Arizona host committee basking in the glow of weather


While New York and New Jersey were lucky on the weather for the day of the Super Bowl, the blizzard that hit yesterday was a stark reminder of what could have been.

And the possibility of that kind of weather loomed over the week of the Super Bowl to such an extent, that next year’s host committee looked like heroes by comparison.

“I didn’t know how much people were going to talk about the weather,” Jay Parry, the president and CEO of the next year’s Arizona host committee said, via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. “That’s all they talk about. The good thing is we don’t have to tell the story; it gets told for us.”

Parry joked that their weather contingency plans were limited to “sunscreen.”

Of course, the pleasant weather comes with a tradeoff, as the game in the greater Phoenix region won’t have the same entertainment possibilities or venues, and transportation is more of an issue considering the sprawling nature of the area. While the media center and many of the events will be in downtown Phoenix, the game will be played in Glendale, and there has been local in-fighting between that city and Cardinals leadership.

But at least they won’t have to put part of the media under a broiler at the stadium, or worry about people being stranded in a snowstorm on their way home.

10 responses to “Arizona host committee basking in the glow of weather

  1. You better be careful with you bragging Phoenix. I know you have a roof but pre game activities are outside. I’ve seen lots of cold and rain in late Jan. and early Feb.

  2. The NFL got lucky by 24 hours. Forget the game on the field. If yesterday’s weather had been Sunday’s weather, half the people complaining about how long it took to get to the stadium never would have gotten there at all. And if they had gotten there, they still would have been there Monday morning.

    I’m not against cold weather Super Bowls. But they should only be held in cities where the stadiums are within walking distance from the majority of the hotels.

  3. I went golfing here in Phoenix on Super Bowl Sunday. It was gorgeous and didn’t need to wear a windbreaker.

    Sure we occasionally get rain this time of year, but it’s not driving rain and zero degree wind chill.

  4. I can’t believe the NFL is going to encourage more cold weather outdoor Super Bowls. Its like playing the lottery, all for the purpose of lining the NFL’s pockets with the most lucrative bid no matter where it comes from. All it will take is one disastrous weather Super Bowl to expose this approach as stupid, short-sighted and foolishly greedy. The league’s championship game should be played in a venue where the weather is very unlikely to impact the outcome.

  5. Bowls from college and pro should be below the logical equator of the USA, or in a dome.

    Next year they’ll actually be able to go outside during the 2 week period before the game.

  6. Football is a game made for the elements. Look at a stadium like Ralph Wilson stadium, then look at the Dolphins stadium…we pack the Ralph is freezing temperatures, while Dolphin fans don’t go when it’s 85 degrees out.

    Real fans don’t care about weather.

    Ps. Quit whining about the heat lamps in the press-box…at least they were there.

  7. It was 77 and clear at kickoff time in Tampa. It was 80 on Monday when everyone up north was having their planes deiced. The Super Bowl is supposed to be a reward for the fans and the teams, not a punishment.

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