Dennis Hickey: Free agents will be attracted to who we are


Dolphins General Manager Dennis Hickey was working for the Buccaneers when Jonathan Martin left the team and Richie Incognito was suspended, so he was spared having to answer questions about what he knew about the situation during his press conference in Indianapolis on Thursday.

Hickey didn’t answer questions about the future of Martin or possible discipline for Mike Pouncey, saying that he wasn’t going to discuss specific future plans for any players. Hickey did replay when asked about how appealing a destination Miami might be for free agents in the wake of Ted Wells’ findings about harassment of players by others in the organization.

“Free agents will be attracted to who we are,” Hickey said, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. “We have an excellent coaching staff. We live in Miami, that’s pretty strong. We have a great owner who will allocate the resources necessary. And we have an environment, a collective strong environment. In my three weeks, it’s been nothing but positive with all the people. As you get in the building and get to know the people, you get a sense of what the organization is about. I felt strongly about that and at every step that has been confirmed to us.”

Hickey’s right about the location even if the jury might be out on the overall organization right now, but the willingness to allocate resources is going to be vital. After all, money has a long history of outweighing other considerations when it comes to free agency.

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  1. Hickey: “The only attractive part of our team is the location. You may get frustrated losing games week after week, but at least we’ve got the beach and an abundance of night clubs to relieve your stress.”

  2. Attracted to a SECOND place team again next season , please.
    They will be attracted to how much you want to over pay for them.

  3. I think this guy needs to be drug tested – free agents will only be attracted to Miami if the money is better than elsewhere.

  4. uhm, we have a weak coaching staff, starting with the head coach that couldn’t recognize that you need a run game to supplement a 2nd year qb. that in itself is all you need to know about this coaching regime.

  5. Leading off with his top 2 items being a suspect opinion about how great the coaching staff is and the fact that this is Miami doesn’t sound too attractive. And what makes a great owner? Is he a nice guy? I only like an owner that is committed to doing everything possible to win and this owner hasn’t shown that at all. I could care less how nice he is if he doesn’t know how to win or contract with people who know how to win. And amazing that the staff is nice to Hickey. He’s the new boss! Of course they are going to be polite to him, who cares though, this is about football and winning and Hickey has NOTHING to offer on that subject at all!!

    Except that he’s going to be a comfortable guy around the office that you can get along with. Show me how and what translates to wins if you want to attract some respect for the organization. Or come up with a vision for how things are going to be different than the unattractive team this has been for the last few decades. How did this guy the job if he can’t even offer up an attractive vision?

  6. The implication here is that there is a flipside– that FAs won’t sign with Miami because of the Martin/Incognito mess.

    Nah. Players will always plug the same variables into their decision– Money, city of residence, chances to win. That dumb stuff about Martin and Incognito won’t have any bearing.

  7. It’s not even fair that New England is allowed to play in a division with two teams that are so dysfunctional that they can’t get out of their own way and a third that’s located where nobody has any desire to go.

  8. Wow – you’ve been there for three whole weeks and its been nothing but positive? I would normally expect the people who work under you to really show their contempt for the organization the moment the new boss arrives…

    And I would agree – the location is a very big draw to free agents who are nearing the tail end of their careers and who want to just ride it out in Miami.

  9. If this franchise/Mr. Ross were aggressive, The entire staff would have been fired, including Ireland, Sherman, Philbin the day the season ended. He could have made a play for a GM to put together & structure the team.
    He waited and this is the result.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see a season better this this years. I hope there is a silver lining to this.

  10. So sad. His first reason is a the coaching staff. A staff that will be fired when the team misses the playoffs. It’s parhetic that he has to say that the location of the team is a selling point. Good for him that the only thing people really care about is money.

  11. The national media will never get it. The players and coaches still, right now, don’t think they did anything wrong. Bryant McKinnie went on the Dan Lebatard show this week and refused to show one ounce of remorse for what happened. No player is going to hold the Jonathan Martin “scandal” against the Dolphins because none of them care about it, or think the Dolphins did anything wrong.

    If anything, the very appearance that the team tried to stonewall the investigation to protect their players will HELP them get free agents.

  12. I appreciate Hickey towing the company line after just getting hired, but Joe Philbin is one of the most unimpressive human beings I’ve ever seen in my life. Regardless of profession.

  13. Peyton would have gone to Miami except for one little thing: 2 regular season games against Tom Brady every single year. No legacy on Earth is going to be left standing after that, let alone as one as wobbly as Captain Sadface’s.

  14. Dolphins window is closing rapidly – the strength of the team used to be the D – now that D-line is close to retiring/FA and they don’t have much outside of (the admittedly awesome) Cam Wake.

    I can’t see Tannehill producing much behind that O-line this year.

    8-8 at best this year for the Dolphins.

  15. It is do or die for Philbin so there is a real good shot that the Fins could play like no tomorrow!!! They better but Philbin needs to get the team pumped to beat our division opponents, then the conference, then get to the playoffs & win there!!!

  16. “San Diego is a great place to Live but you don’t see a line down the street of free agents who want to play there.”

    There is one and only one reason for that– the Chargers don’t spend much on FAs. They only go after mid-level guys at most. Been that way here for years.

  17. I think the Dolphins need to transform as a team. I don’t believe it will happen until they get a new owner. Until then, the rest is a waste of time and effort. Hickey and Philbin are not bad people, but I put this on the owner. He needs to hire a team President to provide oversight for this team as Ross spends his time elsewhere. The cancer has not been completely removed.

  18. Stephen Ross should have cleaned house because how can you justify having a head coach with a staff that lies and covers things up. The Dolphins are a second rate team who will only get a free agent because of overpaying them (see Mike Wallace as example)

  19. This coming from the guy who was hired by the Dolphins as their desperate GM choice after all their favored candidates refused the job. After he accepted the job, it was revealed that the Bucs were about to pink slip him. Oh yeah, everyone just loves the dysfunctional Phins!

  20. No free agents will come to Miami anymore. When a player accuses another player of teasing him, then the teaser is automatically suspended by the team. Great place to work, eh? Guilty until proven innocent. And then how are you proven innocent? By listening to 51 of your teammates defend you? Nope! The owner hires a NY City lawyer to come into town and write a biased report against you. Real fair.

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