Broncos have decision to make about Welker


Last year, the Broncos signed receiver Wes Welker to a two-year, $12 million deal.  Cap accounting kept the 2013 charge at $4 million.

The application of math too simple for even me to screw up indicates that Welker costs $8 million against the cap in 2014.

His $6 million in compensation hits the books in March, via a $3 million roster bonus and a $3 million base salary.  If the Broncos want to pay the twice-concussed (in 2013) Welker less than that, they don’t have much time to work out a new deal.

As Tom Curran of CSN New England pointed out on Friday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, the Broncos could decide to move on, if an impasse is reached.  And that could put Welker back on the market.

Which would allow the Broncos to pursue, say, Patriots slot receiver Julian Edelman.  Which in turn would allow Welker to return to New England.

As to the latter possibility, that bridge likely was obliterated when coach Bill Belichick called Welker out as dirty for a hit in the AFC title game that if anything was basic offensive pass interference.

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  1. He’s gone I tell you. One more big hit and he’ll be another Stephen Hawking.
    In other Broncos news: Peyton will be getting his 2nd Super Bowl ring after all. The Seahawks just met and voted to give him a ring after all the help he provided them in winning the big one. Nice story.

  2. So much for the delusion that the Patriots were not negotiating with Welker in good faith. Welker was ill-advised.

  3. realnflmaster says:
    Feb 8, 2014 6:00 PM
    Cut this little shrimp and boot him out of the league. Small man syndrome.
    Really? He may be small, but plays like he’s 6-2, 215. Welker is not only a very good route runner, but catches most passes thrown in his vicinity, Is in the top half of the league for blocking by a WR(Passing and Running) and gives every ounce of effort he has each time he steps on the field. Now ask yourself, Is that the type of Receiver I would want playing on my team?
    Answer: YES.

  4. Surprised at all the flack Welker’s getting. Yeah, he isn’t a championship caliber indispensable superstar, and he’s a terrific story about perseverance after carving out a more than respectable career in the league after having the odds heavily stacked against him for being undrafted AND lacking the physical tools of an NFL WR.

  5. Welker was a product of the Patriots system. Julain Edelman proved that this year and Troy Brown before him proved that any guy playing in the slot with Tom Brady is going to put up huge numbers.

    I only wish that Welker had a chance to have a critical drop in the Super Bowl. Obviously it didn’t happen because the quarterback with the most playoff losses ever and the Donkeys were getting blown off the field 12 seconds in.

    Oh well, at least he still blew the game in Gillette.

  6. Biggest goof in football, biggest choke in big games…vastly overrated…Broncos very good AFC team, marginal NFC team, happy they lost, maybe people will stop worshipping Manning after that hideous performance.

  7. Broncos overpaid for Welker. With Decker moving on, they may have to keep him. On the other hand, if they overpay for Edelman they would be making the same mistake two years in a row. The only good thing is that Edelman brings more to the table than Welker whose best days are behind him.

  8. considering Von miller, DT and JT will each be asking for atleast $13 million a year, there will only be one more welker year in denver if he is back, which i think he will be.

    Elway has to sign those guys longterm right now before you start hearing of holdouts that destroy relationships in the organization.

  9. Seems silly to propose he is too expensive for the Bronco’s and Edelman is too expensive for the Pats so the teams will just swap them…. If I was Welker I would take the pay cut and stay in Denver, otherwise play the field.

  10. If Peyton and the Broncos steal Julian Edelman I’m gonna break something. The Pats NEED to re-sign him to keep him from going elsewhere, like Denver. Ugh! As for Welker, he’s a SB curse. So I don’t really care where he goes.

  11. Welker is not coming back to New England. Edelman is a by-product of Tom Brady … Pats do not need to overpay him focus on getting healthy and improving the Defense…

  12. realnflmaster says:

    Cut this little shrimp and boot him out of the league. Small man syndrome.

    Welker is tougher than most big men and has more catches than any other receiver over the last 7 years I believe.

    So year, if you don’t know anything about football and what Welker has done, boot him.

  13. I’m glad I got here before thevikesarebest did! I just want to apologize to fans from all 31 other great NFL franchises in advance for this guys’ behavior. As a Vikings fan, I too am passionate about making sure our squad gets their due recognition, but no Vikings fan in their sane mind would be proclaiming dynasties at this point. That’s why I propose that when either thevikesarebest and thepftpoet come in and attempt to side trail this Broncos post, you consider the possibility that they are “tokyosandblaster” or one of his many other names. His responses carry the lunacy only a Packers fan can possess and in no way reflect SkolNation. Thank you.

  14. Maybe he will go to the first team that he got real playing time with that everyone forgets….the Miami Dolphins!

  15. backdapack4evr says:
    Feb 8, 2014 6:19 PM
    Over paid and over rated

    11 40 i

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    You must be talking about Pay – a – Ton Manning.

  16. Not sure there is a rush. They can extend him another year, convert the 2014 roster bonus of $3 million to prorated bonus split between 2014-2015 along with the left over prorated bonus from the first contract ($2 million) the and get him back down to a $5.5 million cap charge this year instead of the $8 million. To protect Welker they could insert a clause saying the entire contract guarantees if he is on the roster on the second day of the league year 2015. They have enough money as of this moment to resign Decker if they want to.

