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Rivera favors expanded playoffs


If the playoffs had been expanded to 14 teams in 2013, the Panthers would have hosted the Cardinals in the wild-card round, instead of having the week off.  And that would have been fine with Carolina coach Ron Rivera, the 2013 AP and PFT coach of the year.

Rivera favors expanding playoffs by two teams, even if means elimination of the bye week for the No. 2 seed in each conference.  Or perhaps in the case of the Panthers because it means no bye for the No. 2 seed.

“[W]e don’t have a good record coming off the bye so I think so I think that our best thing is to stay and keep playing and stay focused,” Rivera said on Wednesday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show.  “But I would have just because in all honesty I have been on a team that had a winning record that didn’t go to the playoffs as both a coach and as a player, and it’s very frustrating to take a step back and look around and say, ‘Man, we were 10-6 and didn’t get into the playoffs.’  That is a tough pill to swallow, so I think there are a lot of good reasons for it.  I would love to see it seriously considered this year we will go from there.”

Rivera serves as a member of the coaches’ subcommittee to the Competition Committee, so he has the ability to make his views known in a more formal setting.  Ultimately, the question becomes whether at least 24 owners would vote in favor of expanding the postseason by a pair of teams.

Here’s the full segment with Rivera, who also talks about his contract extension and whether his starting quarterback will be looking for a new contract of his own.

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12 Responses to “Rivera favors expanded playoffs”
  1. ziggystheansah says: Feb 5, 2014 4:47 PM

    I think divisions need to be reworked- should that mean removed, possibly. But it needs to be changed, so teams like the packers don’t make it over the cardinals. We also wouldn’t have talk about teams getting in because of an “easy division”.

  2. concro123 says: Feb 5, 2014 4:49 PM


  3. bucrightoff says: Feb 5, 2014 4:53 PM

    Just stop with this. Devaluing the regular season more is not worth it. All this is doing is rewarding mediocrity (and of course making the NFL more money, so forget it its a done deal, and a 16 team playoff is coming by the end of the decade, with all 32 teams making it by 2030.)

  4. phinfan527 says: Feb 5, 2014 4:56 PM

    Another playoff team? There is a shock to bring more money into the NFL!! Vegas is drooling for two more games to wager on!!

  5. thestrategyexpert says: Feb 5, 2014 4:58 PM

    But they don’t have to add to the number of playoff teams to make all the teams with the best records eligible for the playoffs.

  6. Joemontanaflacco says: Feb 5, 2014 5:05 PM

    Until they let in 16 teams from each conference, the Steelers aren’t going anywhere.

  7. beardinals says: Feb 5, 2014 5:14 PM

    Interesting. Since they would have been dismantled by the Cardinals again.

  8. FinFan68 says: Feb 5, 2014 5:21 PM

    I would rather they eliminate the byes and keep the same # of teams. (1/6, 2/5, 3/4). Nobody gets an extra week of rest. Everybody is on equal ground in the playoffs (except for the home field advantage earned via seeding)

  9. ariani1985 says: Feb 5, 2014 6:54 PM

    Can the Packers still only lose once in the first round?

  10. kev86 says: Feb 5, 2014 6:59 PM

    If I had a vote, I’d leave it as is. I wouldn’t like my chances in a majority vote because of money.

  11. phinfan says: Feb 5, 2014 8:01 PM

    No matter how hard you try Cleveland still wont make playoffs.

  12. pilot2011 says: Feb 6, 2014 9:34 AM

    Good interview, well done Mike.

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