Ben McAdoo: Offense will be tailored to Eli’s strengths


Giants quarterback Eli Manning is coming off the worst full season of his career and he’s seen major upheaval on the offensive staff for the first time in many years, but he’s still the key to making the offense go.

That was the word from new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo in a conference call on Thursday. McAdoo talked about West Coast principles, wanting to be tough and smart and other things that gave a vague sense of what the offense will look like without Kevin Gilbride holding the reins, but the end result is going to have everything to do with Manning.

“As Eli gets his hands on it and has a chance to get comfortable with it, we’ll make tweaks here and there,” McAdoo said, via Dave Hutchinson of the Newark Star-Ledger. “Really, as the offseason and training camp goes on, every offensive system tailors towards the strength of the starting quarterback. What he does well and what he doesn’t do well. At the end of the day, your system is built around the personnel, not the other way around.”

There are big question marks for the Giants at every other spot on the offense this offseason and their answers will give some idea about where the offense is headed with McAdoo at the helm. Any direction they go, though, McAdoo knows that they’ll only travel as far as Manning takes them.

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  1. I hope he can get things turned around this year. It wasn’t as bad as watching the Texans but at some times it wasn’t an NFL Caliber offense out there.

  2. His biggest strength is winning Super Bowls against the New England Patriots.

    Other strengths include throwing into double coverage on a running play, creative turnovers i.e. failing to slide, throwing it lefty, and the dreaded pick-6.

  3. This shouldn’t be too hard to tailor to his strengths. Eli is already pretty good at throwing interceptions before Mcadoo was hired.

  4. Eli has skills, and can make plays.

    Yes it is funny to joke about handoffs and INTs – and it is deserved, it really is. But when he is right, he is as clutch as any QB in the league, and all you guys know it. He’s done it in the Playoffs and the SB, and he will do it again.

  5. When you pair a stationary QB with a wet paper bag o-line, the results are not going to be pretty. Yes, we all know that Eli is prone to too many picks and too many bone-head decisions…but even the hater knows that when he is comfortable in the pocket he can shred apart any team out there and play some very clutch football. If they fix the line they fix eli, its really pretty simple.

  6. This young guy will bring a ton of good stuff with him, and Eli will have an outstanding year, with new calls, screens, and protection!
    You don’t win two super bowls, both going on the road to get them, without an exceptional QB, a MVP type.
    Eli is in his prime now and if the giants front office gets the right players, which they haven’t in some time, even a sub-par O-line won the battle in 2011 against a pretty good niners defensive. This team stays with players way to long, and it all got shown, even the owner saw it.
    This guy Mac at 36 will call the shots and he will start with Eli.

  7. This is gonna be fun to watch Eli throwing his famous chuck and duck-eyes closed passes more often than in the past.

    On the serious side, maybe he’s colorblind.

  8. Eli has beaten GB plenty. SF too. Dallas too. Who hasn’t he beat? Eli is the MANN. 2x SB MVP going for #3. Go Giants!

  9. Wow so funny all of your remarks about one of three current QBs wearing more then one ring.
    And Brady is the only one with more then him.

    And while your all cracking jokes Eli is counting his millions and millions of dollars that he earn while you go off to you meaningless jobs

    Soon maybe this year maybe next Eli will win his third Super Bowl and he will then be a shoe in for a first ballot HOFer

    And when he is I will go to Canton just like am this year to watch and honor another Giant legend enter the HOF.

    Yeah he had a lot of int last year and yeah he is bland but all I care about is he is going to be leading my team once again on the road to the SB

  10. There is really no need to Taylor anything to Eli except for a decent oline and a few healthy RB’s..Eli will to the rest.

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