Bruce Allen “disappointed for” Fred Davis after rough week


Even though the Redskins had moved on from tight end Fred Davis, team officials were still saddened to hear about the two unfortunate turns his life has taken this week.

The day after his indefinite suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, he was arrested for DUI.

I’m disappointed for Fred,” Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen said Friday, via Mike Jones of the Washington Post. “We really can’t comment on the suspension because that’s a league matter with Fred. But I heard, like everyone else about what happened yesterday, and that’s disappointing.”

Allen said it was too soon to speculate about Davis’ football future.

“It’s too early because I don’t know the details of what happened yesterday,” Allen said. “There’s always a different side to the story. Unfortunately we’re not able to talk to Fred, because of the suspension. But, he is a resilient guy. He had to overcome a hurdle a few years ago, and he did it. He got injured and he worked hard to come back, and so it’s up to Fred what his future holds.”

Though he’s two years removed from the franchise tag, the Redskins found competent replacements in Logan Paulsen and Jordan Reed. Plus Davis was going to be an unrestricted free agent, so the news might not have changed their plans significantly.

6 responses to “Bruce Allen “disappointed for” Fred Davis after rough week

  1. Davis is a turd. All the talent in the world and cant stop smoking weed, or apprently drinking and driving. Bet you he went out to lunch sulking about his suspension, started to drink the pain away and tried to drive home, seeing that the DUI was in the afternoon.

    When it rain it pours

  2. Don’t be “disappointed for” him, be disappointed ‘in’ him. He has been given more chances and resources to clean up he act than most people and he chose not to do it.

    Anyone who is passed out drunk at 3:45 in the afternoon didn’t make a dumb mistake, they have a serious alcohol addiction and need professional help.

    Hopefully, one of these times he will choose to take advantage of his second chances and available resources before he kills someone.

  3. Paulsen and Reed are better anyway… but I wish Fred the best and hope he can get his life straightened out. He does have some talent. Hope he catches on with another team down the road.

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