Packers announce staff, don’t specifically replace Kevin Greene

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The Packers have shuffled some titles while finalizing their staff, including some of the moves previously mentioned today.

Winston Moss, who was previously assistant head coach/inside linebackers, will now lose the “inside” from that title. That keeps them from hiring anyone to replace former outside linebackers coach Kevin Greene, who stepped away last month.

Scott McCurley will be the assistant linebackers coach, but there’s no one specific listed to coach just the outside linebackers.

They also moved running backs coach Alex Van Pelt to quarterbacks, and have named Jason Simmons defensive/special teams assistant, John Rushing defensive quality control coach, Sam Gash running backs coach, Ron Zook assistant special teams coach, Luke Getsy offensive quality control coach and Chris Gizzi strength and conditioning assistant.

Former special teams assistant Chad Morton was also “released,” which means fired.

“The offseason is progressing with the finalization of adjustments and additions to our coaching staff,” head coach Mike McCarthy said. “Every day and every decision has the focus on bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Green Bay. The evaluation process will continue with a vision to change, adjust or emphasize any aspect of our program to help us reach the attainable goal of another Super Bowl championship.”

Zook taking the assistant special teams job is interesting, given that he has 34 years of coaching experience and that’s usually an entry level job.

20 responses to “Packers announce staff, don’t specifically replace Kevin Greene

  1. The 13 time World Champion Green Bay Packers have nothing to worry about. They are putting together a championship level coaching staff to go along with their future hall of fame head coach and greatest QB in the game, Aaron Rodgers.

    6-0 in the NFC North this year.

  2. Moss has to have incriminating photos of someone. What else has he done to deserve keeping his job, let alone get it expanded? The interior LBs were serious competition for the Safeties as the weakest area on the team.

  3. Wow. Assistant Special Teams Coach.

    That’s gotta sting.

    The man was the head coach at the University of Florida AND Illinois.

    I believe the word we are looking for to describe that particular drop is “precipitous”.

  4. hire people for what? to go 8-7-1 every year and then get stomped in the playoffs? rodgers is just getting older and less accurate every year. see what he does when he hits blandas age—–nothing

  5. Great Money savings Ted. Now you might have some cash for those 8-10 UDFA that will be starters next year

  6. Rodgers is younger than P. Manning and Tom Brady. Just coming into his prime years at QB. Now if your team was built around a RB who was on the wrong side of the hill (or around Jay Cutler), THEN you’d be in trouble.

  7. Another costs savings idea. Hey these guys are in financial stupor trying to keep up with the Jerry Jones.
    Hey, Ted, let’s draft another bunch of those 6,7th round small safeties and undrafteds to save even more money.

    There philosophy, if we draft enough cheap ass players hopefully one will make it.

  8. Maybe McBurger needs to hire an offensive coordinator so he can run his team. A capable backup QB probably wouldn’t hurt either. The Bears won’t be down forever (or will they)?

  9. Glad to see Zook back in the league and in the game. He recruited the guys who won two national championships at Florida, took Illinois to the Rose Bowl and has helped dozens of kids get into the NFL. All while getting constantly attacked and ridiculed by the media.

  10. Hey GB running backs, if you need to learn how to block and catch, listen to your coach Sam Gash, he knows a thing or fifty.

  11. ariani1985 says:
    Feb 7, 2014 3:31 PM
    That pathetic defense should just hire a box of rocks, same results!

    And yet, they are able to beat the Vikings with regularity. Tell us, how does that make you feel?

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