PFT on NBCSN: Russell Wilson, Steve Keim, Jeff Fisher


It’s NFC West day on Pro Football Talk on NBCSN and we’ve got the Super Bowl-winning quarterback among our guests.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will be a guest on the show as he continues the traditional post-title media blitz for the quarterback of the winning team. We’ll hear Wilson’s thoughts about the Super Bowl now that the game is nearly a month old and hear what he’s got planned for the offseason beyond a visit to Texas Rangers spring training.

Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim and Rams coach Jeff Fisher will also be on the show and the two rivals are both trying to build teams that can take down the Seahawks next season. Keim’s team won in Seattle last season and we’ll find out what he and Fisher think needs to happen this offseason to make wins like that less of a rarity in the future.

It all gets started at 5:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN.

13 responses to “PFT on NBCSN: Russell Wilson, Steve Keim, Jeff Fisher

  1. If I see one more idiot say RW3 had little to do with Seahawks success I’m gonna lose my mind. That throw on 4th and 7 in the NFC Championship was like “whatevz” am I right?

  2. If I see one more idiot call Russell Wilson “RW3”, I’m not going to lose my mind, but it’ll be upsetting none the less. Wilson’s father was Harrison Wilson the 3rd, and Russell’s brother it “the 4th”.

    RW3 is an insult because RG3 has disintegrated while Russell has shined.

    But, I am right there with ya spreading the word that Wilson is the epitome of “even-keel” at QB. He is efficient and with Seattle’s stellar defense and hard-hitting run-game Wilson is just not going to put up Manning-esque numbers (nor should he want to). Seattle is a team all about depth and balance. Throwing for 55 touchdowns in a season is lopsided. Russell Wilson has a 2 year average passer rating of 100.6

  3. People call him RW3 because if his jersey number, not family lineage. It started a while ago as a competitive, light hearted jest towards RG3… But now that Griffin has tanked I can understand the resentment/insulting attitude. Didn’t used to be that way. It was a way of saying “hey our QB deserves some media attention damnit!” Back when he was something of an afterthought for sports pundits.

  4. Everyone knows Russell Wilson is a game manager. Just look at all the Superbowls the seahawks won with Tavaris Jackson.
    For the record 7-9 w/ Hasselbeck and Jackson. 11-5,13-3 with Wilson under center.

  5. Wilson haters, especially the “he has. Good running game” guys. Google something for me. Google “most touchdown PASSES in first two seasons.

    He also has over 1000 rushing yards and 10 rushing TD’s in his first two years. Go away.

  6. Cards fan here, Whoever is saying RW is mediocre /average is a damn fool !

    RW is already an elite QB.
    Look at hos passer rating , numbers don’t lie- people do .

    The man has the heart of a champion/ and a ring too.

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