Allen suggests Jennings is more of a priority than McFadden


Running back Darren McFadden’s agent plans to talk to the Raiders about his client’s future.  McFadden’s agent may not like what he hears.

The 12 interviews taped for Pro Football Talk on NBCSN at Lucas Oil Stadium on Thursday included Raiders coach Dennis Allen, and Allen suggested that Rashad Jennings is more likely to remain a Raider than McFadden.

When listing the team’s priority free agents, Allen specifically mentioned Jennings, who joined the team in 2013 on a one-year deal.  Allen didn’t mention McFadden, a first-round pick on 2008 whose rookie contract is expiring.

Allen acknowledged that the Raiders would like to keep McFadden, but that the question of whether he stays could be driven by his market value, which surely will be driven by his injury history.  To fully determine his market value, McFadden may have to hit the market.

For a while in the latter stages of the 2013, many believed Allen would be hitting the market in a different way.  Allen explained that he gave no thought to the outside chatter about his status, but he said earlier in the discussion that he knows the Raiders must make a move in his third season as coach.

The Raiders are closer than many realize to turning things around.  At a time when too many teams are too impatient with their coaches, it was smart for owner Mark Davis to stick with Allen.  Otherwise, he could have ended up being the franchise’s next Mike Shanahan, winning a Super Bowl with another team — possibly in the same division.

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  1. McFadden is gone (Cincy as a FA?)
    Jennings MAY be resigned.

    Latavius Murray, Marcel Reese, Kory Sheets will
    all be in the mix. Expect a draft pick, and perhaps
    (if Jennings leaves) a free agent to be there as well.

  2. The raiders gotta be the biggest joke.your season was letting Napoleon dynamite boy aka nick files toss 7 Tds. It’s nice to know the Vikings will always be are the punching bag of your division for more years to V IKINGS meanwhile will start a dynasty.SKOL

  3. “The Raiders are closer than many realize to turning things around.”

    What on earth are you talking about? Their defense was horrible, they have no quarterback, a weak receiving corps and a journeyman rb. Their offensive line was also ranked in the bottom 5. They literally have none of the pieces in place to turn things around.

  4. What I really can’t wrap my head around is McFadden’s performance. It doesn’t make any sense how he can lead the NFL in rushing before.. wait for it.. getting injured and not seem to bounce back. Hue Jackson’s system couldn’t have magic thrown in, so why hasn’t any OC been able to replicate a system that he can succeed. It’s not like McFadden and any of the OC’s or Running Backs coaches are strangers, they spend a lot of time together.

  5. Fire Mckenzie. Raiders will be 2-14 with the current regime . But with a whole new bag of excuses to why the GM and coach can’t compete in the NFL.

  6. Yeah, the Jaguars under Caldwell and Bradley let some good talent go to play with other teams. Jennings, D. Smith, Rashard Mathis, Eben Britton.

    No one mentions that these days. Yet.

  7. Dear Vikings Fan,
    Hope you enjoyed the ass kickage in Super Bowl XI. The Lombardi looks beautiful.
    Raiders fan

  8. I love how this trainwreck keeps his job while Tom Cable and Hue Jackson were both fired for dragging that miserable squad to respectable 8-8 finishes.

  9. I love how this trainwreck keeps his job while Tom Cable and Hue Jackson were both fired for dragging that miserable squad to respectable 8-8 finishes.

  10. I understand we can’t keep switching coaches, however, I really don’t like Allen. To me he just doesn’t have that “Raiders” swagger. He never looks interested at all.

  11. You’d think a team picking in the top seven year after year after year would be stockpiling elite talent, but the Raiders always seem to blow it.

  12. They should have zero interest in bringing him back. I’ve always liked McFadden for his potential but it’s clearly not working there. For the past two seasons he put up terrible numbers when healthy meanwhile their backups vastly outperformed him. They should have traded him any chance they had in the past 3 seasons but now they’re out from his deal at least.

  13. Jennings should be more of a priority. They shouldn’t even consider bringing McFadden back. He’s had too many chances to be the man, and has fallen short every time.

    I don’t know what logic they would use to re-sign him.

    This year will be different from all the others? Doesn’t make sense.

  14. Close to turning things around? Well, let’s help them move closer.

    Step 1: Let McFadden walk. You can’t have a starting RB that gets hurt putting his socks on in the morning.

    Step 2: Mark Davis calls Pete Carroll and says, “Hey, Pete, can I talk to Cable? I need to tell him that Al was a senile fool and we want Cable to coach here again.”

  15. Jennings runs hard, is a solid blocker and has better hands than I expected. He wants to carry the entire load, and I respect that. DMC reminds me of how Gruden once described Jerry Porter – like a beautiful rainbow that comes out once in a while but can disappear in second and not be seen again for weeks.

