Report: Packers adding Ron Zook to coaching staff


Ron Zook was a forgotten name in coaching circles for a few years, but he’s back.

According to Pete Roussel of, the former Illinois and Florida head coach is joining the Packers staff.

Zook, who was fired by Illinois after the 2011 season, has some degree of NFL experience. He coached special teams for the Steelers for three years (1996-98), spent 1999 with the Chiefs as defensive backs coach and was defensive coordinator for the Saints for two seasons (2000-01).

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy was the Saints offensive coordinator during that last stint, establishing the link.

Zook was an impressive recruiter, getting players to Illinois. But he had an impossible job at Florida, following Steve Spurrier there.

The Packers have a vacancy as an outside linebackers coach, after Kevin Greene stepped away this offseason.

UPDATE 12:57 p.m. ET: Zook will replace Chad Morton as the Packers’ assistant special teams coach, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

17 responses to “Report: Packers adding Ron Zook to coaching staff

  1. I would have been dismissing this hire a few years ago. But with the recent success of certain coaches, including coordinators, with a similar background leads me to be open minded.

  2. Nothing against Zook, but his hiring is an example of how far ahead players are over coaches. As players get bigger, faster, stronger and smarter, coaches are a perpetual loop. They are simply just an accumulation of recycled friends, relatives and former video coordinators, who have little direct knowledge of players or the game.

    The regurgitation of coaches, is representative the conservative nature of the NFL, that has it slowly getting to where college football has been. Enter the spread offense, that is way more exciting than 3 yards a cloud of dust. It takes a new coaching mentality to open the gate to a new offensive NFL. Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll and Chip Kelly represent the new coaching and playing to come.

  3. He was a pretty good recruiter, so maybe he can help TT recruit free agents. Wait, TT doesn’t sign free agents. . . . . . .

  4. Every time there’s a coaching change in GB, it’s never the one I want to hear:

    Dom Capers leaving.

  5. Funny the reaction over an ASSISTANT Special Teams Coach selection.
    Expect him to do anything other than hold the clipboard for THE Special Teams Coach?

  6. Cause Dom Capers has an elite crop of players to work with…

    Oh how anyone can’t field an elite defense with the likes of all pros AJ Hawk – Frank Zombo – CJ Wilson – Jarius Wynn and MD Jennings…

    ooh wait – neither of those jobbers would be backups on San Fran’s D.

    But yeah – let’s fire the coach and swap to a 4-3…cause that worked out so well for the Cowboys.

  7. Special teams are important, but this guy has been coaching since the mid 70s, and now he’s a ST assistant. It’s like spending your entire adult life in the restaurant business, just to take a job as a busboy when you’re pushing 60.

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