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Jim Schwartz doesn’t blame Matthew Stafford for Lions’ losses


Jim Schwartz does not think Matthew Stafford’s poor play got him fired as head coach of the Lions.

Schwartz, now the Bills’ defensive coordinator, told 104.5 in Nashville that the Lions’ late-season collapse can’t be pinned on Stafford or any other individual.

“Yeah, you know, we were 2-6 over the last half of last season, and when you’re 2-6 nobody is feeling good about their performance, whether you’re the head coach, the quarterback or a defensive lineman,” Schwartz said, via “But it’s a team game and I wouldn’t pin it on Matt Stafford. Matt’s an outstanding quarterback. He led us to the playoffs. Just about every record in the Lions offense, total offense and passing offense was set by Matt Stafford in the last three years. He’s going to lead that team to many great things in the future. Everybody has some rough spots here and there, and it’s up to the rest of the team to pick you up.”

Stafford may not deserve all the blame, but he did have 11 interceptions and six fumbles in the Lions’ last six games, a stretch in which Detroit went 1-5. New Lions coach Jim Caldwell has to get Stafford playing better than he played under Schwartz, or else it won’t be long before Caldwell is, like Schwartz, no longer an NFL head coach.

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35 Responses to “Jim Schwartz doesn’t blame Matthew Stafford for Lions’ losses”
  1. jimthebuilder27 says: Feb 11, 2014 1:05 PM

    Bug surprise. Schwartz didn’t hold any player accountable when he was the hea coach, that’s why he was fired!

  2. noeffinway says: Feb 11, 2014 1:06 PM

    No worries. Jim Bob Cooter’s got this!

  3. tomcous says: Feb 11, 2014 1:08 PM

    Jim … new chapter! … Bills defense is your focus! … GET TO WORK!

  4. blowpackblow says: Feb 11, 2014 1:09 PM

    Attempting fake field goals when you are up 4 points in the 4th quarter would be a good place to put the blame if you are looking for one…

  5. ziggystheansah says: Feb 11, 2014 1:11 PM

    We blame him.

  6. nflpropickemking says: Feb 11, 2014 1:11 PM

    Just look at this guy.Do you really want him to coach your NFL team?

  7. ialwayswantedtobeabanker says: Feb 11, 2014 1:11 PM

    And after Schwartz absolved Stafford of blame, he angrily tore his headset off, slammed it to the turf and stomped off the set.

  8. hehateme1 says: Feb 11, 2014 1:13 PM

    Business as usual.

  9. 4thqtrsaint says: Feb 11, 2014 1:20 PM

    Boy Schwartz is goofy looking.

  10. hyzers says: Feb 11, 2014 1:32 PM

    I can count 4 of those picks going through receivers hands and getting intercepted.

  11. ariani1985 says: Feb 11, 2014 1:41 PM

    Matthew has feasted off the lousy green bay teams, it is time to man up.

  12. 12brichandfamous says: Feb 11, 2014 1:49 PM

    Typical Schwartz, no one is responsible…not even me.

    Jim, your job was to ensure the team learned new skills, improve its abilities and eliminate mistakes. You did not do any of those things, so the same silly penalties, dumb plays, and turnovers led to your firing.

    Here’s the real kicker: No former Lions coach has ever gone onto another head coaching job. You are doomed to a future with no hope of advancement. I don’t suppose that bothers you much, since you do not expect improvement.

  13. purpleguy says: Feb 11, 2014 1:51 PM

    Stafford will be fine, and is a decent NFL QB — despite his unusually large cranium.

  14. hehateme1 says: Feb 11, 2014 1:53 PM

    Hey, but he’s not scared.

  15. polegojim says: Feb 11, 2014 1:59 PM

    Forget ‘BLAME’… how about ‘RESPONSIBILITY’?

    It WAS Matt’s responsibility… many were must bad decisions.

    It WAS Linehans responsibility… when the offense = throw to Cal… run for 2 yards… throw to Cal… run for 2 yards… the entire strategy is suspect and predictable, causing a QB to force throws.

    Lastly, it WAS Schwartz responsibility… for making little to no changes… and being perennially OBLIVIOUS.

