Norv Turner’s presence making Vikings rethink QB plans


Given the mess that is his current quarterback situation, it’s reasonable that Vikings general manager Rick Spielman is interested in adding one in this year’s draft.

But his new coaching staff might change when that quarterback is taken.

Spielman said the presence of new offensive coordinator Norv Turner has caused him to rethink how they might approach that search.

Spielman referenced the work Turner has done with quarterbacks including Jay Fiedler and Jason Campbell, which suggests that getting one in the first round is not a necessity.

Because right after saying the Vikings were going to “focus heavily on the draft to get another young quarterback in our system,” he quickly added that there were passers in this draft who could be available in the second, third or fourth rounds that could be franchise quarterbacks.

That’s not the only impact Turner’s having on the offense, as Spielman said the new coordinator has already drawn up 10 plays for second-year wideout Cordarrelle Patterson.

“We expect him to thrive under Norv,” Speilman said of last year’s first-rounder.

Given the success Browns wideout Josh Gordon had getting deep in Turner’s offense last year, a player with Patterson’s speed and explosive ability could help whatever grade of quarterback comes in the door, whenever that quarterback arrives.

80 responses to “Norv Turner’s presence making Vikings rethink QB plans

  1. The Vikings are the icon of the league.our dynasty next season will have everyone hating us.they are already jealous of our franchise and this dynasty will make it unbearable for them.SKOL

  2. How many playoff games did Fiedler and Campbell win?

    What good is a WR getting open 55 yards down the field when your QB can only throw it 40 with accuracy?

    Patterson has quite a ways to go if he wants to be a great WR. Starting with route running.

  3. So the Vikings were looking to draft a potentially great QB in the first round.
    But now they have a coach who can make a below average QB achieve a decent level of mediocrity.
    This is better than drafting the potentially great QB and having that coach help him reach that greatness?

  4. The Vikings are the running joke of the NFL.

    There’s only a 6.8% chance that they’ll win a Super Bowl before the Sun becomes a red giant and swallows the Earth.

  5. Speilman said the new coordinator has already drawn up 10 plays for second-year wideout Cordarrelle Patterson.

    O the dripping sound?…Salivating is all…

  6. Referencing Fiedler and Campbell as options for getting a QB outside round 1 is probably the clearest indication that they plan to take one in the first. Either that or he didn’t think it through properly!

  7. Jay Fiedler and Jason Campbell? How many playoff games did those teams win with those QBs being coached by Turner? Why exactly does Spielman still have his job, but Frazier was the obvious problem? No wonder Packer fans make fun of Viking fans when this is considered acceptable.

  8. Guess Kaep and Wilson have everyone thinking they can wait until the second or third round and still pick a QB who can lead a team to the Super Bowl.

  9. Play #1 for Cordarrelle: Run as fast as you can down the left sideline.
    Play #2 for Cordarrelle: Run as fast as you can down the right sideline.
    Play #3 for Cordarrelle: Run as fast as you can from left to right.
    Play #4…

  10. As a Vikings fan, and having watched them play the last several years, I would like to say….”If Norv thinks we can win with the QBs we have on the roster now, perhaps we should look at drafting a new OC with our first pick”.

    …..C’MON MAN!!!

  11. As a Viking fan, I’m glad Norv Turner is coming to Minnesota. BUT, assuming that Christian Ponder is salvagable in Minnesota would be a very big mistake.

    If the Vikings are not going to move up in the draft and take Manziel or Bridgewater, they need to trade down, add picks, and pick up someone like Mettenburger or Murray in round two.

    The Vikings have had one genuine franchise QB in their entire history. It’s long past time to find another, even if that means trading up to get him.

  12. Fiedler and Campbell are the new standard in Minnesota? Wow. Well … I guess that’s a slight notch above the old standard of Ponder and Freeman.

    And the circus continues …

  13. Other than Packer fans (obviously), are people really stupid enough to believe anything a GM says about potential draft picks prior to the draft?

  14. None of the QB’s coming out looks like a sure thing. So, it’s possible the best QB coming out of this class of QB’s isn’t in the first or second round.

    This year is a complete crap shoot and a QB guru like Norv (love him or hate him, he knows QB’s) might be able to see the prize of this draft and he may not be in the first round. That’s what he was basically saying.

  15. The standard in Green Bay is Aaron Rodgers.

    The standard in Chicago is Jay Cutler.

    The standard in Detroit is Matthew Stafford.

    The standard in Minnesota is Jay Fiedler.


  16. That’s kind of a weird statement. If Manziel, Bortles, or Bridgewater is there at 8, they’ll pick him no matter who their offensive coordinator is. Is his point that he’ll be less likely to reach for a second-round quarterback in the first round because Norv can turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse?

  17. Jay Fiedler was below average as a starter. Sure, he maximized his modest potential. It would make sense if you were talking about finding and grooming undrafted or lowly drafted QBs who can stick on a roster and play if needed. That’s a huge difference from finding a “franchise QB.”

