NFLPA “will review” Wells Report


In a short statement released Friday morning, the NFL Players Association said it would review the Wells Report on Jonathan Martin’s departure from the Dolphins.

“We have received the report on workplace conditions in Miami,” the NFLPA said. “We will review the findings closely, confer with our players and all relevant parties involved.”

The obvious question is whether any of the players alleged in the report to have mistreated Martin and other Dolphins personnel will face team or league discipline. The union, as an advocate for players, would figure to be a party to the resolution of such matters.

3 responses to “NFLPA “will review” Wells Report

  1. Let me guess what the NFLPA will say: “We acknowledge innappropriate conduct my some of our members. However, the Miami Dolphins allowed this conduct to fester. It’s the Dolphins fault, our players will be vindicated”.

  2. Come to Dallas, Ritchie. We need you. We have no players who are going to cry and run home then go to the media if they’re talked to meanly.

  3. NFLPA is gonna be pretty much powerless… the report has got them outright nailed to the wall.

    Maybe if the players and coaches at the Phins were actually, you know, being football professionals instead of acting like 12 year old bigoted bullies the team might be a little more successful instead of having arguably the worst offensive line unit in the NFL for 3 or 4 years running.

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