Morten Andersen isn’t bitter about not making Hall of Fame

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One of the toughest realities for Hall of Fame finalists to face is that there are fewer spots available in Canton annually than qualified candidates.

So former Saints and Falcons kicker Morten Andersen was gracious about not making it this year.

There’s a lot of deserving guys that have been waiting a lot longer than I have,” Andersen said, via Ramon Antonio Vargas of the Baton Rouge Advocate. “I’m patient. I understand how the process works.”

That’s a tough pill for many to swallow, as to even get into the final 15 modern era candidates means you have had an exceptional career.

But Andersen’s chances weren’t great in part because punter Ray Guy was up for consideration as a seniors committee candidate, and no one really expected to double the number of true specialists in the Hall in one ballot.

“Hopefully,” Andersen said, “he gives us a chance.”

At some point, Andersen may earn his trip.

He’s the league’s all-time leading scorer, and while some have a “just-a-kicker” mentality, there’s a solid chance he’ll be enshrined one day. Not that he’s disappointed.

“It’s time to celebrate the guys that did get in and not diminish what they meant to the game by focusing too much on the guys that didn’t get in,” Andersen said.

That’s a graciousness that too many players, even the ones who get in, don’t display often enough.

13 responses to “Morten Andersen isn’t bitter about not making Hall of Fame

  1. I don’t know how a voter can put a Kicker in over a player from the offensive or defensive side of the ball? Those guys leave something on the field and will never be the same physically and mentally for the rest of their lives. I wouldn’t consider a ST player or a contributor if they are going up against more than 5 qualified position players. Also, a contributor or a coach should not take up one of the 5 slots allocated to a HOF class. Let them be voted separately, where they are not compared to a player.

  2. Maybe we need to get John Fox on the selection committee. He would cast all his votes for kickers and punters, with an occasional defenisve player thrown in…

  3. He sounds like such a class act, he even sounds more gracious than Deion when he got in ( Prime kept acting like the whole thing was just a formality)

  4. He has been out of football for years, and still is the highest scoring player in history. That alone should get him in.
    He is always unassuming like that. That’s his character. He did whatever was asked of him, and always did it well.
    Even when he could no longer kick the long ones, he still was money inside 40 yards.
    A lot of these kids could take a page from his book.

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