Kirk Cousins on trade possibility: I’m open to all options


Earlier this month, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that quarterback Kirk Cousins was open to a trade that placed him on a team other than the Redskins for the 2014 season.

On Wednesday, Cousins said the same thing for himself. Cousins was a guest with Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon on Sirius XM NFL Radio and said that he was open to a trade because he wants to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, something that’s unlikely to happen in Washington with Robert Griffin III on the team. Cousins was quick to add that he loved Washington and that he would not be an unhappy camper if he did return in a reserve role with the Redskins.

The Browns, who hired former Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan to run their offense, had been seen as a possible trade partner but were deemed unlikely to make a trade for him last week. Things have changed quite a bit in Cleveland since then, however, and it’s unclear whether there’s been any corresponding change in their ardor for Cousins.

There will be other teams looking for quarterback help this offseason, which could make Cousins a valuable chip for Washington if they decide moving him makes the most sense for the organization.

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  1. As a spokesman for the Minnesota Vikings franchise.

    He would be a decent backup for us.

    Sign with us for a league minimum contract, and you will most likely get a superbowl ring with us.

  2. Griffin should be better without an offseason of being injured, as long as he works hard in OTAs and on the playbook.

    If Washington could get a 2nd rounder for Cousins the should consider it. I don’t know if they even have a 3rd QB on their roster at the moment so it would depend on who else they have or could draft as a backup.

  3. I don’t see a team giving up more than a 4th (maybe a 3rd) rounder for him. The skins are probably better off just keeping him.

  4. I like Kirk, but at this point he just needs to shut his piehole.

    1. The team knows you want to be traded.

    2. If you want to be a starter, you should’ve played better in the games you started. Before anyone says it, yeah the Skins were bad last year, but which playoff team would downgrade to let Cousins start for them, so he would be going to a bad team. He really killed himself on this one.

    3. The more he talks, the more he becomes a distraction, and the more he looks like a locker room problem. I am sure that a team wants to get a subpar starting QB like that.

  5. He had 7 int’s and 3 fumbles in 155 attempts.

    No team should give more than a 6th this year or conditional 7th next year for him.

    Kolb had 8 int’s on just a few more dropbacks the year he got the Eagles DRC and a 2nd so someone will over pay if convinced but I don’t see anything in Cousins that should place his value above even Ryan Mallett.

  6. With Weeden wanting out, this cramps the market for Cousins– both have the same attributes, but Weeden has more experience, however he IS 65 years old…So, not sure what Kirk will do with that.

    My suggestion to DC…Hang on to him as Weeden wanting out makes Kirk’s market tougher. Kirk will not go to Cleveland.

  7. Kirk can say all he wants and be politically correct about it, however, the Skins aren’t going to give him away because if someone is willing to trade for him he’s worth something to them. And for the poster earlier harrisonhits2 yes they do have a third QB Rex Grossman for now…honestly the Skins could and just might hold on to him for another year before deciding whether to trade him he has very reasonable contract and he’s a team player and not a malcontent.

  8. Well, clearly if viks sign him, there can be no other outcome than Super Bowl victory. Anyone can see that.

  9. Skins will not deal him for less than a 2nd……. As for those who are bashing him, shame on you. This is a very high quality kid that has been nothing but professional, and supportive while with the skins.

  10. If the Redslurs trade Cousins, that would be a horrible horrible decision. Therefore, I fully expect that to happen this offseason.

    The Redslurs are the worst run football team in the NFL, along with the Cowboys and Browns.

  11. Raiders should offer a 3rd round pick plus Terrell Pryor, he would make a good backup with similar style (just not near the talent) as RG3

  12. The Vikings should offer Ponder + 5th Rd. Pick for Cousins, who can start in 2014 and then will be in an open competition to establish their QBotF. A nice opportunity for all. Ponder would fit well as RGIII’s backup because he can run the same offense. Both players need a change of scenery and both are young enough to make a nice career for themselves if only they play well. It is not an outrageous proposal.

  13. Really? Really? I think he is open to any offers that give him a starting role. He already is a back up. What does he gain being a back up somewher else. They’ve cleaned house with coaches so why not just stay? Oh, your getting older and life is passing you buy and your not getting the big bucks as a starter and you want your piece of the pie. I get it.

  14. maybe a late 3rd for the rams actually it would be a middle 3rd rounder he could press bradford and at least lead a team with a big upside if bradford gets hurt or cousins beats him out!!

  15. I think Kirk Cousins has what it takes to be a bona fide starter in the NFL….If I was the Redskins, I’d never let him go until the end of his rookie contract.

    They simply cannot possibly get a better backup at a similar price. Why would they let him go before RG3 has absolutely proven himself to be the long term franchise QB?

    At the end of his current contract, yes, it’ll probably have to happen, but while he’s locked in & has no choice, I’d tell him to shut his mouth and forget about leaving, he’s the backup and that’s how it’s staying.

  16. Gus would love you in Jax! You’ve got the stuff to succeed, Kirk. I saw it in the wild card game last year. The Vikings already have an ace in Christian Ponder, so I wouldn’t waste a visit there, should they call you.

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