Kerry Rhodes: I don’t think I was blacklisted


Early last season, there was some discussion about why veteran safety Kerry Rhodes was unemployed while several teams were looking for secondary help.

Some focused on rumors about Rhodes’ sexual orientation as a reason why he was left unsigned, although Rhodes denied he was gay at the time those rumors originally surfaced. Rhodes maintained that denial this week while saying that he didn’t believe the league shunned him because of concerns about his sexuality.

“I don’t think I was blacklisted,” Rhodes said to Jane McManus of “Especially with the NFL I don’t think they would do that … to me it was a product of me wanting to do other things and not finding the right opportunity.”

Rhodes pointed to money as the reason for his unemployment last season, something that meshes with reports that he turned down a reduced salary from the Cardinals before his release and offers in the veteran minimum range after he was cut loose. Rhodes told McManus that he hasn’t retired and would be open to a return to the field “if an opportunity that’s good for them and also good for me” came along.

With Rhodes another year older after spending a year away from the game, it’s hard to believe that such an opportunity will offer better compensation than what Rhodes turned down last season.

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  1. So refreshing to see someone like this not taking the easy way out/making excuses. A rarity in this day and age.

  2. 2012 Kerry Rhodes:

    – 2nd most interceptions on the team
    – 2nd most forced fumbles on the team (tie)
    – 3rd most tackles on the team

    2012 Arizona PASS Defense = 5th in NFL
    2013 Arizona PASS Defense = 14th in NFL

    Yeah… it wasn’t because he’s gay.

    Gimme a break.

  3. In the immortal words of jay z;

    “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t”

    Dude can play and has proved it for years. Give him a fair chance and let’s see what happens.

  4. Finally someone comes out and says it. The league is about who can play and who cant. Kluwe was an average to below average punter that was overpaid. Kerry Rhodes is an aging safety that wanted too much money. If teams think Michael Sam can play they will bring him in because if hes making plays the team wont care what hes doing in his personal life.

  5. Kerry Rhodes was effectively outed by TMZ. While there is a question whether a gay player, Michael Sam is good enough to be drafted and whether he has sufficient talent to play in the NFL, Kerry Rhodes has already been there, done that and been a good player for many years.
    Kerry didn’t deserve to be outed (it’s nobody’s business but his). He also didn’t deserve to be blacklisted. But he was.
    Hopefully, Michael Sam’s openness may help to smash the myth among NFL owners, GMs and coaches that gays are all effeminate subhuman degenerates who will try to corrupt their other players.

  6. Yes….

    Kerry Rhodes can play…

    But he’s also on the wrong side of 30, and commands better than average money.

    That has more to do with him being out of league as opposed to his sexual orientation.

  7. The reason he won’t say that he was blacklisted is the same reason why a person in a very specified field won’t say that he hates his job or his boss. There are very few NFL jobs available and the jockeying for position is rough with older guys being squeezed out by younger, cheaper players. We all know he was blacklisted and so does anybody with any amount of common sense.

    He hasn’t found another job willing to pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars so he is still hoping for one of those few slots as unlikely as it may be, so he isn’t willing to say what we all know – that he was indeed blacklisted.

  8. I am laughing at anyone who thinks Arizona’s pass def was better in 2012 than it was in 2013. News flash, Arizona’s offense was atrocious in 2012, which led to teams not throwing the ball as much because they were sitting on leads. That means there were 125+ more passing attempts this season which led to the 500+ more passing yards you are basing your rankings off of.

    As for Rhodes, he was a good playmaker at FS & had a nose for the ball. But he had trouble covering anyone & was often beat in coverage. He also wasn’t a very good open field tackler. He had offers from teams to play but wanted too much money for what he brings to the table.

    Mathieu > Rhodes

  9. He was blacklisted, plain and simple.

    As for being on the wrong side of 30, there are plenty of busted DB’s and Safeties still playing after 30 (Jammer, Bailey, Adrian Wilson, Ed Reed, etc.)

    You can’t say that any of those stiffs are better than Rhodes at this point.

  10. He was blacklisted because he was gay.

    And if you think different the watch the NFL draft in April and watch Sam go un-drafted and then you’ll understand the real culture of the NFL and not this PC crap that all the players are talking.

  11. Az might bring him back if the Mathieu kid isn’t fully healthy.
    I honestly believe this guy asked for double his value. Watch how long your job interview last if try that

  12. He was a cap cut for the Cards, just like beloved Cardinal Adrian Wilson…good but not good enough to justify the salary. Wilson they let walk but Rhodes they tried to bring back at a reduced salary. The savings from those cuts got the Cards Dansby, Winston and John Abraham and others, and helped bring the team from five wins to ten wins. Kiem and Arians and the new management did wonders with the old contracts and roster, cutting Kolb and Beanie Wells and Snyder and Levi Brown as well. Not because they were gay…because they did not play at a level worth the money being shoveled their way.

    Read the Cardinals boards and the fan base still wants Rhodes back…at a fair price.

  13. Let’s see what Rhodes REALLY has to say a few years from now when he’s officially retired and can then speak his mind about being blacklisted.

  14. Doubt his sexuality has anything to do with him getting screwed by that great new CBA Smith got took to the woodshed on. It’s just more watering down of the game as the veterans never get those paydays that the rookie wage scale was supposed to transfer the monies from and are replaced prematurely with younger, cheaper, and often worse options. The fans are happy because they love those corporate billionaires, but hate those millionaires that actually entertain them every week making any money.

  15. Again, I see a lot of fools.

    If it is not known whether or not he is gay, why keep speculating on it? People like YOU are the problems. Leave it be.

    As if that would be a reason anyways…it’s plain and simple, he is not good anymore, but he thinks he should be paid as such.

    Wanting to be paid as a starter, wanting to actually start…and not being worth either…THAT is the story we are seeing here. Kerry Rhodes is washed up, done.

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