    Campbell was a FIRST RD Pick! And he’s shown he can be a decent starter in the right situation. Not really sure that he has outperformed expectations as a 1st round pick.

    The choice of these examples doesn’t fit the narrative.

  18. Spielman is THE MASTER of deception…….way to keep them guessing Rick!!!!!

    Translation: We are trading up for Manziel, Bridgewater, or Bortles!!!!!

  19. I don’t get it, where does all this optimism come from just because Norv Turner has been hired as the new OC? Where has he exactly turned anything around in his entire career?

    To cite Jay Fielder is a joke, Ponder is probably a better QB than Fielder ever was and Ponder will never be a starting QB for any other team except the Vikings.

    Drawing up plays for Patterson is one thing, getting him the ball is quite another. Have the Vikings designed anything to get them out of the NFC North basement. That would be a step up.

  20. If this doesn’t prove Spielman is delusional I do not know what does. Referencing Campbell and Fielder as examples of Turner molding these qb’s like it was a positive is one funny statement. Whats become embarrassing is having to defend our division to people when we have the Vikings in it.

  21. I’ve heard about Jay Fiedler, BARELY ever heard the name Jason Campbell, or anything about what his accomplishments are, if any. I’m sure it ain’t much. If Spielman considers even for a minute, that either of these 2 QB’s were even close to mediocre, and uses that info as one of the factors that help choose a new QB, then the Vikings are in REAL TROUBLE! This is not even taking into consideration Spielman’s record of what he apparently considered quarterback talent in the past. OMG! They say that Norv Turner has a brilliant offensive mind. He’s hung around in the NFL for quite a number of years, so experience is definitely not an issue. His coaching record isn’t exactly stellar, but it’s not disastrous, either. and to NFL coaches, players, AND fans, Norv Turner is a household name. Even without knowing much at all about Norv, I’d still venture that he has a better eye, and knows more about how to spot a talented, potential franchise QB than Spielman can only wish he had. This leads me to just hope and pray that Turner, and any assistants surrounding him, will have a GREAT BIG OL’ VOICE, (more so than the OC’s of the past), in selecting the next bona fide starting QB for the Vikings, ESPECIALLY if they’re going draft him, and decide to wait until the later rounds to make that move. SKOL!!

  22. Jay Fiedler???

    Jason Campbell???

    A lot of people wonder why the hapless and tasteless last place Vikings are so bad at football.

    But now, after reading this article, they can just sit back and enjoy the games.

  23. Hey how did the master of deception fare with the Ponder reach in the 1st round? How about the 2mil. dollar wonder Freeman? The only marginal qb you had Cassell couldn’t wait to get out even with the real possibility he will make less money next year. This whole offseason makes one wonder how this franchise can even function.

  24. Regardless of what Turner does now, it is Rick Spielman whose neck is on the chopping block if the next QB of the future ends up being a bust.

    Spielman has embarrassed himself over the past couple of years with his choices of reaching two rounds early for Ponder, paying Josh Freeman $2 million to sit on the bench, and believing that Sage Rosenfels was a potential starter / quality backup.

    There are plenty of QB prospects in this year’s draft. However, reaching at #8 for a guy like Derek Carr would be a colossal mistake. Taking any QB in round one other than Manziel, Bridgewater or Bortles would be a huge mistake.

    The thing is, I just don’t believe Spielman knows how to recognize QB talent, so I don’t have much confidence in his ability to select one in either the draft or free agency.

  25. Yeah, go ahead put all your offensive eggs in norvs basket. We did for years. One year without Norv brought our boy Rivers back to life.

  26. They are deceiving themselves with deception.

    Unless the ever start taking a realistic approach to the QB position, they will be in the same boat they have been in since the late 70’s.

    Poor ol’ Norv shouldn’t have to put up with this nonsense.

    They keep changing the narrative in Minnesota (deception of the week, not deception of their weak) until their customers just don’t know what to believe after half a century of deception. Look at the trash viking customers post here unedited!!

    Ponder will not lose the starting job to a rookie.

    It is not like the days of starting Tarvaris Jackson with his Sponge Bob backpack.

  27. The vikings are so awful that thier fans can’t remember the last time they were in playoffs. A few years ago the packers hosted the vikings, GB wasn’t one and done that year.

  28. As a Vikings fan, this “we need to get a QB this year” mentality scares me to death: every time we get in a situation where we absolutely need to address the position we go out and get a QB with maybe 1-3 good years left (Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, Jeff George, Brett Favre) with zero backup plan or overdraft a QB based on need (Tavaris Jackson, Christian Ponder); Josh Freeman will be a joke that haunts our franchise for the next twenty years.

    As many needs as we have, if we don’t have a shot at Bortles or Carr (as I assume both Manziel and Bridgewater will be long gone) at #8 I’d rather we:

    >Try to see what interest STL has in drafting a QB at #2, then trading them #8 to move backwards for Sam Bradford/Pick #13/Pick #106; target a DB like Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Justin Gilbert or Darqueze Dennard at #13, use the newly-acquired 4th rounder for either OL/DL depth.

