Report: League “strongly considering” Arizona Pro Bowl

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The Pro Bowl has been on life support, and it’s been stateside before.

Now, it appears there’s a chance it won’t be back in Hawaii next season.

According to Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, a league source said the NFL was “strongly considering” moving the Pro Bowl to Arizona to raise revenue and the profile of next season’s game.

Pairing the game up with the Super Bowl site at least makes for an attractive marketing opportunity, as it will get the top players into town and in front of the assembled media covering the title game.

How much players will like it is debatable, as many are bailing out of the all-star game left and right, and taking away the “free vacation in Hawaii” aspect might hamper attendance even more.

48 responses to “Report: League “strongly considering” Arizona Pro Bowl

  1. I wish the NFL would quit trying to turn this game into something it can never be. Return it to Hawaii the week after the SB for good….they can do what they want as to team formation. Or, cancel the thing all together. Jeeez, I’m sick of hearing about it.

  2. The Pro Bowl should reward the Hawaiian NFL fans who wake up at like 5am to watch east coast games.

    Let them get their one NFL home game a year.

  3. Hawaii is the only reason the Pro Bowl is special. Fans will make a vacation out of it, not so in Phoenix.
    Players families want to go – even if they have to drag the players kicking and screaming to a meaningless game.

  4. The league should strongly consider just getting rid of it altogether. This year was an embarassment, not the game itself (or maybe it was, I didn’t watch), but seeing many guys look for any reason to not go.

    It’s just never going to be the best of the best, its the best 70 guys who want a free vacation.

  5. some people would maybe like to enjoy it,but cant afford to go to hawaii!!! thats what the nf lis prob thinking. with the economy the way it is ,who has extra cash to burn to fly all the way out to hawaii? hawaii isnt cheap either! very expensive last tiem i was out there.luckily my best friend from high school has two condos there! think about it and i am not a pro-london guy..if they can stage a meaningless game in hawaii you damn well they will use that thinking in going to london for a superbowl. atelast if they move it from hawaii it will be in the back of their head maybe london is too far away from the mainland of the usa just like hawaii!

  6. Can we please just have the skills competitions back? Why can’t we watch the NFLs fastest man challenge or QB challenge anymore?

  7. “The Pro Bowl should reward the Hawaiian NFL fans who wake up at like 5am to watch east coast games”

    Why? Just set the DVR and watch the game when you wake up!

  8. I’ve said for a while that the better strategy would be to locate in the city hosting the SuperBowl the following year (so Phoenix should have had the last one). That would give game organizers a dress rehearsal and help drum up excitement needed to recruit the volunteers needed to put on the big show.

  9. If a player makes the ‘Pro Bowl’ there should be an award, recognition and a cash prize…PERIOD. The game is an embarrassment. Moving it to AZ accomplishes nothing. The NFL should simply do away with it. Really, what passes for a ‘football’ game would not be missed.

  10. Dear Roger Goodell,

    Let me lay this out for you in a few easy to follow steps.

    1. On February 9th it is announced by a future NFL hopeful that he is gay. The NFL offers its support.

    2. On February 12th you responded…”Good for him. He’s proud of who is and had the courage to say it. Now he wants to play football. We have a policy prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation. We truly believe in diversity and this is an opportunity to demonstrate it.”

    3. Last week a political firestorm erupts in Arizona due to Senate Bill 1062 which would allow businesses owners with strong religious beliefs the right to deny service to gays and lesbians.

    4. Today it is reported that the NFL is “strongly considering” moving next years Pro Bowl to Arizona.

    Roger…nice timing with this announcement. You never cease to amaze us with your complete hypocrisy.

  11. Perhaps this is the NFL’s way of “hinting” to Gov. Brewer just how much money Arizona *could* lose if she doesn’t veto that nonsense legislation she presently has sitting on her desk: Super Bowl *and* the Pro Bowl.

  12. I attended the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. I had a package deal that included my ticket, flight and hotel for 5 nights. Leaving from LA it was less than 2 grand. If you go in a group it saves money.

  13. NFL already tried this in miami a couple years back, it didnt work… keep it in hawaii and bring back skills comp!

  14. SO, one article on another site says the NFL is considering taking the Super Bowl from AZ over some religious law that does/does not (I personally have no idea, I’ve only been to Vegas so…) but at the same time, the NFL wants to move the Pro Bowl there? Something ain’t right.

  15. And by Vegas I mean Scottsdale – I got to stay at the Princess for a work thing and had me thinking Vegas…

  16. It’s a meaningless game and its going to be in Arizona. That’ll attract the top players. If this happens the 6th string players will get a chance to go to a pro bowl.

  17. I think some people are missing the point. Saying that people won’t go the game because Phoenix isn’t a tourist attraction or there’s nothing to do there is irrelevant.

    They aren’t considering moving it there permanently, they are considering it because that’s where the Super Bowl will be and they can use the game to kick off Super Bowl week.

  18. Given the current politics of AZ, I would doubt pretty strongly that any national event will be held there until the “spectacle of the blindly stupid” is concluded.

  19. Move it to Denver or Seattle, with the game set 90 days before the beginning of “pot test season”, and I bet you won’t get half the selected players not showing up.

  20. Arizona really? Why not somewhere more friendly to outsiders and not so suppressing of people… like Sochi.

  21. Take the time and read the bill. I own a business and if I don’t want to provide service I don’t. I have. And there is not a damn thing any court can do about it.

  22. “I own a business and if I don’t want to provide service I don’t. I have. And there is not a damn thing any court can do about it.”

    That’s what people running the lunch counter at Woolworths said in the 1950s.

  23. It’s always about the money. ALWAYS. Does the money around Super Bowl look so below expectations that theNFL feels a need to give it this unprecedented boost? So is it a both or neither situation for Arizona, either both the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl – or neither one? Ouch. That’s a very bad sign for Arizona either way. I’m not so sure Arizona deserves both if it takes both just make enough money for the NFL to be happy.

  24. Isn’t this the state that threatened to secede from the union not so long ago?

    With their draconian laws and continued intolerance, if anything, the NFL should be looking at moving the Cardinals to L.A.

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