Texans safety thinks Clowney’s a fit for many reasons

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South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney wants to be drafted first overall, for the obvious reasons.

But Texans safety D.J. Swearinger, his college teammate, said their frequent conversations turn to what it would be like pairing him with Texans defensive end J.J. Watt.

“He’s talking about, ‘Man, what’s the word?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know. I’m going to try my best to do what I can to get you here,’ ” Swearinger said, via Brian Smith of the Houston Chronicle.  “Just having them two down on the D-line, it’d be unstoppable. I’d just be yelling out, ‘Interception. Interception.’ That’s it. . . .

“It’s just another J.J. Watt, but two-tenths [of a second] faster. . . . He has a heart for the game, he loves the game and you can’t pass that up, if you ask me.”

That heart has been a bit of a question, as some have wondered whether the naturally gifted Clowney has the kind of day-in, day-out drive you want from a top pick. But Swearinger doesn’t think that’s a problem.

Texans strength and conditioning coach Craig Fitzgerald worked at South Carolina (before a stint with new Texans coach Bill O’Brien at Penn State), and Swearinger said he thought Fitzgerald knew how to reach Clowney.

“That’s somebody who kept (Clowney) straight,” Swearinger said. “That’s why I think it’d be a huge asset getting Clowney, because Fitzgerald always stayed on Clowney about everything and had him working 100 percent all the time. The work-ethic thing, I don’t think it’d be a problem.”

Of course, the work ethic questions may be a manufactured problem, the kind of thing that gets nitpicked during the pre-draft process of someone so talented.

But the fact there’s a familiar support system there with a track record for pushing Clowney can only help.

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  1. Defenses win championships, as we just witnessed (again). There isn’t a 100% sure-fire top QB this year anyway, so the Texans might as well roll the dice on Clowney.

    Watt and Clowney vs Blaine Gabbert/Chad Henne twice a year? Watt and Clowney vs Jake Locker twice a year? Sounds like 4 easy wins to me.

    Just find a decent game manager at QB in the draft after the first round or in free agency, there’s no reason to reach for one this year…

  2. Here’s why Clowney is going to be bust: If a strength coach needs to prod an NFL player over work ethic, he does not have the intrinsic desire to be successful.

    Once he gets his hands on that guaranteed signing bonus, it’s all over.

  3. The thought of JJ Watt and Jadaveon is so tempting that I don’t think I could pass it up. That could be a special, special combo. There are no Andrew Luck’s in this draft.

  4. He would be a good fit for any team. However defensive ends are not franchise changers like quarterbacks. Right now Houston does not have one and the free agency quarterbacks are terrible this year.

  5. I would be concerned drafting a player for whom consistent effort appeared to be an issue – especially at the top of the draft. The Texans will have to decide whether or not they think this is an issue for Clowney. If they think it is, they need to draft someone else or trade the pick.

    Remember that he didn’t put up much in the way of statistics this year in college. I don’t know if he was trying to hold back and play a little more safely, but that concerns me somewhat. You don’t see too many football players for whom effort is a problem – mostly because they’re getting hit anyway.

  6. .

    If the Texans would trade for Brady understudy, Ryan Mallet and draft Clowney, they could be back in the thick of things in a hurry.


  7. No QB, Aging star receiver, Watt about to get a monster payday. Houston will remain the paper Super Bowl champs but won’t win more than 7 games.

  8. The effort thing comes up again and it’s glaring right at you in the quotes. The S&C coach admits that it took another player (Swearinger) to keep Clowney focused. What’s Clowney going to do on his own and once he’s paid? Last year was a huge red flag where even his head coach questioned his “injuries”.

  9. Even though he’s a waste of a pick at #1 overall because he’s 4-3 end that will be moved into 3-4 end the 3-4 end is not a top-3 position in terms of monetary or draft pick value.

    He’s equivalent of a 4-3 DT and that’s a top-3 salary position and not worthy of the #1 overall pick.

    Plus, scoring is a priority regardless if you run or pass first.

    After all the object of any sport is to win and the basic premise of victory is scoring more than the other team. Defense should not be disregarded, but it’s a better complement to an offense because you need both to be victorious and crowned a champion.

    There will not be a QB good enough to start in Rd. 2 and thus it’s better if they take Teddy Bridgewater first overall and then Rashied Hegeman (Minnesota DT) in the 2nd Rd. Although Hegeman has effort issues like Clowney, but cannot give the same powerf he’s still a good complement to Watt in Houston’s 3-4.

  10. Clowney’s situation is the perfect scenario. Here is a guy that has established himseld for two years with memorable plays. Once a player shows what he has as talent, who can fault him for being cautious. He has only to look at the misfortune of his teammate Marcus Lattimore. They are not getting paid to play. These are voulnteer college sudents. When he gets the NFL job, he will perform!

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