Over-under set on Michael Sam’s draft position

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Michael Sam’s draft position is now officially an NFL thing — because you can gamble on it.

According to Bovada.lv, there’s now an over-under on the out-of-the-closet Missouri defensive end’s draft position.

They’ve set the line at 125.5, or the second half of the fourth round.

In reports about his announcement that he’s gay, he’s been described as everything from a third-round possibility to an undrafted free agent. The reality, as with many things, is likely somewhere in between.

And if you want to wager on it, now you can.

24 responses to “Over-under set on Michael Sam’s draft position

  1. I’ll be in Vegas in a couple of weeks. If the line remains the same — I don’t think it will, I think it will go down to at least the 6th round —- I will put a grand on the over, meaning 126 or higher.

  2. Lmao rediculous that u can bet on this . But id say him coming out only made his draft stock more valuable . Making him recognizeable to people who had no idea who he was and to the media. They are gunna be all over him and come the combine . A good performance could make him a easy second or third rounder

  3. Wow, he is gay. That is great, woohoo. Who cares, he was pretty good on the field. However he just took all eyes off that and put them on something that doesn’t really matter, or shouldn’t.

    I don’t care who he wants to be with, just like I don’t care about who anyone else wants to be with.

    I think his draft stock will go down, and it should, not because he is gay but because he is trying to make himself an item because of it. What happens if he doesn’t get drafted, does he get to sue?

    If you want to be a professional athlete, make it about what you can do on the field, not who you are away from your sport.

  4. How is the idea that Vegas will take bets on where Michael Sam is drafted not incredibly offensive to Sam and the gay community as a whole? That strikes me as pretty insulting that bookies will try to profit off a social action that should have nothing to do with making money.

  5. At what point in the draft does it become a hate crime NOT to draft him? Additionally, if drafted, is he essentially guaranteed a spot on the roster? Seriously, no NFL team will be able to cut him without inviting a lawsuit.

  6. I can see him as an undrafted FA, makes it a cheaper cut if the locker room isn’t happy. But I don’t see what his preference on a partner matters if he can play at the NFL level. I don’t think he wants to risk his career over making a move on a straight team mate and in this day and age there is probably many closet cases in the league.

  7. I live in Vegas…Bovada is an oline book. Not a real one. You’re not going to find this bet available at 98% of the real sportsbooks.

  8. Prior to coming out, the player was going to be drafted in the middle of the draft. Now, he will have to walk on somewhere.

    If you gamble, and this guys draft position is something that can be bet on, take the over.

  9. “I’m putting $1 million on over” – the owner of the 125th pick.

    There’s a reason you don’t put wagers on a board when some people already know (or control) the outcome. Look for that bet to come off the board.

  10. so i guess where they set the line at is not saying one way or another, because that is right about where he is ranked gay or strait.

  11. I’ll take the under and say “undrafted free agent.”

    I hope he’s on a team regardless of whether he’s drafted or not, but I get afraid that teams will say “he has baggage” when he just wants to be himself and be accepted for who he is.

  12. You mean I’ll take the under – guy with 124th pick. Can’t guarantee he’ll be there when you pick 125 and then your million dollars isn’t so guaranteed. With that said, online books post all kinds of crazy wagers and that one will surly hold up. That over is looking like a safe investment at this point. Pull your paper from the stock market ASAP before that line moves to the mid 7th round

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