Chris Snee on pay cut: That’s my job

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Guard Chris Snee wants to play another year for the Giants, who want him to take a pay cut in order to return to the team next season.

Such situations can be awkward, even when the player in question isn’t the son-in-law of the head coach, but it looks like it will be smooth sailing for the Giants and Snee. Snee’s expressed a willingness to work with the Giants to assure his return to the lineup in the past and on Friday he was particularly explicit about his willingness to pare down his base salary of $6.75 million and cap hit of $11.3 million.

“That’s my job. I never complained about money. I’ll do what I have to for the team to get better,” Snee said on Sirius XM NFL Radio with Bob Papa and Ross Tucker.

Snee is recovering from the hip surgery that wiped out most of his 2013 season, but it seems like everything should work out for one more year with Snee protecting Eli Manning. The Giants also want center David Baas to take a pay cut and it wouldn’t be a bad idea for them to devote some portion of their draft to bringing in some younger options on the interior line once the two veterans see their salaries drop to nothing.

9 responses to “Chris Snee on pay cut: That’s my job

  1. David Baas (the anti-Snee – no Pro Bowls, overpaid, underperform, etc) has expressed no interest in reducing his salary.

    He is ripe for being cut – and the team is likely better off if they do.

  2. That is awesome to hear. Really respected him before since he was a key part of the SB teams, but definitely love the team first mentality.

    Lets just hope his hip recovers smoothly, reports last season said he could barely even walk let alone play.

    David Baas on the other hand….please leave.

  3. Smart move. When a guy refuses a pay cut with his current team, rarely does he get cut and wind up with more money in his pocket elsewhere.

  4. If teams can demand pay cuts in the middle of a contract, then players can demand pay raises. It goes both ways. That said, Duh-relle Revis is quite unreasonable in his yearly contract demands.

  5. “….once the two veterans see their salaries drop to nothing.”

    and that nothing for the year will be more than 99.9% of Earth’s population will make an entire lifetime.

    I sure wish I could have my salary drop to nothing

  6. Throw Baas out the door already.

    Draft / Sign LG or C, draft LG to groom under Snee, that line would look pretty sweet for about 3 straight years.

    We’ve gotten by on amazing late round Accorsi picks (Diehl) and Snee who held everything in tact for years… time to rebuild the OL.

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