After quiet Super Bowl, Decker could have chance to test market

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As we noted on Sunday, Broncos wideout Eric Decker was one of numerous Super Bowl XLVIII participants with a chance to star on the worldwide stage in their last games before potentially hitting free agency.

Well, Decker had a quiet Super Bowl, catching one pass for six yards on five targets. What’s more, he played every offensive snap for Denver, according to NFL playing-time statistics.

After the game, Decker was asked about free agency.

“That hasn’t been a thought on my mind,” Decker said, according to an interview transcript from the league. “I’m going to enjoy the season we did have. (I’ll) look back at this game and wish we could have a lot of things back. As far as my future, that’ll be something I think about when the time comes in a couple of months.”

Decker’s overall body of work probably is in his favor as free agency approaches. In the last two regular seasons, he caught a combined 172 yards for 2,352 yards and 24 TDs. Overall, Decker, who will be 27 in March, has 30 catches of 20 yards or more in the last two seasons, and he has not missed a game in the last three seasons.

Still, his Super Bowl statistical line doesn’t help his bargaining position as the offseason begins. That is not to say that it necessarily hurts him, but his résumé is largely what it was before the Super Bowl. Still, that will likely be enough to draw a nice amount of interest in free agency, whether it’s from Denver or someone else.

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  1. He cant beat press, he is better off staying with the Broncos, but some team will overpay and realize real quick he is not a No 1..

  2. If Manning ends up retiring, I anticipate a mass exodus of playrs from Denver. With Manning most will at least have an interest in staying, without Manning, no one returns

  3. The Vikings could use him as a 5th receiver who could come in on passing situations.

    We already have a lot of depth in that position with All-Pro Super Bowl winner Greg Jennings, Pro-Bowl Cordarelle Patterson, a talented all-star in Jerome Simpson and upcoming star in Jarius Wright.

    We have more depth at every position except QB then every team in the NFL.

  4. Broncos just got exposed..those Dink and dunk crossing routes that Manning lives by were not there.Once Chancellor hit Welker the other 3 WRs didn’t want no parts of the midle. Plus Manning had those happy feet once he got clean pocket and that’s what he is,but Decker will get paid one way or the guess is the other.

  5. Any team that questioned whether or not Decker would be worth throwing big bucks at in free agency, now likely has their answer. Still he will get paid by someone, but it is hard to see him repeating the success he has had this year.

  6. There are a lot of angles, things to look at, but I would be intrigued to see where he goes. The Vikings could be a nice fit for Decker. We need a bigger, physical WR to line up opposite of CP next year, allow Jennings to man the slot more. Yes yes yes, we need a QB, but Im not too concerned with that as I think we will secure that position in time. Manning inherited a slew of weapons. Denver built a sick WR core, making them a lucrative place for a QB to come play. Not a bad idea to do. Not sure what Decker would think about playing home games at his old college for the next 2/3 seasons though…

  7. Having not missed a game in the last three seasons is a plus, I’d take him on my team. Didn’t hear much about him at all the last 2 weeks.

  8. One of the biggest talkers during the Broncos dominance over the likes of the Jaguars, Raiders, Texans and Giants.

    Did he even play in the Super Bowl?

    Where ya at, Decker?

    Eight points.

  9. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have made many ordinary wide receivers a good chunk of change. With the two Thomas guys and Welker, Decker never really got “extra attention”. You have to question his real value.

  10. Say what you want about the guy, we’d still take him in Carolina. A receiver who can catch more than half of the balls thrown to him would be a nice upgrade. Come to Charlotte!

  11. After the Bronco receiving core was called gutless wussies made to look good by Manning.

    Buyer Beware

  12. It’s no coincidence that the 3 most overrated Receivers in the NFL, (Decker, Fitzgerald & Floyd) are all from Minnesota.

  13. Decker had more yards and TDs than Jennings and Patterson combined.

    I think Decker would rather play with a talented QB with someone that could get him to the Super Bowl again.

    Maybe he would come to GB if James Jones leave. The Packers all ready have White Megatron though.

  14. They sacrificed the guy to Sherman — heck I think even Aikman said that. Any team that bases a FA decision on one game deserves what they get. Nonetheless, I suspect even Decker realizes he’s not a #1 WR.

  15. let this dude go, too busy with his reality show. use the money to sign alturrean verner /cb tennessee. the defense was absolutely pathetic yesterday. need linebackers, corners and defensive lineman. as a bronco fan, i was disgusted with the defensive play. no hustle, champ getting beat on every play, rodgers-cromartie also, the only dudes worth a crap on that d are potroast(which we picked up after jacksonville dropped him)and trevathan. the two safeties are absolute garbage. this teams draft choices have been very questionable since xanders left. how about a power running game also, pathetic to line up three straight series and not be able to get a yard. signed absolutely disgusted fan.

  16. Why do Vikings fans think their team isn’t terrible? Seriously, your team is God-awful from top to bottom with exception to AP. I mean my God, just absolutely terrible. Get a grip on reality Vike’s fan, your team should be in LA any season now anyway… And yes my Phins suck too, just not nearly as much as your team.

  17. He’d just go to a team to be a number 2…Perhaps someone like the Lions could benefit.

    Having said that, Decker isn’t a championship quality receiver. He’s not gonna make the clutch catch, game breaking play in the open(because he’ll trip), and he’ll fumble the ball in big moments…So to be brutally honest, Denver really can afford to let him go.

    The team will need a number “2” no doubt, but lets say they pick up Hakeem Nicks, James Jones, Riley Cooper or even Anquan Boldin..Those receivers are gonna get the same production with Manning throwing them the ball.

  18. Lots of haters around here. Decker was putting up solid numbers BEFORE Manning. big, strong, physical receiver. In college Sports Illustrated columnist Stewart Mandel declared Decker the third-best wide receiver in college football, behind Oklahoma State’s Dez Bryant and Georgia’s A. J. Green. Why does everyone think this guy’s a stiff? Legit.

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