Russell Wilson hangs out with Jay Z


It’s no surprise that the winning quarterback of the first New York Super Bowl would be hanging out with a New York entertainment icon.  But given the side business run by Jay Z, the decision of Russell Wilson to sit courtside at a Brooklyn Nets game takes on a greater level of intrigue.

Jay Z has a sports agency.  While not certified to represent football players for their playing contracts (Jay Z has hired someone to do that, but he can’t be involved in the recruitment), Jay Z can represent Wilson for off-field purposes.

And with Wilson unable to sign a new football contract until the 2014 regular season ends, the only way he can cash in over the next year comes from marketing opportunities.

Wilson would be wise to strike while the iron is hot.  Indeed, the more he can make away from the field, the less he’ll need from football — and the more cap space he’ll be able to leave on the table for the Seahawks to sign other players.

The notion of Russell Wilson taking less than he could otherwise command will make plenty of football agents (including his own) cringe.  But with Peyton Manning averaging nearly $20 million per year and Wilson under $1 million (for now), it’s easy to see why Wilson has a better overall team around him.

With Jay Z making up part of Wilson’s off-field team, the quarterback may be able to allow his on-field team to keep enough cap dollars to allow the Seattle dominance to extend well beyond one year.