Teammates deny Suh was a problem in the locker room

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Teammates of Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh are taking issue with talk that he’s a problem in the locker room.

Former NFL player and current FOX analyst Heath Evans said last week that players on the Lions have told him that Suh shows up late to work and is generally uncontrollable. But two other teammates told the Detroit Free Press that Suh is a good teammate.

“We all hold each other accountable, so he wasn’t late or anything,” Lions defensive tackle Andre Fluellen said. “Nobody was late that I can really remember. I don’t really know what [Evans] said, I can just tell you that he was as good a teammate as you can really ask for.”

Lions running back Reggie Bush said that from the day he arrived in Detroit, Suh has been a positive influence on the team.

“My first encounter with Suh was when I first got there, he called a leadership meeting, leadership council meeting that consisted of some of the veterans on the team,” Bush said. “That kind of said to me that that’s where his mindset was that he maybe wasn’t this person that the media kind of painted him out to be and that he was about the team first, putting the team first and trying to figure out a way to get ourselves to a championship.”

With these types of stories it’s tough to say who to believe. What we can say is that unlike the players who criticized Suh when speaking to Evans, Fluellen and Bush are willing to put their names behind their support of Suh.

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  1. Bush put his name on it. That’s the one I would believe over unnamed sources and Evans’ shoddy reporting

  2. Sounds to me like Heath Evans made up a story to keep himself relevant and to feed Suh’s reputation as a bad guy.

  3. It’s tough to say who to believe??? The guys who doesn’t know Suh and his unnamed sources… or the 3 teammates, 2 of which play the same position?

  4. Unnamed Source: “Suh enters village, kills women and children!” – HUGE story

    48 hours later

    Several, named credible sources: “What is this about? This is complete BS. Absolutely none of this is true. Suh has nothing to do with that village and the women/children being eaten.” (Small story, hardly anyone reads or sees it)

    End result – Suh = Monster

    The sheep of America baa again.

  5. Duh. Of course his teammates said that. They have to work with the guy. A question like that is worthless. His teammates would NEVER publicly admit to something like that.

    Now, get them to anonymously talk about it (good luck arranging that). That’s the only way that you’ll know the truth.

  6. And now Schwartz has refuted Evans’ report as well.

    When Jay Glazer reported something I listened. Evans has no credibility.

  7. Those speaking privately have indicated Suh is the same guy he has been in previous locker rooms.

    Those speaking publicly are claiming Sue is not the same guy he has been in previous locker rooms.

    There are certain documents H.R. requests that its employees fill them out and submit them to H.R. confidentially and without having to sign their names to them. The reason for retaining opinion anonymity is to best ensure the threat of retaliation is non-existent and to get the most truthful responses.

    Similarly, those who spoke with Caldwell were likely candid and expressed their views as they saw matters – and did so privately to avoid locker room retaliation of sorts.

  8. So, as of right now, what we have is actually Heath Evans saying these things about Suh, not former teammates of Suh. If you’re not going to name names and give proof, then don’t speak. We don’t believe you, Heath.

  9. He’s going to have to straighten up now or Jim Caldwell is going to take him out to the woodshed and bore him to death.

  10. I think Heath Evans just got caught talking out of his ass and relied on the old “anonymous team sources” to back up his bs statement. This kind of thing tends to happen when you force dumb football players to pretend to be journalists.

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