Doug Marrone wants Stevie Johnson to feel wanted


Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson had a rough 2013 season as he missed four games and failed to reach 1,000 receiving yards for the first time since 2009.

The immediate aftermath of the season wasn’t much better for Johnson. Chris Brown of the Bills’ website said in an interview that the Bills coaching staff did not think they “could effectively get in his head” and that he thought it would be hard to “reel” Johnson into what the team is trying to do.

During his press conference at the combine on Thursday, coach Doug Marrone was asked about that commentary and said that he’s spoken with Johnson to let him know that wasn’t the way that Marrone felt about the receiver.

“I’ve been communicating with Stevie about something to that effect,” Marrone said, via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News. “We had a great conversation. I told Stevie, ‘Hey, listen. I’m excited about getting started with you. I’m excited about you coming in and getting healthy and get this team going … and whatever else you’re hearing, it’s not coming from me.'”

The Bills would realize no real benefit from parting ways with Johnson this year as they’d save just $25,000 under the salary cap, so it behooves them to get whatever they can from him on the field next season. Things change on the cap front come 2015 and Johnson will probably be at a fair amount of risk when that year rolls along, especially if a major bounceback doesn’t come in 2014.

10 responses to “Doug Marrone wants Stevie Johnson to feel wanted

  1. If Stevie wants to feel wanted, maybe the next time his team has an undefeated team on the ropes with an undrafted rookie QB playing under center, he ought to not be the only player giving up on a 101 yard interception return for a TD… Just sayin’.

  2. Stevie has become kind of a “me first” player in a lot of Bills fans minds with his lack of production this past season. He also isn’t a #1 WR in a lot of fans minds. I’m glad Marrone reached out to him but at some point Stevie needs to be more of a team player. JMO.

  3. It’s more then just saving cap space. It shows the team that consistent failure is not acceptable. Stevie is great for for the first 3 quarters of the game, but when the 4th quarter comes he just falls a part.

    But hey, at least we’re not Miami.

  4. Bunch of new quarterbacks that were revolving through the starting spot… Cut the guy a break.

  5. Stevie Johnson being your #1 WR = the types of problemns only had by teams who have missed the playoffs every year this millenium.

    I’d like to see the Bills succeed because their fans deserve it. But if the Bills want to see themselves succeed, they need to realize this guy is by no stretch of the imagination a number one guy.

  6. It’s not “in the fans minds,” he is NOT a TRUE #1 Wide Receiver…he is a Slot Receiver, and a damn good one. His best traits are route running and his hands.

    Put somebody like Mike Evans or Kelvin Benjamin across from him and he would be even better than he has been already.

    Evans/Benjamin/Watkins…plus Stevie, Woods, Goodwin, Graham…is a sick WR corps…especially if they can add a TE too…which would help EJ a lot.

    Can’t wait to see what they do…this is Doug Whaley’s team now…it’s no longer the “same ol’ Bills,” just wait and see. (And I’m a very unbiased Bills fan.)

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