Report: Dolphins won’t try to block Jim Turner’s salary

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Dolphins coach Joe Philbin wasn’t able to save offensive line coach Jim Turner’s job. But Philbin was able to save Turner’s pay.

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reports that the Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wanted to fire Turner with cause, which would have cut off the two remaining years of salary under his contract with the team.  At best, Turner would have had to fight for the money — with the league office determining the outcome and no entitlement to interest or attorneys’ fees or any other damages if he’d prevailed.

Per Volin, Philbin successfully lobbied for Ross to fire Turner without cause, which means that Turner will receive ongoing compensation from the team.

Turner’s pay will be offset by any money he receives from another team, if Turner finds another job in coaching.  If he wants, he could take the next two years off and still receive the money he would have gotten from the Dolphins.

23 responses to “Report: Dolphins won’t try to block Jim Turner’s salary

  1. A totally pathetic situation. He’s so awful that they had to fire him, but he still gets paid. Just a losing situation for all parties directly and indirectly involved. Except Turner who will get big bucks for nothing. Disgusting.

  2. What a perfect storm.

    Ross is the worst owner in NFL history and Philbin is the worst coach in NFL history.

    Its’ hard to believe this is the same organization that was once coached by Don Shula.

  3. Irrespective of the J-Mart harassment issues and the Wells report, the Dolphin O-line did a very poor job of protecting their QB. Turner deserved to be fired just on poor O-line performance. He’s very lucky to receive 2 years pay for doing a very bad job.
    It must be great to work for a billionaire. Thanks Joe.

  4. When Volin left South Florida to go work in Boston , the least he could have done was work for the Boston Herald , rather than the uber Liberal Globe.

  5. Should have fired him for cause and then negotiated a settlement if he wanted to fight it. It would have been much better PR move. It also would have sent a better message to remaining staff and players.

  6. Philbin still tone deaf to the situation clearly. If participating in harrassment of a player is not cause for firing a coach — nothing is.

  7. LOL @ all you people that have a problem with this situation but not have an issue with a running back beating the hell out of his fiance on camera. An offensive lineman gets “bullied” but beating a woman unconscious is OK.

  8. Still an orchestrated PR move. Ross made out to be the bad cop hard ass to the other owners.

    Philbin made to look like the good cop so he doesn’t alienate himself in the coaching ranks, when he has to find replacement coaches, and, when he has to submit his own resume to other coaches in a year or two.

  9. Philbin is really not a leader, or a manager. Has no business attempting to continue as an NFL HC. Sad to watch. Take him out of the job….now. When does the NFL determine that Ross is not fit to be an owner? What’s going on with WonderWoman Dawn Aponte? What a mess. Awful.

  10. Everything about the Dolphins under Ross’s ownership is screwed. I feel they will take Martin back and make him the starting left tackle. What else can they do to screw up that team?

    Pity their draft picks.

  11. Watched a young kid with a dolphins cap on backwards fall off his chair in a So. Fl. Restraint. Thought that’s to be expected.

    He was not hurt.

  12. If it were up to Philbin, Sherman would still be OC, If not for the Wells report, Turner would be the OL Coach. (Philbin lobbies for full pay to reward the person that produced the worst O line in team history) Does this sound like a guy who can judge talent or even coach for that matter????.
    Fire his butt, he is a waste.

  13. It stinks to be Turner. With Philbin improving the team each season he’s been there and Tannehill improving and getting a new OC, he’s going to miss on their super bowl ring.

  14. A QB rapes two women, an RB knocks his wife unconscious, a WR kills a pedestrian while driving drunk, a LB is involved in a murder investigation, another QB slaughters animals, another WR is caught with pounds of weed, a TE is accused of murder, yet the people involved in a situation where a couple guys act like 13 year olds in a locker room are the most vilified people in the history of this sport. We live in bizarro world.

  15. I hope we can move on already. Lets just build the team back up and rear view mirror the rest of this bad stuff.

  16. Who said anyone ok with RR knocking around/out
    his fiancé ?
    I’m certainly not ok with that and it’s
    quite possible (unfortunately ) that he won’t miss
    a single down in relation to this scenario.
    I also don’t agree with the Mia OL mess & it has become
    a national attention grabber and black eye to the league
    yet the RR inflicted black eye will get swept away

  17. It’s amazing how people on here think they know the answer to the Dolphins problems. Everyone has an answer, but in truth have no clue. Just keep reading the press and watch the tv, most of them have no clue either. Jim Turner did a terrible job with the offensive line, and there is nothing else to say. Jonathon Martin was horrible, and everyone else had to “carry the load”. Move on, the Wells report is out, so worry about something else, there has to be more important things than the Miami Dolphins.

  18. Good observations here. The problem is that there are issues with firing people in Miami. No one wants to fire anybody else.

    Ross had a problem firing Ireland even to the very end and it took a nasty coalition between Philbin and Aponte for that to happen, not because of Ross’s evaluation of Ireland’s performance.

    Down the ladder we see Philbin having serious problems firing people that clearly need to be let go. Here is a prediction: Ross will have a hard time firing Philbin.

    But to Philbin’s credit, he probably realizes these people will not be employed again by the NFL and tried to secure a small golden parachute for them. These people don’t know how to get a job outside of football and the shock of income drop would probably kill them.

  19. “Ross is the worst owner in NFL history”

    How does an average team have its owner labeled as worst owner ever?

    I dont get it. So any whiners.

  20. Turner should have been fired for the poor OL play the day after the season ended. But, that would mean he’d still have gotten his two years. And, that’s fair because that’s how the system works. Two years is not a long time. That money goes fast.

    They had to fire him after the Wells report. But with several players disputing the characterization of the report (including the one glaring incident with Turner), it’s clear that Turner was not a bad guy. Just an old-school guy trying anything he could to motivate his team. It wasn’t fitting with our present-day “cultural sensitivities” but it also doesn’t mean he’s some evil human who deserved to have his contract completely terminated. The players did not think he was a horrible person. If Jonathan Martin isn’t on this team and the OL performs well, no one thinks he’s a bad guy.

    He needed to be fired because of the negative report – as well as because of the performance of the OL. But, fans complaining about his not getting his contract terminated because he made a few jokes and was not equipped to deal with a bizarre situation with Martin? Ridiculous.

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