Carlos Rogers could be on the pay-cut or be-cut bubble

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The 49ers have some salary cap room at the moment, but not as much as they’ll need.

So it only makes sense that they’ll go back to the well with Carlos Rogers again.

According to Matt Maiocco of, Rogers is on the books as the highest-paid 49ers player for 2014, with $6.6 million coming his way in salary and bonuses, and an $8.09 million salary cap number.

They asked him to take a pay cut a year ago but he declined, and only maintained leverage when cornerback Chris Culliver suffered a torn ACL in the preseason.

The 32-year-old went on to play more defensive snaps than any player on their roster in the regular season. They could clear $3.6 million in cap room by releasing him, which might be necessary with five unsigned starters (plus kicker Phil Dawson) and a quarterback who’ll need an extension at some point.

Since they asked last year, it’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t again, but Rogers might not have the same bargaining position as a year ago.

25 responses to “Carlos Rogers could be on the pay-cut or be-cut bubble

  1. Mediocre at best. He couldn’t make the Seahawks practice squad. Don’t let the door slam on your way out Carlos. There is always the Redskins to offer you stupid money now that they are players in free agency again.

  2. I hate the niners more than any other team because of their position in the NFC west and their coach. That being said the worst fan base by far is the Vikings. I get on here and see a 49ers salary cap story so I take a look. What do I find but another delusional Vikings fan on this comment board. Where do they come from????

  3. “Zero Super Bowls in 20 years. Frisco is trending down in the NFC West.


    Last time i checked niners went 5-1 in the division and seattle went 4-2. Also 1 play from superbowl. If your gona do some trash talk at least make it believable.

    Just another Hawk fan listening to Nirvana about to slit his wrist.

  4. If he won’t take the pay cut, cut him loose if the salary cap hit isn’t too big. we can add through the draft.

  5. Carlos Rogers played great in his 1st year with the 49ers in 2011. He was #2 on the season with Dashon Goldson and a few other players. He got his last nice payday because of that. The next season he just kind of disappeared, along with this season. I was surprised to read he played the most D snaps of any player on our team.

    It always gets me when a player has a great season. Gets rewarded with a nice contract. Then just completely falls off. Chris Culliver was looking solid before he got injured, but we still need help back there. It’s the weakest point of our defense.

  6. This situation happens a few times a year.

    The player union and his agent will hype him up and tell him he’s being disrespected.

    He’ll then see the real market and will wind up having to play for a C or D level team for the same amount the A team would’ve paid him in the end.

    But hey, he wasn’t -disrespected-

    Best to just stay put.

  7. Carlos’ first year in SF was awesome. But he has slid since then (2012 was actually kinda bad) and has only gotten older. So a pay cut is the only logical move now. That TD pass to Kearse on 4th and forever….man, how do you let that happen Carlos??? I’d like to see what Morris has. He’s the fastest guy on the team and will help with some cap relief. The Niners have done well with their free agent corners. Look at Brock. Now he has a multi-year deal and led the team in INTs. Morris could be next, and has more upside than a soon to be 33-yr-old CB who drops picks. Take the cut or move on to a team that won’t sniff the playoffs, Carlos. 2011 was great, but we only signed you because the market came back to us after Philly overpaid for Nmandi. Do what you did on your 2012 deal: take less and win more.

  8. I’m confused: Seahawks won the Super Bowl and yet they are still insecure and have to post and bash on every single 49ers article. Shouldn’t you be enjoying that win? What’s your deal?

  9. I don’t understand why there is so much talk about the 49ers and wether or not they suck on this comment page. I think the Seahawks fans are just insecure about their future. I mean, 37 seasons in the league and they finally got a ring. They’ve only been to the big show twice ever and their record is 1-1. Not exactly impressive guys, especially when you look at the Steelers, Patriots, Cowboys, and 49ers. Those franchises have all proven themselves over time and all Seahawks fans have to show for it is Steve Largent, Dave Kreig (the fumble king) and one little ring in 37 years. If that was my teams legacy I’d be a little insecure about the franchise to.

    But seriously, congratulations to the Seahawks on their championship!!!

  10. These shehawk fans are hilarious without your ref (the fail mary guy) missing calls all game against the niners and making all the calls for Seattle not tom menion the bad calls niners got all year especially your divison title saving new orleans fiasco so gloat this year shehawks you got it but the season is over the nfl helped you getyour first and last SB mark my words this all setting up for a niner superbowl in santa clara in 2016

  11. Cut him 49ers, I mean c’mon he allowed Kearse the go ahead td in the nfc championship game and Baldwin 59 yd completion the same game. You guys need somebody fast to cover Harvin so that we dont blow you guys out. Hope for your sake you get a fast db and Bowman recovers

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