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Burnett denies trash-talking Gonzalez

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One of the more eye-opening moments in Seth Wickersham’s item in ESPN the Magazine regarding retired (we think) tight end Tony Gonzalez comes from an alleged exchange between Gonzalez and Packers safety Morgan Burnett during a December 8 game at Lambeau Field.

F–k you,” Burnett reportedly said to Gonzalez.  “You ain’t sh-t.”

Burnett denies saying it.

“I don’t know where this is coming from or who said it, but I work real hard on and off the field to build a good a reputation around the league, and I’ve got too much respect for the game to even say something like that,” Burnett told Rob Demovsky of  “I’ve got too much respect for myself.  I’ve got a four-year-old son who looks up to me.  I respect someone like Tony Gonzalez, who’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer, to ever say or do anything like that. . . .

“I was never on him throughout the whole game,” Burnett said. “I’m not even a trash-talker.  I’m a quiet guy.  I just go out and play.”

If Burnett wasn’t covering Gonzalez, the culprit could be whoever was.  After the game, cornerback Jarrett Bush talked about covering tight end Tony Gonzalez.

“Gotta get up in his face,” Bush said.  “One of the best, you’ve gotta beat the best.”

Since Burnett wears No. 42 and Bush wears No. 24, there’s a chance Gonzalez got the numbers mixed up.

If it was Bush — and if Burnett doesn’t want to be characterized as a guy who trashes talk — Bush should just say it was him.

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19 Responses to “Burnett denies trash-talking Gonzalez”
  1. ravenswhat says: Feb 7, 2014 7:31 AM

    Seriously? Who knew tony was that sensitive. Sherman would prob cause him a nervous breakdown.

  2. tjacks7 says: Feb 7, 2014 7:31 AM

    Eye opening? Sounds like average trash talk to me.

  3. raiderufan says: Feb 7, 2014 7:55 AM

    Has anyone on here ever played football? I play in na old man 2 hand touch league and we talk trash like that. I don’t care who said it, it’s not personal.

    The only thing that really bothered me was the fact he felt someone on his team should’ve defended him…what? You can’t defend yourself?

    The whole I might return if they’re a contender thing is irrelevant to me and plenty of other players have considered it. Why wouldn’t you if you never got a ring?

  4. tutamus says: Feb 7, 2014 8:09 AM

    Sounds exactly like something Jarett Bush would say.

  5. 4thqtrsaint says: Feb 7, 2014 8:23 AM

    Or someone could watch the tape.

  6. stutzr says: Feb 7, 2014 8:25 AM

    Typical behavior from a truly classless team … What a disgrace to talk to a future HOFer like that from a nobody like Bush. Nice team McCarthy!

  7. Carl Gerbschmidt says: Feb 7, 2014 9:11 AM

    Sounds like tony might be a little too sensitive. And dyslexic.

  8. harryspudder says: Feb 7, 2014 9:26 AM

    Is this Tony G’s way of filing a bullying complaint???

  9. linemanguy74 says: Feb 7, 2014 9:27 AM

    Surprise that a Packer got close enough to a receiver to say anything

  10. gbmickey says: Feb 7, 2014 9:48 AM

    With reports coming out Tony appears to be a pretty big diva. Pouting and whining because he didn’t get his way last year.

  11. russellwilsonismymvp says: Feb 7, 2014 10:35 AM

    The NFL is becoming men’s ice skating.

  12. mikewhoodat says: Feb 7, 2014 10:45 AM

    Profootball players talking trash….no way!

  13. jonny42671 says: Feb 7, 2014 10:47 AM

    He’s acting just like the Packer Fans. Sounds about right!!

  14. Mr. Wright 212 says: Feb 7, 2014 10:57 AM

    Gonzalez throwing Matthew Melt under the bus one day, then his teammates for not taking up for him the next? Sounds like he’s bitter that they regressed to the mean after a lucky 2012.

  15. onbucky96 says: Feb 7, 2014 11:25 AM

    But Morgan did admit to missing 6 tackles that game.

  16. uwsptke says: Feb 7, 2014 12:46 PM

    Sounds more like something Gonzalez would have said after Bush asked him if he’d like to see what a Super Bowl ring looks like.

  17. doe22us says: Feb 7, 2014 1:06 PM

    As i said this is weak kids i used teach in middle school will crack up at Tony.. Smh, nobody came to defend me, how old are you 3??

  18. axespray says: Feb 7, 2014 1:10 PM

    “I was never on him throughout the whole game,” Burnett said
    And that’s what offends me more than any form of trash talk…

    Going from LeRoy Butler – Darren Sharper – Nick Collins to a year were our safeties couldn’t get a single interception…

    garbage… step up and play better… I don’t care if you trash talk crybaby hall of fame tight ends – just step up.

  19. mrlaloosh says: Feb 8, 2014 10:49 AM

    Saint Tony was offended? Boo Hoo.

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