  16. I know a lot of Raider fans want that fiery head coach like Gruden or Madden, but I am cool with the low key approach of Allen -reminds me of Flores. And lets be honest here, Cable or Jackson never had to deal with a Manning lead Broncos team. As for McFadden, I could go either way on whether he should be resigned or not, just don’t break the bank for him.

  17. The Raiders can’t let McFadden walk away….He’ll injure himself get the man a wheelchair at least!

  18. DMC says he wants to be a raider….can’t hurt to listen to see what he has to say. Reggie is no dummy, he will do what makes sense for the raiders…if it includes dmc at the right price , so be it.

  19. This is why Dennis Allen won’t last long. I know Joe Fan thinks R Jennings is the better back. Those who really knows football knows this is simply not the case.

    The fanbase will turn on Dennis Allen in a second when they see DMac tearing the league up next year in a different uniform while Jennings averages 3.1 yards per carry. All of Raider Nation is going to be screaming about how we need speed on offense and playmaker next year.

  20. McFadden is another example if the Raider curse. Unlike JaMarcus and Robert Gallery, McFadden showed signs of brilliance, worthy of an early 1st rd pick. Then he got hurt. Then he got hurt again, and again, and again and again…..cursed!

  21. Exactly well said RealRaider –

    McKenzie already told McFragile’s Camp that he can go freely to speak with other teams – and well said by Coach Allen – McFragile’s camp will need to assess the market to determine his value due to his long history of injuries – its sad as i was a huge fan but they knew a year ago this was going to be what it is now – and he still couldnt capitalize.

    DMAC Knows there are a ton of $$ that is available thru the $61 mil cap – and he wants some..he figures he can make a move by re-signing for Boo-koo Bucks if he won by popularity thru RaiderNation!! It Aint Happening..We done –

  22. Allen is the worst coach in the league. Mckenzie is the worst gm in the league. Neither will ever win a Super Bowl with the raiders and neither will ever get a head job again. Both are disasters

  23. Look man. When DMac plays behind a good line(2010-2011) there’s not a RB in the league that averages more yards per carry.

    You sign DMac, along with L Blount and let “Blount Force” share the backfield with him and take over when DMac gets hurt like Mike Bush used to do with us.

    R Jennings is a career backup RB for a reason. Once he makes the opponents scouting report on a weekly basis….. he’s done,.and it’s a shame Dennis Allen doesn’t realize this.

  24. Compare the two backs on paper – no comparison. DMC is far more talented and explosive. But look at game performance and the gap is just as big in the opposite direction. Bottom line is Jennings carried the load when asked, gave everything on every carry and put in the work.
    Potential vs. production. This team isn’t good enough to roll the dice on DMC again.

  25. Raider trash always! You can tarp your second deck this year except when Niners come to town . You could sell 100,000 seats to see Bay Areas finest crush you on your lame field that day!

  26. He messed up by not taking the Raiders contract extension last off season, he wanted more money than what they were offering, he was supposed to proof this past season to the Raiders that he was worth more than what they were offering. . .that turned out well.

  27. “I know Joe Fan thinks R Jennings is the better back. Those who really knows football knows this is simply not the case.”…

    Those who really KNOW football, KNOW this is simply… an idiotic statement.

    What are you, an NFL scout?

    Go away now.

  28. couple things…

    Yes, Hue and Cable got them to 8-8 finishes, Yet we were still watching playoffs from home both years..

    Hue went mad with power, cost us two first year picks and got us no where, in fact set us back two years… got us to within one game of the playoffs and went 0-4 down the stretch..

    Cable, I liked.. wish he got a 3rd year, however same deal, lost some games we shoulda won, Lost down the stretch, got us no where…. Also, HE didn’t coach the team to a SB win, Caroll did, so Yea…

    60 milli in cap space, full deck of picks and a hungry team ready to prove them selves to everyone.. Yea Id be scared too if I was down with any of the other 31 teams…

    One Nation, The Only Nation… See you Chumps in September!!!!

  29. McFadden is glass on the field. Fast and nimble running backs don’t cut it on the NFL level.

    Any sensible offense would use him as a third down back. He has downfield speed and can catch the ball.

    The late great Al Davis drafted Darren McFadden to resemble Marcus Allen.

  30. Never been a Raiders’ fan but I think they’re finally turning the franchise around now that Al has moved to the Owner’s Box in the Sky. Putting the oft-injured McFadden at the back of the priorities is a very good sign for the Silver & Black.