  16. dallascowboysdishingthereal says: Feb 11, 2014 2:03 PM

    Lions huge collection of under achievers. That roster is stacked but always find a way to blow it.

  17. ridgebak says: Feb 11, 2014 2:03 PM

    I blame him for me losing my FFL Championship. All the guy had to do was get more than 10 points and he couldn’t even do that. Instead of throwing for a single TD, he throws picks and the Lions season down the drain.

  18. azarkhan says: Feb 11, 2014 2:05 PM

    I don’t blame Matthew Stafford either. I blame Jim Schwartz. The Lions have equal or better personnel than the Patriots at nearly every position, yet the Lions made the playoffs only once in the five years Schwartz coached. Belichick would have reversed that ratio, because he is not only a great coach but he demands accountability, something sorely lacking in Detroit.

  19. nwfisch says: Feb 11, 2014 2:15 PM

    No wonder no one wanted Schwartz to leave in Detroit..he still won’t hold Stafford accountable.

  20. dickshotdogs says: Feb 11, 2014 2:19 PM

    I agree. We blame you, “Gym Shorts.”

  21. sbchampsagain says: Feb 11, 2014 2:49 PM

    If Schwartz doesn’t blame Stafford, then I know why he was fired.

    He obviously wasn’t watching film or paying attention to the Detroit Lions.

  22. thestrategyexpert says: Feb 11, 2014 2:55 PM

    I don’t blame him either. I blame the Ford family, the GM or GMs, and the coaches. Everybody but the players screwed up this whole team before the players even took the field. They couldn’t overcome everything that was a built-in disadvantage by all of these people who don’t even step out on the field to participate in the plays!

    This is purely and ownership and management malfunction. That’s the problem, and that’s where the responsibility and blame should be assigned.

  23. thetruthcampaign says: Feb 11, 2014 2:58 PM

    MANY unnamed players would say differently.

  24. grantsbuds says: Feb 11, 2014 3:18 PM

    According to ManCans his footwork is impeccable and he will throw the ball from any position cuz he is Matthew “ManCans” Stafford.
    Respect the cans.

  25. jda129 says: Feb 11, 2014 3:18 PM

    The Vikings are awful, just awful. And Jim’s a boob. But most important and I reiterate, the Vikings are AWFUL!

  26. grantsbuds says: Feb 11, 2014 3:19 PM

    Shake on it Gym Shorts?

  27. 2difshoe says: Feb 11, 2014 3:19 PM

    Any head coach who would condone Suh’s on and off the field behavior should be held accountable.

    Ahhhh….never mind.

  28. EJ says: Feb 11, 2014 3:33 PM

    That chapter of his life is closed, finished, done. It is time to look forward, toward the future of this young and extremely hungry Bills team that has almost every position filled with either a star or star potential. Lets not dwell on the past, take a long hard look at what you have before you and lets bring the Buffalo Bills back to the head of the pack, back how it was in the 90’s, how it should be.

  29. billsfan1 says: Feb 11, 2014 3:58 PM

    Feb 11, 2014 1:11 PM

    We blame him.

    yep, if only that Detroit didn’t have that 5 year hiccup in their history.

  30. billsfan1 says: Feb 11, 2014 4:01 PM

    IM pretty sure Detroits problems go back to circa 1970

  31. thebirdofprey2 says: Feb 11, 2014 4:14 PM

    When I heard the story of Stafford shutting down a proposed players only meeting by Reggie Bush when the team started to tail-spin I thought no accountability and it starts with the QB with the C on his chest.

    The guy was turning the ball over and losing games. He has excellent pass protection and yet he has twice the turnovers of Tony Romo. Enough said for me.

  32. tindeaux says: Feb 11, 2014 6:13 PM

    i respect Schwartz for defending his players (Stafford, Suh). But the thing is Schwartz never admitted he sucks at coaching. If all is good, why aren’t the lions winning?

  33. cruzer1996 says: Feb 11, 2014 7:27 PM

    I like Schwartz, I wish it had gone better for him here.

  34. bennyb82 says: Feb 11, 2014 7:30 PM

    This is really more about the GM who let Bobby Layne leave…

  35. lovethelions says: Feb 13, 2014 6:04 PM


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