Giants co-owner calls Michael Sam “courageous man”

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While many in the football world will take the pragmatic approach to draft prospect Michael Sam’s announcement that he’s gay, there has been support as well.

One of those messages came from Giants co-owner Steve Tisch,

“Michael Sam is a gifted athlete and a courageous man,” Tisch said in a brief interview with TMZ, via the Newark Star-Ledger.

Tisch said he hoped Sam’s story would not change his draft status.

“I hope any NFL team would not hesitate to draft Michael if he is right for their team,” Tisch said.

That still leaves plenty of room for coaches to tell their owners he might not fit the team, but the support from ownership is a positive step.

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  1. Regardless of your views on the subject, you gotta give props to the guy. It is one thing for an undraftable player or a retired player to come out…but Michael Sam is neither. He is basically throwing himself into a fire to see how hot it is. My guess is that it is gonna be HOT at first but it will eventually cool the flares for future generations…

  2. I’m happy for Sam. He is pretty much admitting just that he’s comfortable with himself. I’m also sure he’s not doing this for the attention but unfortunately, our media is going to blow this story out of proportions.

  3. I’m rooting for him to succeed, however the transition from 4-3 DE to 3-4 OLB at the NFL level is an extremely difficult one, and one that is often unproductive at first (there’s a long lists of draft busts who were standout 4-3 DE’s in college.)

    That being said, his former linemate Sheldon Richardson was able to excel in the 3-4 set, but Richardson had the tools to make it work (Richardson has about 50 pounds more on Sam).

    In any event, I can’t see him going undrafted. He just has to bulk up, interview well and crush the combine.

  4. If I was a Head Coach and if I thought Bugs Bunny would make my team a contender for a Super Bowl ring, I would definitely push management to sign him!

    I don’t care about anything else except to WIN!

  5. And if teams avoid him and it looks like a steal? Spend a 6th rounder on him. Jacksonville, you have nothing to lose

  6. If he’s willing to take PEDs, talk constant trash and his ears can handle loud artificial crowd noise 8 times a year, Seattle will have no problem picking him up.

  7. @seatownballers:

    Why Jacksonville? Nothing to lose? If the guy is in the draft slot, Caldwell will take him. We’ll take care of our business. Go back the bar and keep celebrating.

  8. The guy isn’t getting drafted. He threw away his family’s financial future by being selfish and making this announcement. He could have secured his family’s future and then made this announcement. He’s selfish in my book. Family first; personal desires second.

  9. He’s not a hero, nor courageous.

    This news was already out. He just made it national well ahead of the draft, hoping for it to die down some, which it will.

    The fact remains, he will be a locker room distraction. GMs will hold this against him, and his draft stock (which wasn’t very high to begin with) will fall even further.

    It doesn’t make it right, but it’s the reality of the situation. You’re not going to change NFL locker rooms overnight.

  10. He just blew his draft.He will not be drafted now.No team will want the circus coming to town all year long.

  11. I remember the same “he won’t fit in, will get shunned in the locker room” talk about Te’o and Cooper last year regarding the “cat fishing” and “n” word stories and they were totally blown out of proportion by the media. Seeing how this is the only story PFT has run today I am guessing we will see the same overhype on this subject as well. The only thing he did wrong was announce it in the slowest time during the NFL off season where every hack who can type will have a venue to express his opinion on it. Sorry, just like Riley Cooper last year, the writing hacks have to try to stir up some crap about something that generates conflict between two groups in society. Be it black/white, straight/gay, rich/poor, hell, they even attacked female reporters when they first started so add male/female to that list too. Sports writers need to play golf in the off season like the athletes. Do your mock draft, come back for the combine and disappear again until training camp, please.

  12. I don’t think he was selfish, I just think he made an unwise move from a financial standpoint.

    Whats being lost here is that we’re not talking about a 1st or 2nd round stud pick….we’re talking about a kid who probably wasn’t going until the 4th round to begin with.

  13. “While many in the football world will take the pragmatic approach to draft prospect Michael Sam’s announcement that he’s gay, there has been support as well.”

    There has been support as well? This dude has more support than an underwire bra AND a jock strap. It’s really kind of funny, a lot of folks would have led the people to believe that this would never be allowed. The world just wasn’t ready. And yet, there it is. The tempest in a teapot has failed to materialize. Despite attempts to “make it news” in fact, most folks couldn’t care less, which is how it should be.

  14. Some are saying his private life is nobody else’s business. Too bad he didn’t keep it to himself.

    For others who thought the world wouldn’t be ready, wake up. If you’re black, you’re a hero. If you’re gay you’re a hero. If you’re a woman you’re a hero. If you’re a white male, you’re racist and a criminal.

  15. Oh stop it. Courageous in walking down a street in Falujah with an M16 at the ready. Courageous is testifying against the mob. This is not courageous. This is more attention.

  16. Only reason he did this was a stunt by his agent to get drafted. If they don’t draft him, they are against him.
    He is not very good. Seen him in SEC. He is borderline draftable.

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