Stan Kroenke could use L.A. land for MLS team


While Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s purchase of 60 acres of prime Los Angeles real estate sent ripples through the NFL, it might have another sporting future as well.

According to the St. Louis Business Journal, citing English news sources, Kroenke is planning to buy a license for a new MLS team to be based in Los Angeles.

The new team would reportedly be called the “L.A. Gunners,” in honor of English football giant Arsenal, which Kroenke also owns.

While Kroenke’s soccer aspirations are probably real, the acreage also serves as valuable leverage for him, as he tries to get a better deal out of St. Louis as well.

But NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he wasn’t aware of any stadium development plans at the Hollywood Park site purchased recently.

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  1. Los Angeles already has 2 ‘futbol’ teams, the LA Galaxy and Chivas USA. So this would make 3. That seems very unlikely. I don’t expect you to know that given the MLS’ popularity, but if you’re going to write an article about it then please research accordingly.

  2. Unfortunately he has leverage fighting back agains him. After the cost of the stadium and relocation fees he’ll be a couple of billion dollars in the hole.

  3. This gives Kroenke clearance to build a stadium there. I guess we’ll see how serious he is when the stadium plans come out. If it’s a MLS facility, that seats 40,000 St.Louis may be able breathe a little easier. Anything more than that would have me nervous in StL.

  4. The Chargers should be the team moving to L.A.

    They’re close in proximity and they don’t even have a fan base.

  5. Sorry L.A. football fans, you will be getting yet another futbol team. That is the sport the L.A. demographic will support not real football. Accept it and enjoy wide open TV access or move.

  6. Two quick observations. Kroenke is probably interested in getting a second MLS team (he already owns the Colorado Rapids) and he is probably interested in a LA team but I suspect that he might be Chivas USA. St. Louis fan meanwhile I would be worried about moving to London.

  7. Folks need to wake up. Kroenke is applying for the Los Angeles Gunners to fill non-NFL dates in the Rams soon-to-be stadium in Inglewood. If he planned on building the Rams a stadium in St Louis, he would have applied for a franchise there (since they don’t have one). Tea Leaf reading 101 folks. The Rams are moving back to L.A., and frankly, the entire NFL will benefit (well, except for Dean Spanos).

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