Pierre Thomas could be facing a cap ultimatum

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The Saints may have to rob Pierre to pay Jimmy.

According to Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the Saints have reached out to agent Lamont Smith to discuss the future of veteran running back Pierre Thomas.  While Smith wouldn’t comment on what that could mean for Pierre’s future, Smith didn’t need to.

With a $2.9 million base salary in 2014, the final year of his current contract, Thomas likely will be facing a request to take less money to stay.  If he declines, the Saints could decide to move on.

As Holder points out, a chest injury kept Thomas out of the team’s two playoff games, and the combination of Mark Ingram and Khiry Robinson performed well.  Given that those two running backs have a combined cap number of $2.8 million, it could be time for Thomas to move on, unless he’s willing to take less.

Acquired as an undrafted free agent the year after Reggie Bush arrived as the No. 2 overall pick in the draft, Thomas happily has shared the reps for seven seasons, averaging only 110 carries per season — but gaining an average of 4.6 yards per attempt.  He’s seen teammates like Bush and Chris Ivory get more opportunities elsewhere, and this could be an opportunity for Thomas to land with a team that will let him blossom in a way that a three-man weave never will.

At only 29 and with plenty of tread on the tires, Thomas could generate some interest on the open market, if the Saints decide not to keep him under contract.  Smith’s decision to leak the news of a looming discussion with the Saints but to be coy about the content could be Smith’s way of letting the other 31 teams know that they should put Pierre in their potential plans for free agency.

15 responses to “Pierre Thomas could be facing a cap ultimatum

  1. Hate to lose the PT Cruiser but Saints have to do what they have to do… hopefully he takes a paycut..

  2. I am not saying Pierre Thomas is a superstar, but he is one of the most underrated players around.

    He is very talented, and because the Saints do a great job (the best) of spreading the ball around, his touches are limited.

    But the guy is a flat-out baller and is a terrific all-around RB, and a guy Brees trusts to be out there to handle protection and check-downs.

  3. He is coming off a career high in catches amiright? And its pretty safe to say he is one of the best blocking tailbacks and justr about the best tailback on a screen, finds the ball everytime its unbelievable

  4. I hate to see him go but with the contract and age its time to get younger and BIGGER. I would love for the Saints to take a chance on Jeremy Hill in the draft. Big power with speed.

  5. Not a Saints fan but from what I saw he seemed to be the better overall rb on the team in terms of rushing and receiving. I think it would be foolish to let him get away IMO.

  6. If the Saints cut Pierre to keep Jimmy I’m going to be angry.

    Let Jimmy go!!!! Don’t destroy the team to keep one person!!!!

    Jimmy Graham disappears in big games and he’s soft!!!! Let Jimmy Graham go!!!

  7. Is everybody forgetting that the Saints won the Super Bowl in 2009, a year before Graham was drafted. While I think he is the best TE in the league, we can’t deplete the rest of the team to be able to pay him. The Saints should trade Graham and go get some young receivers. Brees will make them stars. The Saints need that money for defense.

  8. I don’t own a Saints jersey, but if I did, it would #23. This guy is your model player: talented, goes about his business, shares his reps with others, and just works his tail off when he plays. He has been one of the Saints top 3 players since Payton has arrived. A true stud. I hope he stays.

  9. Pierre is 29 and only averaged 3.7 yards/carry. Ingram was at 4.9, while Robinson was at 4.1, and Sproles at 4.2. Lance Moore is 30 and should also be cut after averaging team low 1.7 YAC. I like them personally, but this is a business. Sometimes the truth hurts…

  10. This is to big a sacrifice to keep Jimmy Graham. Keep Graham with a franchise tag. Pierre Thomas knows how to follow and set up blockers better than Mark Ingram for heavens sake. He is a leader of the team, a big part of our Superbowl victory, and still has gas in his tank when healthy. We would be real sorry if we let him go.

  11. Loomis knows what needs to be done and how to do it. The cap will rise greatly with the new TV contract next year. This season, some re-scheduling and various things may need to be done for existing contracts, even Brees was talking about this when the Saints season was over.

    All Loomis has to do is the schedule some of this year’s payment for next year or the year after and get past the lower cap for this year, which will increase next.

  12. Its no surprise to me. Pierre was stability in the backfield (when) he was playing. This is a perfect opportunity for the Saints to upgrade the position with a younger more durable back.
    Thanks Pierre and good luck.

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