    >Offer the Browns Pick #8 for Brandon Weeden/Pick #26/Pick #35; Weeden has familiarity in Norv’s offense – let him start, let Ponder back him up, draft Jimmy Garroppolo with Pick #40 as our long-term development plan. Hope we suck enough to have a shot at Jameis Winston in 2015. Spend Pick #26 on a DB and Pick #35 on either a DL/OL.

  29. I’m sitting here busting a gut laughing at all the football experts slagging the Vikings and Turner.

    As my wife famously said to me, “If you’re so smart, why not call Winter Park and apply for the HC job?”

  30. Norv, just pretend that Ponder is not on the roster and go from there, okay?

    My gawd. Dump that waste of space that is Christian Ponder already –no fan wants to see him take the field ever again.

  31. Wow all these packers fan bashing turner wait till we bash your defense lol this year will be great.. I know one thing for sure the Packers will not win the north!

  32. Will it even matter?

    I would like to see them actually put together back to back winning seasons.

    They will mess it up, implode midseason and the Purp fans will turn so quick on Zim and Norv, they will seriously reminisce on how good it was with Chilly.

  33. It’s funny to see all the experts predict how terrible the Vikings will be in 2014. In 2011 the Vikes finished 3-13. Everyone expected more of the same with the optimists predicting 6-10 maybe even 8-8. In 2012 they had a 10-6 record far exceeding most expectations. Last year many expected a 9-7 or 8-8 (primarily due to Ponder’s questionable skills) and Minnesota was fortunate enough (or unfortunate depending on how you look at it) to finish at 6-10. Truth is so many things can happen during the course of the regular season it is nearly impossible to predict how a team will finish. One thing is certain, you have to have enough quality and depth to compete. Minnesota has some young talented player and of course Adrian Peterson. I say draft the best quality player available on defense at No. 8 and trade for a young (or maybe not so young) backup QB with potential that the staff can work with. The coaching staff was lost last year and did not have much to work with at the QB position. That combination contributed heavily to the dismal season.

  34. I think he inferred that if he could get Fiedler and Campbell to produce something reasonable,he could get a slightly more capable QB in Ponder or even Freeman to be a bit more successful. I mean he did put Gus Frerotte in the Pro Bowl in Washington. He’s pretty lousy as a HC but not bad at getting the max out of QBs. At worse he’ll improve whatever signal caller you have or will draft.

  35. This team has a lot of holes, and turning around from such a disappointing year could be tough. Fortunately we play in the NFC North, so, you know, we have that going for us.

  36. Does anybody out there remember when the Packer faithful were reminiscing fondly about the accomplishments of Lynn Dickey and Don Majkowski and trying to forget things like the John Hadl trade and drafting Jerry Tagge and Rich Campell?

    And then they went and traded the 19th overall pick in the ’92 draft for a guy who was 0-4 with two interceptions for his career.

    That reminds me…. I wonder what Mark Chmura’s opinion of Woody Allen is……

    Did you know that at no point in Vikings franchise history have they had more than 5 sub-.500 seasons in any ten consecutive years? I wonder how frustrating a fanbase must become when following a team that only manages a winning record 5 times over the course of 24 seasons. I’m guessing they tend towards selective amnesia about times like that…..

    Anyway, i’m thinking that a fresh start at QB is probably a good idea. Really don’t care if it’s someone else’s young backup (even if that player has not posted the greatest efforts to this point) or some rookie. Ponder does not seem like he is in a position to succeed at this point (although our experiences with letting players like Brad johnson and Rich Gannon walk should cause hesitation), so it’s time to give someone else a chance. I don’t know any more about it than anyone else, so i’ll jsut sit back and see what happens.

    Good day all.

  37. Am I the only one who thinks this is a good sign? I like the idea of taking a defensive player first round instead of reaching for a QB, which would probably be Carr. After all, defense does win championships, and we had plenty of holes to fill without reaching in the first round. Call me crazy but even if we managed to get one of the top three quarterbacks, personally I would feel a lot better taking Khalil Mack or Anthony Barr. Let’s not forget that despite our mess at QB this year, our defense was actually a lot worse than our offense. And I think Norv will be great for us.

  38. Go Norv!!!

    Get us a Tom Brady or a Russell Wilson in the
    later rounds
    Not a Ryan Leaf in the first round

  39. Offer the Browns Pick #8 for Brandon Weeden/Pick #26/Pick #35; Weeden has familiarity in Norv’s offense – let him start, let Ponder back him up? Aiming high are we? That sounds like a quick way to destroy a below average to mediocre team.

  40. khmer379 says:
    Feb 20, 2014 7:16 PM

    Wow all these packers fan bashing turner wait till we bash your defense lol this year will be great.. I know one thing for sure the Packers will not win the north!

    They bashed them last year too… and could only muster up a Tie. I

    If there was a season the Packers wouldn’t win the division it would have been last year.

    They can’t always have that bad luck when it comes to injuries.

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