  31. The Raiders should have shown more shrewdness and traded McFadden at the beginning of last year. They were overhauling the team anyway.Why let him keep his current status for the 6th straight year and he does the same thing. Plays, gets hurt.

    Now he has lost the real trade value you had when he was healthy. Now he walks, plain and simple.

    Let the spending begin.

  32. Well, I’m amazed, finally Allen can judge talent. Mcfragile is a China Doll, McKenzie screwed up last year when he should have traded him for a draft pick or two. He cost the Raiders a chance at the playoffs the year that they went for broke with Hue Jackson, refusing to play. Just a little contribution would have put the Raiders into the playoffs, and saved Hue Jacksons job. He would have been able to pick his own coaching staff and the team wouldn’t be the laughing stock that they are now. 20 years as a Season Ticket holder, and all I have seen is a quitter. He is in street clothes more than his jersey. Jennings on the other hand has the desire and drive to compete. Something Mcfragile loses once its obvious that the Raiders playoff hopes are shattered yearly. Once they are out of contention, he mysteriously can not play for one reason, or another. His toe, his hamstring being to tight, his panties to loose etc… Time to go to the Bengals and disappoint their fans, and when it’s over cost Hue Jackson another job.
    Bye, Bye Mcfragile, Raiders image and other stores are already selling your jersey at 50% off. Sort of how you perform on the field.

  33. Allen, McKenzie and Tarver the three stooges, controlled by the puppet master Baby Davis, who refuses to admit he screwed up royally by firing and running off all of his dads staff. All four that are at control of the sinking ship once known as the Raiders, have NO idea what they are doing, any other owner would have fired these jokers, and got someone to run the team, since Davis admits himself that he is ignorant in operating a NFL franchise. The silver spoon didn’t include intelligence. After this year the Raiders will have the number one draft choice, and the four henchmen will have plenty of excuses to try to explain once again their failures. Pitiful.

  34. meatcarroll says: Feb 20, 2014 4:56 PM

    I love how this trainwreck keeps his job while Tom Cable and Hue Jackson were both fired for dragging that miserable squad to respectable 8-8 finishes.
    8-8 isn’t respectable. Jackson should get most of the credit for Cable’s 8-8 finish, but can only blame himself for tripping all over his clown shoes the following season. You can bag on Allen all you want, but he’s been given next to nothing to work with. Jackson at least had some pieces. Allen is the guy with the truly miserable squad.

  35. Watch Allen on the side line during the game he is a fire ball. I love his passion. The guy has the IT factor you guys are just not seeing it. By far my favorite Raiders coach sense Gruden

  36. so much hate for a raider by raider fans….almost sounds like the same nonsense from the same folks last year who were putting Matt Mcgloin in Canton after 2 games, and whining about Pryor……here is the fact…no way to the browns tag Mack under new cba…so sign him as a UFA, and move wiz to LG. Take our second highest paid player next year Briesiel, and give him an apple and a road map…and have Sparano reach out to his friend Richie I, and put him in at RG… If Matthews is on the board at #5 pick him , and re-sign Velhdeer…O-line would be one of the best in the nfl, and DMC will get you 1200 plus yards next year. (If Matthews is gone at 2, take one of the 3 QB’s, and let Watson play RT….worse case is best case and 3 QB are off board, Matthews is gone, and Mr Clowney would look great in silver and black.

  37. All u guys who call urselfs ” raider fans” are stupid to think Reggie and DA need more time.. Have seen Reggies draft picks, Hayden, bergstrom, Watson, bilkiudi. They’ve underachieved so far and that Hayden pick over Dee Milner from Alabama was a bit surprising. Milner finished strong with the Jets, and Lance Johnson who drafted to the eagles via a trade Reggie did to trade down was a impact player for the eagles this season. DA has.given up so many points the past two season its mindboggoling

  38. As a Raiders fan I can honestly say I won’t be too sad to see him go, he is too inconsistent and always hurt. I would rather spend money elsewhere, unless he is willing to come down on price and be a back up.

  39. The Raiders should try something new. Play the game on a bona fide football field instead of a grid diamond. Running backs will appreciate landing on grass instead of hard dirt. McFadden should opt for free agency and make a change. He would probably thrive with a team like the Cowboys.

  40. 60 milli in cap space, (because of horribly bad contracts in the past)
    full deck of picks (but 14 years since a #1 draft pick panned out)
    and a hungry team ready to prove them selves,to everyone.. (sure looked hungry phoning it in the last 2 years)
    Yea Id be scared too if I was down with any of the other 31 teams…
    Every team in your division has been to the playoffs at least twice since the last time you did. No QB, an offensive line in shambles, a RB that is always injured, no need to mention WRs there is no one to throw them the ball. You are not scaring anyone.

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