Former QB thinks D.C. experience was good for Shanahan


At the moment, no one knows who the quarterback for the Browns will be next year.

But a former pupil of new offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan thinks he’ll be ready for anything.

Longtime NFL quarterback Sage Rosenfels, who played under Shanahan for three years in Houston, said he thinks the Washington experience will help how old boss in a new job.

From issues with Donovan McNabb to a possibly contentious relationship to Robert Griffin III to the looming presence of owner Dan Snyder, Shanahan’s seen it all in a short time.

Washington, I think, has been a great learning experience for Kyle,” Rosenfels said, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal. “He dealt with [McNabb], a veteran at the end of his career, and then he dealt with [Griffin], a rookie at the beginning of his career, both superstar-type guys. I’m sure he learned a lot about himself in those situations.

“I had an excellent experience with Kyle. [Texans quarterback] Matt Schaub, I think, would say the same thing. I think there’s a lot of things that go into the Washington, D.C., experience from the owner [Dan Snyder] down to Donovan McNabb having a strong personality, RG3 having a strong personality. There’s a lot that probably nobody knows about in those situations.”

Rosenfels was optimistic that Browns wideout Josh Gordon would have plenty of chances for big plays, much like Andre Johnson did in Houston under his watch. But mostly, he’ll be responsible for whatever rookie they bring in.

“I think he’s perfect [for a young quarterback],” Rosenfels said of Shanahan. “One, he [went to the playoffs] with RG3, who has that superstar aura around him. Secondly, I think that his offense is very conducive for a young guy to have success and learn the game. Some offenses are really complicated and they have the quarterback go up there and coordinate all this stuff at the offensive line and call audibles. Kyle’s system, though it puts up big numbers, is fairly simple for the quarterback. You know exactly what you’re doing. It doesn’t make things too complex. It allows you just to play the game, and that’s what young players do best is just playing and not thinking too much.”

And if he’s not talking too much about his relationship with his passer, that’s probably better still.

10 responses to “Former QB thinks D.C. experience was good for Shanahan

  1. Let’s see how the Browns and Skins do this next year, then decide whether he was the problem in DC.

  2. RGMe is a coach killer, Dan Snyder is a meddling owner, the Redskins will spend a lot of money on Free Agents, draft two QBs in one draft when they have 10 other holes on their team. Funny thing is Redskin fan rips on the Browns and we have more talent before the draft… And they play in the worst division in football. Delusional.

  3. That was the biggest issue last year. Rosefels just said it himself. A very simple system. This is why RG3 struggled. The defenses knew exactly what he was doing due to the simplistic nature of Kyle’s offense. That is why RG3 and the coach bumped heads. RG3 was reduced to having to run a easy system, but is better than that. Gruden will have a more complex system that RG3 will pick up very quickly. The Shanarats stereotyped our QB’s (McNabb, RG3) to thinking they were not capable of handling a complex offense. Time will tell…..

  4. As a Redskins fan, I think Cleavland is getting a great OC in Kyle! No one knows what really happened with the Redskins, Kyle shouldn’t be held responsible for it! Looks like his offense was great in Houston, and Washinton in 2012, so what?.. He just forgot how to coach? No way! Too much going on and enough blame to go around for everybody! Hope Kyle does well..HTTR

  5. One problem i have with Kyle is he will run the same Damn play over and over again just out of different formations..he’s play calling is definitely questionable and does not know how to run a 2 min offense, I can’t tell how many times skins were down by 14 and had 4 min to go and there was no sense of a hurry up until it was to late and not enough time left in game..

  6. Kyle will be fine, the browns have a lot of young talent, and with draft, cap space should give him some nice weapons to mold into a high powered offense. Look for the browns and bengals to be battling for the AFC north title next season.

  7. I’m sure that Kyle, is looking to parlay a successful OC gig into a candidacy for a head coaching spot somewhere. He’s also got to be aware of what has gone on before in Cleveland, and that to date there have been no brilliant moves made in the draft, or free agency, for a game changing QB. Thus, he will carry a sense of patient desperation into the Browns’ offices. One hopes that Kyle, will find receptive ears to his desires in the draft going forward.

    One also hopes that Jimmy H. will be kept too busy trying to keep his sorry southend out of jail, to meddle with the football minds running the team.

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