Ravens wideout arrested on marijuana charges

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During the offseason, players are left largely to their own devices.  Which naturally results in an increase in off-field incidents.

The latest has occurred in Florida, where Ravens receiver Deonte Thompson reportedly was arrested on Friday for suspicion of possession of marijuana.

Thompson was riding in a car with two other persons when a routine traffic stop resulted in the detection by police of a “strong odor of burned cannabis,” per Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.  A search of the vehicle resulted in the discovery of 29 grams of marijuana in a duffel bag.

Thompson admitted that he owns the bag.  The other two persons in the car — non-NFL players — said the marijuana was theirs.

An undrafted free agent in 2012, Thompson faces potential discipline under the substance-abuse policy.  Typically, first-offense marijuana possession results in a one-game suspension, after the case has been resolved.

And here’s a prime example of why it makes sense for any NFL players inclined to possess or smoke marijuana (or to hang out with guys who may be inclined to stuff their pot into the duffel bags owned by NFL players) to spend their offseasons in Colorado or Washington, where it’s now legal to possess marijuana.  As long as the possession of marijuana complies with the legal limits of possession in either state, there’s no chance of being suspended for possession of marijuana under the substance-abuse policy because there’s no chance of being arrested or charged.

With the window for annual substance-abuse testing not open until April 20 (yes, 4/20), NFL players not currently in the substance-abuse program can smoke all the pot they want until roughly March 20, at which point it would be wise to give the THC metabolites 30 days to clear out of the system.

As free agency approaches, the Seahawks and Broncos may want to consider pointing out these facts to players who may be inclined to sign in one of the other 20 NFL states that continue to make marijuana possession a crime.

36 responses to “Ravens wideout arrested on marijuana charges

  1. Typical ravens getting arrested.its a shame this classless team shares the color purple with a great franchise like us Vikings.notice how we don’t have these problems.Mike Zimmer will have us taking the league by storm next year.SKOL

  2. Ravens fan, legalization of marijuana supporter, a guy who thinks no casual burner needs to be driving around with 29 grams. A touch over an ounce is too much.

  3. Just legalize it. Raise taxes for the deficit. The only issue I have is the driving under the influence of the drug. Make that fine massive along with alcohol and punish the people driving.

    More time effort energy and money is spent on a drug that is similar to alcohol. Prohibition was just as foolish as the laws for weed.

    And no I am not a weed smoker.

  4. Ok, not smart to smoke while you’re carrying weed. But big freaking deal! 3 dudes in their 20’s have an ounce of pot. By all means, lock em up and throw away the key.

  5. You can still get arrested for DUI in Seattle and Denver. He wouldn’t have been arrested for possession, but the repercussions under NFL policy does not make this distinction.

  6. hypocritical ripping on the ravens, just about every team in the league has had a player arrested in the last 6 months, and marijuana possession seems to be the lowest of the “crimes” committed. patriots, falcons, vikings, 49ers, browns, jets, chargers, bears, giants, chiefs, cardinals, colts, bills, broncos, seahawks, bucs, eagles, bengals, saints, lions, rams, raiders, titans, cowboys, steelers fans have NO room to talk, all have arrests in the last year worse than weed possession… i don’t have an excuse for rice tho…

  7. The Ravens continue their self destruction. They are preparing to bring up the rear of the NFC North. Shows how they handle long awaited success in 2012.

  8. As someone who is supportive of legalization why drive around with 29 grams? That’s just asking to be busted especially in a state like Florida. I hope the guy doesn’t get too harsh a penalty but come on this is stupid.

  9. hockeyissweet, I don’t disagree at all with your sentiment, but for the life of me I can’t think of a Steeler who’s been arrested in the last year. Though I’m sure jmf will remind me asap.

  10. Wrecking your brain on marijuana and chemically turning it into a criminal brain should be an automatic lifetime ban from the NFL.

    Countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait do not have marijuana problems because druggies are deemed too damaged to ever return to usefulness in society and are therefore executed.

    Druggies should be thrown into prison for very long terms and thus help remove the terrible effects marijuana and marijuana criminality has on society. Also the long sentences will end the addiction and keep the criminals from embarrassing their families.

    Damaged druggie brains should be given a second chance to overcome the their permanent criminal changes to their brains. Perhaps they could be taught to clean public rest rooms, or be used in nuclear hazard clean up, or clearing land mines. But if they commit any other crimes as they are so inclined to do, only then execute them as too damaged to function in a decent high tech, high morals, society as they contribute nothing but trouble.

  11. Anyone purchasing marijuana is:

    – by definition associating with and supporting organized crime against society.

    – by definition are traitors in the War on Drugs and should be treated as traitors against decent society.

    – hates, and is working against, civilized society.

    With your help we can easily win this War on Drugs. Call the police on anyone you suspect is a druggie, a pusher, or enemy of the state.

  12. Dude is on the bottom of the depth chart. Literally the 5th out of 5. With the draft and Mellete coming off IR he should be working out.

  13. I dont think the Ravens need to concern themselves with winning anything next year unless the super bowl is gonna be played in jail.

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