sept.

    Slimjim… What has either of those three done to contribute to the super bowl win? I’m pretty sure that Heath Farwell was a bigger contributor in the regular season, post season, and the super bowl than any of those three!

    Heath Farwell was the only one that the Vikings lost, gave up, or traded to seattle that Vikings fans and team actually MISS! The Vikings are better without Rice, Harvin, and Jackson. Although, Jackson might be better than Ponder…

  35. ummmm harvin scored a touchdown? but I guess in your myoptic purple vision that does not count for anything.

    face it, the vikes usually have superior talent and do nothing with it….other than off season hopes and dreams that come crashing down every year by week 4.

  36. Congrats to the Seahawks.. That def. Is ridiculous, I loved harvin while he was here in the great state of Minnesota. Hated to watch him go, but that trade was a good one for the vikes to make. Your GM is the real deal, guess it goes to show who the real genius was in GB.. Again congrats..

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