Elway expects Decker to hit the market

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Broncos General Manager John Elway isn’t closing the door on bringing receiver Eric Decker back, but he isn’t expecting to sign him any time soon, either.

Elway said that Decker, who becomes a free agent next month, will at least test free agency to find out his value. And Elway hinted that having enough cap space for tight end Julius Thomas, wide receiver Demaryius Thomas and wide receiver Wes Welker may be a higher priority than keeping Decker.

I think they have to hit the market, the market sets those, especially where you look where we are and what we have coming up,” Elway said. “Both Thomases are up next year. And Wes is, too. So all that plays into it. We’d love to have Eric back, but he’s made he comment he’s like to be back. He’s got to do what’s best for Eric, too, and vice versa. That’s why we go through this process.”

It seems unlikely at this point that the Broncos will keep Decker. They already have a lot of money tied up in their passing game, and keeping Thomas and Thomas next year will be a higher priority than keeping Decker this year. Decker appears to be the odd man out.

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  1. Decker has “Redskins” written all over him.

    They will overpay, then the fans will want to know why he was so good with Manning, and not as good with Bobby.

  2. It always hurts to let a productive receiver like Decker go, but honestly he was more of a product of Peyton Manning than anything else.

    Also, it would be great if he was paired with another receiver named Black, thus creating the dynamic duo of “Black & Decker”

  3. I could see Belichick scooping him up. But the price decker will want would kill that deal. Also I kinda expect a draft day trade bringing Larry fitz to New England reducing our need for another playmaker. Another wild speculation is bill drafts Connor shaw, the most under rated play maker in the draft, and converts him to a slot receiver. It worked well with another former qb in Julian Edelman, but I don’t know if Connor would accept a role switch.

  4. as a Long time skins fan I am hoping the days of us giving a guy like this a big contract are over, you know we would have in the past, but no more! HTTR

  5. Why on earth would anybody trade a high pick for welker? Dude is paid to well and too old. High draft picks are for future players, not washed up veterans. And to add Welker has no YAC ability anymore. Maybe he gets lucky but he falls over a lot now.

  6. “We’d love to have Eric back, but he’s made he comment he’s like to be back.”
    I hope that’s not a direct quote, because if it is, someone should check John for other concussion-like symptoms.

  7. If we go and spend a ton of money on Wes next year after letting Decker walk I’ll be pretty bummed. The market for mid 30’s slot WR should be pretty low.

  8. Decker is a star just not elite. It’s all about the Thomas’s. Both are elite top 5 players and the future to any offense Peyton and beyond. We have to have cap space sign and or franchise these two. Totally fine with DT Wes and JT. The offense was plenty good enough in 2012 and we will see more power running this year if they are serious about getting back to the bowl. Love to see Decker take a one year deal for another run. Not likely so good luck Eric !

  9. If decker is a product of manning, then maybe the broncos should release both Thomas’s and welker and sign some scrubs that manning can turn to stars. The only thing, ONLY THING that manning is doing for his receivers is throwing accurate passes. Any WR will be average if they don’t have a good accurate QB, go take a look around the league.

  10. If you resign decker or tag him, that is money that goes to offense, which they do not need. They need defense speed, and john elway knows this. You’re all missing the ball on this one. Elway is making plans to get one or two of those big time defensive backs, and he needs the money to do so. Defense comes first this offseason. Not offsense. Welker is already under contract. End of story.

  11. Eric Decker has become a top-notch receiver, thanks to Peyton Manning. Manning can make a goat a great receiver.

    Decker will get a chance to cash in with another team, but not with a team that is a Super Bowl contender.

    I cant blame him… get the money while you are young!

    He will be missed, he is a Broncos Fan Favorite.

  12. While I think Decker is a very good receiver, Manning is what made him hit the next tier. If he leaves I think there are some decent guys who can fill that #2 spot and not miss a beat. Gotta keep the eye on who/what more important. There’s holes in our defense that really need to be filled rather than paying a #2 receiver a bunch of money. B

  13. This will be a Greg Jennings situation all over again. Guy has a good QB who increases his value, and thinks he’s worth a ton. Finds out he follows the money to a QB-less team like the queens and finds out what it’s like to be subpar. Just ask “thevikesarethebest”…plenty of experience in losing.

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