Centralized replay unlikely to be implemented next season


The idea of moving replay reviews to a centralized location looks like it will be on hold for at least another year.

According to Michael Marot of the Associated Press, the NFL’s Competition Committee met Wednesday in Indianapolis while the league is in town for the NFL combine. The topic of centralized replay was one of may topics discussed and members of the committee came away pessimistic that there would be support to change the system this year.

“There’s still a lot of discussion to be done,” New York Giants owner John Mara said. “I think it’s going to be difficult to get done on that this year.”

Added Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis, “I don’t think people are for that.”

Both Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League use a centralized center for making the decisions on replay reviews. After blunders this season by officials in replay situations, such as Jeff Triplette’s blown call in a game between the Bengals and Colts, momentum arose for making the change.

While voting for any potential rule changes won’t occur until next month’s owner’s meetings, it seems as though for now the replay system will remain unchanged.

18 responses to “Centralized replay unlikely to be implemented next season

  1. Let’s be honest, with the technology that we have today a play could be reviewed instantly on field with a central location. The ref could have a wrist mounted device to view the play and be in touch with any given chosen spot to review any play on the field.

    If the designated QB or LB can receive a signal and hear direct information on the next play within a 20sec window…. Why can’t the officials get the same use of technology to properly call the game?

  2. The mistakes are unacceptable. The technology is there. Those in the central location would have better views and fewer distractions. The refs have a game to manage and have been blowing too many critical calls. I could go on forever…. This is a no-brainer.

  3. How many games have to be ruined before they step in and fix reviews. I can get on board with not being able to review penalties this season, but the need for better reviews and all that entails is something years overdue.

  4. Questionable officiating will be the norm. Replay would expose and disallow the control over games were currently seeing. More of Goodell’s state of the NFL.

  5. Added Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis, “I don’t think people are for that.”

    Why not, Marvin?

  6. Wow, you would think the NFL would have wanted to move on this as quickly as possible based on the worsening condition of officiating in their league! It is getting harder and harder to watch…fixes need to be made NOW!

  7. So, another season of obviously blown calls.

    Maybe they could just fire Jeff Triplette as a step in the right direction?

  8. Just have a ref upstairs with the authority to stop the play and make the correct calls. No more dog and pony show with the hooded sideline monitor. If a call is wrong it should be corrected without the need for a coach to challenge.

  9. You’all think things are fixed now… Ce ntralized would really alow the league to influence games in favor of Marketing plan

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