Jerry Jones: Garrett will be more involved with defense this year


At this time last year, there was much hand wringing about the role of head coach Jason Garrett in the offense and it continued until Bill Callahan was installed as offensive coordinator and play caller.

All of that appears to have been much ado about nothing. Owner Jerry Jones said Sunday that Garrett actually was the offensive coordinator for the team last season and even called plays despite the shift in responsibilities. Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Jones acknowledged that was a problem for Callahan.

The Cowboys have a new offensive play caller in Scott Linehan and Jones said that there won’t be a repeat this season. He says Linehan will have final word on the offense and that quarterback Tony Romo will have more say while Garrett spends more of his time with the defense this season. The Cowboys shuffled the staff on that side of the ball as well, moving Rod Marinelli into the defensive coordinator post and shifting Monte Kiffin to an assistant head coach title.

In a nod to the 25th anniversary of his purchase of the team, Jones said that he would have waited a year to replace Tom Landry with Jimmy Johnson if he had it to do over again. That regret hasn’t led Jones to resist constant tweaks and adjustments to his coaching staff, although none of them have had anywhere close to the positive impact that hiring Johnson had on the organization.

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  1. The competition for most dysfunctional franchise is reay heating up. The Raiders need to step up their dysfunction if they want to keep pace with Dallas, Cleveland, and Miami.

  2. I have no idea, but, is Garrett noted for his defensive experience? I seem to remember he spent all of his career on the offensive side of the ball.

  3. Jesus it’s every year Jerry makes a stupid change or statement regarding his team expecting different results. I literally hate the Cowboys but actually sympathize their fans for that joke of a GM owner!

  4. A head coach that now doesn’t have “final word” in the offense isn’t a head coach…..I can see where Linehan would normally run the offense, but during the game if the head coach wants to pass/run/punt etc….he should be able to tell Scott to do that…… Not sure what “final word” actually means in Jerry Jones’ mind.

  5. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Same coaches = insanity.

  6. Might as well get him involved in special teams also…I’m sure he’s qualified to head all three phases of the game.
    8-8 here we come.

  7. This transaction has the scent of the Juan Castillo switch with the Eagles. Except on a larger scale.

    We all know how long that experiment lasted for Juan.

  8. Garrett, you’re the fricken head coach, you should have final say on everything that pertains to the play calling!! This just proves that he is nothing more than a highly comensated puppet..

  9. Why so many offensive adjustments? The offense worked last year! The defense clearly did not. If this were a car, the Cowboys would have a solid engine with faulty brakes. It is good to always look to improve both sides of the ball, but throwing another offensive coordinator into the mix has to leave players more confused than help with efficiency.

  10. The headline Cowboys fans are probably hoping for:

    ‘Jerry Jones will be uninvolved with the team this year’

    Anything else he says is close to worthless.

  11. I can only hope if a team moves to London, it’s the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones is the NFL’s version of Don King. Keep running your mouth, keep your name in the media, and if we don’t win anything… at least I made my $.

    He needs to fire himself.
    Somewhere Jimmy Johnson is still smiling.

  12. Every Cowboy fan would have all thrown in a hundred bucks each in order to buy the Cowboys and keep it out of Jerry Jones’ meddling hands – if they had to do it all over again.

  13. Tony Romo, 1st and 3rd.

    Trade into the top 5 for Johnny Feetbawwwl.

    No team wants that’s awful Romo contract, I just think it would be the cherry on top of this whole mess.

  14. garrett was a career back up QB and NEVER saw the field. How is he qualified to be more involved in defense game planning. ????!!!!! Great work jj from The NFC East. We are all behind every decision you make.

  15. Jerry just keeps digging the hole deeper. Jason just keeps laughing about the $5 – $6 mil a year he deposits……LOL

  16. If Garrett wasn’t on board with all these changes, you’d think he’d be saying something. Obviously, he knows, no one, and I mean NO ONE, would hire him to coach. Look at their up-coming schedule….it’s got 6-10 written all over it.

  17. The Cowboys are great for every fan of the NFL. No matter how dysfunctional your team is, you can look at the Cowboys and count yourself lucky. That includes you Raiders, Browns, and Dolphin fans. The Cowboys are like a train wreck, combined with a multi-car pileup and an airline crash, all happening during a 9.0 Earthquake. You just can’t look away.

    NFL Dysfunctional Standings:

    1. Dallas Cowboys
    2. Miami Dolphins
    3. Cleveland Browns
    4. Oakland Raiders
    5. Washington Redskins

  18. If Garrett don’t get the cowgirls deep into the playoffs, he will be deeply involved with new employment…

    As JJ said some time ago…. Any of 500 coaches could get the boys to SB…. Oh well…!!

  19. The most overrated owner in sports.

    Why? The Cowboys sell themselves without him.

    Put Bronze statues in Jerry and Stephen jones’ offices and the team will still be the same or turn around.

  20. If Garrett is running the defense, he’ll probably just play the pass every down….. Great !!!!!!

    I’m a cowboy fan. Jerry needs to retire already. Go do what super old dudes do somewhere else.

  21. Jerry Jones: clean house. Try to convince Bill Cowher to coach your team. Your team has no identity and is soft. Your team lacks heart and attitude to win. You need to hire a name coach!!!

  22. NFL Dysfunctional Standings:

    1. Cleveland Browns
    2. Miami Dolphins
    3. New York Jets
    4. Dallas Cowboys
    5. Oakland Raiders
    6. Washington Redskins
    7. Jacksonville Jaguars
    8. Minnesota Vikings
    9. Tennessee Titans
    10. St Louis Rams

  23. If You read the article, Jerry want Garrett input on how he would game plan against the Cowboys defense. Garrett input will give the Cowboys defense the heads up on how to defeat such scheme during game day,when the situation arises. Which is smart on the Cowboys part. Romo MVP. Cowboys win NFC East. Super Bowl Bound Baby!!

  24. The great thing about the Cowboys is, they lack awareness of their dysfunction. The Dolphins, Raiders and Bills at least want to change their culture. Not so in Dallas. Jerry calls the shots and when they fall on their butts, it’s like they don’t even notice.
    And Cowboys fan, don’t you think for a second you’re not in part responsible for this. You fill Cowboys Stadium, knowing the team isn’t going anywhere. Jones looks at the full house, the $$$ he’s raking in and says “things are pretty good.”

  25. So if a team is attempting to run out the clock – Jason will make darn sure the ‘Boys are in their Drop Everyone back in coverage/prevent defense formation.

  26. What this article tells me Jerruh has little confidence in Garrett running his team. Garrett is head coach in title only and Jerruh has now added another title of expertise to his list of responsibilities. The plaque on Jerruh’s desk now reads “Owner/General Manager/Team Physician/ Head Coach” of the Dallas Cowboys.
    With this article being posted Garrett has become publicly humiliated and probably to stupid to realize it, that or Garrett is in it for the money only.
    You Cowboy fans can bitch, moan, complain all you want but nothing will change. You will have to wait until Jerruh dies before any significant change in the culture of your team changes. It is what it is and you fans should have accepted it by now.

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