Jason Garrett hasn’t talked to Jerry Jones about a new contract


Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is heading into the final year of his contract, which is a rare thing in the NFL: Coaches almost always either get fired or extended before starting their final years, as owners and coaches alike usually believe a coach’s lame-duck status can be a distraction.

But Garrett says he hasn’t talked to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about a new contract, and he’s OK with that.

We didn’t really have conversations about that,” Garrett said, via the Dallas Morning News. “My focus is on being the best coach I can be each and every day.”

Garrett has gone 8-8 in each of his three full seasons as the Cowboys’ head coach, and Jones seems to view that record as not good enough to warrant a contract extension, but not bad enough to warrant a firing. Garrett thinks he can take the next step this year.

“We have been close each of the last three years to win our division,” Garrett said. “We haven’t gotten that done. We have to live with that reality. We are working hard every day to try to be great as coaches to help our football team take the next step.”

If the football team doesn’t take the next step, Garrett probably won’t be the Cowboys’ coach a year from now.

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  1. Wait, lets not be hasty Jerry!,.. All fans of other NFC East teams want you to stick to your expert opinion and resign Garret for at least another 4 years as your team’s coach! Also don’t listen to the crazy media and stick with Romo, Monty, and MOST importantly!… you as the GM. I know there “rumors” out there that your team is a joke, your QB is a choke artist, your coach is a pathetic puppet, and that you are senile and an insane owner/GM. DO NOT listen to those silly rumors!…. We think you are doing a great job, and listening to these “crazy” people would be a major mistake!. We love the course you are on buddy! I say you double down and extend Tony, Jason, and Monty!… I’m sure you’ll be in the SN any day now…btw, thanks for all the entertainment, it’s been a pleasure watching you run your team

  2. He just looks like such a lazy bum coach from the sidelines. Belichik coaches his players in-game. Pete Carroll and the Harbros are emotional and get after if. Heck, even Rex Ryan made a horrendous team into a semi-contender. And you know what? The cowboys play LAZY. The last time they had a legitimate coach was Bill Parcells.

  3. Sanest thing Jerry Jones has ever done. Garrett deserves an extension if he makes the playoffs next season. He deserves to be fired if he doesn’t. Even Jerry can understand something that simple.

  4. “My focus is on being the best coach I can be each and every day.”


    Umm, what if your best is a perennial 8-8 record?

  5. Sometimes it pays to work smarter not harder, but I applaud the effort. Now it’s time to get the job done. Being close is just a fancy way of saying you were a successful loser, it doesn’t register as a positive in my mind, so stop talking about all the near division wins, that means nothing!

  6. YOUR DONNNNNNNNNNNE CARROT TOP ,MONTE KIF.WILL BE DALLAS NEW HEAD COACH 2015.Jerry is in love with this guy and you are not winning anything,but they will keep you around in the office because you havent challenged Jerry.As A GIANT FAN WE WILL MISS YOU BUT ROMO IS GOING TO GIVE EVERYBODY ELSE A CHANCE IN THE DIVISION SO NO WORRIES.

  7. well i don’t see how with the cap struggles they will be facing this year how he will be able to take that next step. with romo coming back from injury and not knowing how healthy he will be, it will be tough for them to even compete next year for the division.

    i am fine with that because i think garrett has been part of the problem even before he was the head coach. don’t extend him and hire chucky next year.

  8. If Jason Garrett considers 8-8 “close” to winning the division that doesn’t speak very well for the division. All it does is scream mediocrity.

  9. “The love of money is the root of all evil”….it’s sad to see Jason stay around and get embarrassed just for the money. Does he have no pride? It’s almost like he has the abused wife syndrome!!

  10. Knock Knock Knock
    Jason: Hey Jerry, about my contract….
    Jerry: You still work here? Where’s my glasses caddy, I need to look into who screwed up and didn’t fire you. I told that GM to get it done. Where did I put my pudding cup?

  11. I think jason garrett is concerned about jones would show him the door as supposed to the new contract. Hence, he (garrett) has been avoiding to see jones.

  12. Jason Garrett would have some nerve to ask for a new contract.

    Cowboys had their best team in 2007 and Jones blew by not keeping Parcells. I believe that team wouldn’t have cracked and beat the Giants for the 3rd straight time and go onto the Super Bowl.

    The Cowboys window is just about shut. Especially with Garrett coaching.

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