Redskins start contract talks with Orakpo, Riley and Hall


Over the weekend, there was a report that the Redskins had started contract talks with cornerback DeAngelo Hall ahead of the start of free agency in March.

General Manager Bruce Allen confirmed that on Tuesday, saying that he began speaking with Hall’s agent during the practices for the Senior Bowl last month. Allen did the same with the agents for linebackers Brian Orakpo and Perry Riley, each of whom can join Hall as unrestricted free agents if they don’t sign new deals before March 11.

Allen said that he has yet to make any exact proposals of contracts at this point. He explained that new head coach Jay Gruden and other additions to the coaching staff are still evaluating all 22 pending free agents as they make plans for the offseason.

“I think it’s a little early, because they are just starting to evaluate,” Allen said, via the Washington Times. “We’ll have some fresh ideas and some fresh eyeballs looking at players. We, obviously, can fill them in on the character of various guys, but I’d be interested to hear their opinions on who they think really fits in here and who might not.”

Allen said last month that the Redskins would be active in free agency as they emerge from two years of cap penalties with enough cap space to sign some of their own guys before adding help from outside later in the offseason.

11 responses to “Redskins start contract talks with Orakpo, Riley and Hall

  1. Let Hall walk getting a comp pick next year. Franchise Orakpo & trade him for pick(s), sign Riley. Riley won’t break the bank but the other 2 haven’t made us standout on D so why pay top dollar (which they’ll demand) for them?

  2. Please, please, please do not overpay Orakpo to stay. That would be a classic Washington move.

    If he wants to make top-10 money, let someone else foot the bill. He’s a physical freak that is injury prone and only has a single move. Not easily replaceable, but replaceable none the less.

  3. Hall won’t demand top dollar. The reason he signed a one year deal was because no one else wanted him so we got him cheap. This year the Skins were toted as having one of the worst defenses in the league’s history (based after the first four games) so Hall won’t get much recognition for his quality play this year.

    He will still be relatively cheap, is only 30, and can play nickel, starting cb, or has offered to play safety. Hall is far from done and is a huge team player despite what the general view is.

  4. Re-sign Orakpo. Let Riley and Hall walk. Riley’s very slow to diagnose plays and react. Hall will be 31 and is probably unwilling to become the nickel back. If he wants to stay, he must take the reduced role…and cash.

  5. When healthy, Orakpo is a double digit sacker. While not registering more than 12 sacks a season he is definitely not elite but look @ the list of FA 3-4 OLBs…. slim pickings. Add to that the fact that 8-10 mil a yr is what his position commands. We are known for overpaying outside guys, I would rather start overpaying our own for now on. While not a game changer, Orakpo is steady. Would resign both Riley (5-7 mil) and Hall (2-3 mil) @ a modest price if possible. Where we really need outside FA help is at NT (most important move this off-season) and CB.

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