John Fox: Hillman “a tremendous talent” who will work to improve

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Broncos coach John Fox is still high on Ronnie Hillman’s skill level.

Speaking at the NFL Scouting Combine on Thursday, Fox indicated the third-year reserve running back from San Diego State has some upside.

“I think he’s a tremendous talent,” Fox said. “He does give us great explosion as a runner, and particularly to the perimeter. I know he’ll work very hard this offseason and try to develop and get better for next year.”

Hillman’s playing time fell off after Denver’s Week Seven loss at Indianapolis, a game in which he lost a fumble. He only played three regular season games thereafter, and he did not appear in a postseason game.

Fox indicated that Hillman’s mastery of the Broncos’ offense needs to improve, which could come with time.

“… I think obviously everybody has their own style of offense. Ours is a little bit of communication at the line, so it changes,” Fox said. “I think that slows down, in my opinion, a running back’s development. He’s got no issues with running the ball.”

With Knowshon Moreno slated to be an unrestricted free agent, Hillman could potentially vie for more snaps in 2014. Then again, an addition or two at the position would seem likely if Moreno didn’t return.

Hillman does not turn 23 until next September, which works in his favor as he tries to gain an NFL foothold. The 2012 third-round pick has had two seasons to learn the finer points of the Broncos’ offense and the pro game. If ever there were a season for him to take a step forward, this would be it.

10 responses to “John Fox: Hillman “a tremendous talent” who will work to improve

  1. Right now hilman’s fumbling issues is weighing out the upside, luckily he’s still young. Should’ve stayed in college a year longer, oh well if the fumbling doesn’t stop he’ll be cut

  2. He’s shown me nothing to be excited about. ever.

    They need to sign a reliable veteran backup and run with Ball as the starter. Ball actually showed improvement, unlike Hillman, and has showed promise from the get-go but fumbling slowed him down. But he was great with that late in the season. I’m excited about him carrying the load if Moreno asks for too much money

  3. They need a bigger back then the group they have. Sneeze on any of them and they fumble and/or get folded in half. The Bronco’s softness extends to this position like every other one on their team.

  4. another guy they may want to consider cutting is Trindon Holiday. you may get one or two returns but the dude fumbles or his arrogance causes poor field position. he lost punt return duty not even halfway through the season because of dropping the ball.

  5. Hillman still has a chance, gotta learn pass pro though. As long as 18 is under center that is priority number 1 for a running back in Denver

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