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Ravens, Rice’s attorney offer new statements in wake of video


Wednesday saw the release of a video showing Ravens running back Ray Rice pulling his unconscious fiancée out of an elevator and the summons from Atlantic City Municpal Court alleging Rice put her in that state by striking her with his hand.

It also saw a new round of statements from Rice’s attorney and the Ravens. The team confirmed that members of the organization have seen the video and called it a “serious matter” that they are gathering information about. After Rice was initially arrested, the team said it was “aware” of what happened and emphasized Rice and his fiancée returning home together.

One of Rice’s attorneys called the incident a “very minor physical altercation” at that time, but a different lawyer offered up a new statement in the wake of the video’s release.

“The video that has been put up by TMZ shows the very end of what transpired between Ray and his fiancée,” Michael Diamondstein said, via the Baltimore Sun. “We are confident that by the time all of the facts are in the open, the public will have a complete and true picture of what actually transpired, and we just ask that the public remember what a high-character, good person Ray is, and that they reserve judgment until all the facts are out.”

Diamondstein offered no further comment after the summons came to light later in the day.

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19 Responses to “Ravens, Rice’s attorney offer new statements in wake of video”
  1. berniemadoffsides says: Feb 20, 2014 7:10 AM

    Wow, this should get interesting!

  2. sundayisthebestday says: Feb 20, 2014 7:23 AM

    High character guy? LOL yeah right

  3. pdmjr says: Feb 20, 2014 7:26 AM

    The Ravens will release him by sundown

  4. tvjules says: Feb 20, 2014 7:28 AM

    They need to send a strong message with this: The NFL will not tolerate violence against women.

  5. nizzledizzleshizzle says: Feb 20, 2014 7:33 AM

    that doesn’t look good at all.

  6. thestrategyexpert says: Feb 20, 2014 8:32 AM

    For those of us who are not familiar with why Ray Rice is a high character and good person, could you tell us some things that support that characterization? How can I remember if I don’t even have the information in the first place?

  7. negativten says: Feb 20, 2014 9:02 AM

    the eye in the sky does not lie.

  8. albion223 says: Feb 20, 2014 9:10 AM

    Sometimes the best thing a lawyer can do for their client is say “no comment”…

    This would be the case here….

  9. manderson367 says: Feb 20, 2014 10:12 AM

    Sorry but a man of “high character” and is a “good person” doesn’t hit a woman, and definitely not hard enough to render her unconscious.

  10. fatsack1 says: Feb 20, 2014 1:43 PM

    Does not look good…but i will wait for the facts as humans with common sense do……who knows what happened…….

  11. SmashMouthFootball says: Feb 20, 2014 1:52 PM

    Bad decisions are made by people everyday. Bad decisions were made and I’m guessing hitting her was just one bad decision made made that night. My guess, and it will never be confirmed, that getting too drunk in public was another bad decision. Unfortunately because of his visibility this will hurt him and the team. I still look at his behavior over the years and think he is a man of high character.

  12. whyrunbackwardsyoullvomit says: Feb 20, 2014 2:13 PM

    This incident as well as spitting on Phil Taylor last year also needs to be considered when discussing his “high character”.

  13. crownofthehelmet says: Feb 20, 2014 4:19 PM

    I hope this all blows over and he remains a Raven. I rather enjoy watching him get trucked over the middle by Timmons .

  14. Nofoolnodrool says: Feb 20, 2014 4:42 PM

    The silence from the raven fans is very telling. Yesterday they were calling people names for assuming Ray did what it “looked” like he did…….now crickets?

  15. sportsfan18 says: Feb 20, 2014 6:14 PM

    The Ravens haven’t released him yet?

  16. Nofoolnodrool says: Feb 20, 2014 6:54 PM

    What is very telling is the raven trolls thinking that people don’t see their hypocracy ….what happened to Ray a Rice is tragic because it could be career ending when it could just be some court ordered anger management. Reasonable steeler fans and adults like myself hate to see a young man who has risen so far could fall so fast because of one drunken night. To me it’s not ravens vs. steelers it’s Rays life in the valance.

  17. crownofthehelmet says: Feb 20, 2014 7:33 PM

    Here’s something telling – Peirce and Bernard Scott will soon be your feature backs. Yikes.

  18. Nofoolnodrool says: Feb 20, 2014 8:07 PM

    What is very telling is all the preachy garbage pouring from one Steeler mouth.

    I guess compassion and sympathy is preachy to children, but adults get it….skippy you are getting owned.

  19. SmashMouthFootball says: Feb 20, 2014 8:21 PM

    Pierce and Scott will be enough for the Steelers.

    I think a few other folks need to get off their high horse.

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