    Champ bailey is the one they really need to move on. He couldn’t cover the third best receiver on the seahawks in the superbowl.

  17. Once the Broncos cut him he can take Miles Austin’s spot and run routes out of the slot. There is room at the in Dallas for Wes Welker.

  18. If Denver let him go, I’m confident he would set the NFL record for being unemployed for the shortest amount of time.

    Beating Rob Ryan’s record of course 🙂

  19. I know that his Super Bowl record isn’t great and he had a few concussions lately but catching 100 plus catches every year in the slot and taking the hits he does over the middle and staying productive is impressive. I always thought he was one of the tougher wide outs in football.

    Sure he had Manning and Brady throwing him the ball but he is a true technician is going to be open majority of the time inside. That’s why those QB’s love him.

  20. Julian Edelman will be a New York Giant, he came in for a work out last year when Victor Cruz was going through his contract squabble with the Giants, Reese let him walk out the facility without a contract, he will not let that happen again.

  21. mzew233:
    Come back to New England.

    Unfortunately, Bill destroyed that bridge with fire and acid, so it’s not happening. Other teams however can use a slot receive like Welker but only as long as he has the right QB throwing him the ball.

  22. Hey stroke to say that Welker is a product of the system is idiotic. He had over 10 touchdowns and and a great season. So it’s just not the New England system

  23. I’m really getting a kick out of all the New England fans piling on Welker and Manning when their team had consistently choked with him as well. The golden boy really had some incredible playoff performances the past few years.

  24. I am just making this statement, which is a repeat of the comment that I posted in March of 2013. When Denver went out and started getting all of the big named F A’s and started paying them what I conceder big buckos, I predicted (3) things (1) that Denver would not get thru the season undefeated (2) Denver would not win the SB (with a team bought and paid to win the S B) (3) that some of the FA’s and players that were brought in and paid big buckos (to win the S B in 2014) would not still be on the Denver (53 man ) roster come the start of the 2014 season. So far (2) out of the three have happened, lets see just how far off I am on the third prediction by the end of pre season and the start of the 2014 regular season. The other thing that I stated, was that “NO Team” has ever won the S B, when “a team “goes out and tries to buy a team just to win a S B title. It has been tried more than once, “Philly” tried it a few years ago (and they did not win any S B either). Just look at Denver now,look at all of the player’s and their contracts that are going to be counting against this years S. Cap money ? Some fans were saying what a genius that ELWAY was for going out and getting all of these different players and how Denver was going to just walk over Seattle in the S B. , well I think most of us seen just what happened there. So now do these same fans think that ELWAY is still that genius , because he is going to have to contend with all of these players and their big contracts counting against the salary cap for this season and maybe even for some years to come. It is not going to be as easy as some people may think ,to get out from under the Salary cay money wise and still have the money to pick up any new players and also any player that they may draft in the MAY 2014 draft., but I am sure of 2 things (1) time will tell and (2) we will all see just how much of a genius ELWAY really is, by the end of the 2014 season or may be even before then ,depending on just how things go for the team between now and the beginning of the regular season or by the end of the 2014 season.

  25. EJ says:
    Feb 8, 2014 6:17 PM
    realnflmaster says:
    Feb 8, 2014 6:00 PM
    Cut this little shrimp and boot him out of the league. Small man syndrome.
    Really? He may be small, but plays like he’s 6-2, 215. Welker is not only a very good route runner, but catches most passes thrown in his vicinity, Is in the top half of the league for blocking by a WR(Passing and Running) and gives every ounce of effort he has each time he steps on the field. Now ask yourself, Is that the type of Receiver I would want playing on my team?
    Answer: YES.


    Huh? More like 5-9. But he is made of glass. The best is over in NE

  26. if the donkeys want to ever win the SB again, rather than stealing another Pats WR they should try to steal TB12.

  27. I’m not sure how NFL contracts work. How much would it cost the Broncos, if they cut him prior to the March deadline?

    I assume there is a buy-out in play?

  28. Cut Welker and keep Decker. Decker is younger and less injury prone. While they’re at it get rid of Moreno and Hillman.

  29. This goes against the Manninglingus of this, and almost all sites. But with Brady he, although “lit up” regularly, he always got up. With Manning he has two concussions. With Peyton Austin Collie get led into safeties and gets concussed regularly. This year he did OK in spot duty for Brady and the Patriots.

    Hmm…, Peyton Manning leads receivers over the middle into safeties and linebackers and unless they alligator arm, like Decker in the Super Bowl, they end up on baby food because chewing is too loud.

  30. Alright, this is my opinion on this. Denver won’t let go of Welker. The Broncos made it to the SB this year, and Decker might not come back, so I don’t think they are going to mess anymore with one of, if not the best wide receiver group in the NFL.

  31. Welker is under contract…Decker isn’t. Welker will return, he draws double teams, Decker don’t. Decker is a product of both Thomas’s and Welkers coverages. Out of the two, Welker is more clutch, if you wanna go that route.

    Welker can also play the “2” better then Decker can play the “slot”. At receiver, tight end their in the top 5 at those positions. At the Slot their in the top 3 also…So we’re talking about replacing a “2” at receiver that was probably outside the top 20 rankings.

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