Josh McCown: Hard to want to be somewhere else, but I have to be willing


Josh McCown played quarterback in a lot of places over the course of his career before he landed in Chicago, but he never had more success than he did with the Bears last season.

McCown said he isn’t sure why everything came together after Jay Cutler was injured last season, but his 13 touchdowns and one interception opened up a lot of eyes around the league. That makes it easy to understand why McCown would want to remain in Chicago with coach Marc Trestman and a talented receiving corps, but Cutler just got a big new contract and this may be McCown’s last chance to secure a starting job so he knows that leaving may wind up being the best course of action.

“It’s hard to want to be anywhere else. But the balance of that, too, is our reality. This is probably going to be the last time I stand in free agency with this kind of leverage. So there’s an understanding of an opportunity here to gain some more resources both to take care of our family and to do more good with,” McCown said, via Dan Wierderer of the Chicago Tribune. “I have to be willing to go somewhere else, if that’s how it breaks.”

There’s been talk of interest from the Jets and the Buccaneers are another team that’s signaled their interest in adding a veteran quarterback. There will be others that can offer McCown a better chance of playing time and bigger salaries than the Bears are likely to provide, which means that McCown will probably be trying on a new uniform sometime this month.

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  1. Wish the best for Josh, seems like a genuine good guy that “got it” a lot later in his career.

    As a Bear fan, its unfortunately business and I won’t fault Josh at all for playing somewhere else for more money.

  2. When he was on the Raiders and. Taking Jamarcus Russells place he was great.
    He has only got better over the years. Bears didn’t appreciate him either. Time to move on and be a starter.
    pick good team, so final phase of career not cut short.

  3. Plenty of basket-case teams who should go for him.

    But there’s a reason why they’re basket-cases. McCown’s better off getting paid for a few years as a very good backup than risk getting thrown on the scrapheap halfway through next season because of poor receivers/protection and even poorer coaching.

    Yeah, I’m looking at the Browns and Vikings, but not just those teams.

  4. I predict the Bears won’t resign him since management knows the fans will be clamoring for McCown to start. The fans saw that McCown can run the Bears offense better than Cutler. No one will be criticizing Emory or Trestman clamoring for Jordan Palmer to take over for Cutler.

  5. Even Ponder would have looked like a Pro Bowler with that offense around him. Not that McCown did a bad job. I think the guy is a good QB in the right mix

  6. This guy has been a decent quarterback for some time now but he really has not had the chance. When he was with the Dolphins Tony Sparano did not think he was a starter but what does Sparano know; other than fist pumping on field goals that should have been TD’s

  7. McCown did a great job with those weapons, that might help Cutler learn to grow, it doesn’t matter how hard you throw its how smart you throw it, that Packers game they lost at the end of the season wasn’t on Cutler. If he matures, instead slipping back into old habits, he will be worth that contract they gave him.

    I wish McCown good luck, he played very well this year but my favorite play was he threw a late TD pass to Nate Poole to knock the Vikings out of the playoff contention.

  8. Who would have thought back when McDaniels chased J Cutty out of Denver that it would be the best thing for that franchise and the worst thing for Chicago. McCown did well with a set of Receivers that he will not have at the next place.

  9. Having Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte had to help. Good luck replicating that performance with the Jets or Bucs.

  10. A total team player: Were ever he goes good luck to him. He deserves that last big payday if he can get it. He will help any team he plays for. Not only on the field but in the locker and film rooms. Smart, experienced and humble…

  11. Wake up people, take away Trestman’s system with Marshall, Jeffery and Forte then ask yourself how desirable Josh is. Boom! He’s 35 and is not going to help the likes of an average or below average offense. Pay him though….Josh deserves it, model NFL player.

  12. I always thought McCown got done wrong by Denny Green in AZ. He looked like he could have developed into a starter you could win with there (granted he did have Boldin and Fitz in their young years). And I’ve always loved his intangibles. Very easy to root for the guy.

  13. McCown will be forever remembered by Packer fans for throwing a TD on a 4th and 29 as a Cardinal QB to knock the Vikings out of the playoffs in 2003, thus opening the door for the Packers to make it in.

    It was one of the biggest choke jobs by the Vikings in NFL history by a franchise that is defined by their choke jobs; losers of every Superbowl they appeared in, losers of the last 5 NFC Championship games they appeared in and losers of 5 games in 2013 where they held a lead in the final 2 minutes.

    Kinda brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

  14. As a Bears fan and someone that watched every game last year I wish Josh luck. Would love to see him back but some team will fall in love with his 13TD to 1 INT ratio from last year and not only have cloudy vision but overpay him to compete as a starter. He had a career game -vs- Dallas this year (4TD’s and a 5th with his feet) but people never look at the facts. The Dallas D was actually worse then Chicago’s this year, and that’s saying a lot. People in Chicago brag he beat the Packers, but Rodgers was knocked out in the first series. The 1 INT was very misleading cause he threw many bad passes that our big, physical WR’s just went up and got and actually took away interceptions and turned them into catches. There’s a reason he bounced around with numerous teams and there’s a reason he was out of the NFL when the Bears came calling. I think he was a solid backup that came to a QB friendly offense with lots of tall, physical play makers and caught lightning in a bottle for 5-6 games. If someone signs him big money to start he will be on the bench by the end of the year and while that teams GM and Coach are thinking what were we thinking.

  15. As a Packers fan who appreciates the rivalry, it is dismaying to see the Bears continue to shoot themselves in the foot by sticking with Cutler and giving him a new, fat contract, especially when they had so much success with McCown.

  16. A real vikings fan would rather sign Cassel then McCown why would you sign guy who knock you out the playoff smh and you vikings basher are funny we get it we have no rings but yet you still feel like by bashing us will help you get thru life y’all are pathetic lol

  17. Stick around Josh. Cutler has proven that he is not at all durable. You will get plenty of starts and PT with the Bears!

  18. Let him go. take a qb in the mid round of the draft. Treastman can coach up a young qb to ready if jay goes down. We got holes to fill on def. I like Josh but we dont have a whole lot of cap room and last years defense was horrible to watch. Spend the money on J.Byrd

  19. Cleveland would make a lot of sense. Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron are pretty good weapons along with a good O-Line. They definitely need a qb and I’m not sure any of the guys coming out this year are franchise qbs. A decent stopgap at the least

  20. Newsflash, McCown’s always been a pretty decent QB. Denny Green screwed him in Arizona and suddenly benched him for the clown named Shaun King.

  21. In other words, McCown wishes he could take Trestman with him. He is suspect to wind up as the next Matt Flynn, but that’s really not that terrible either.

  22. He’s a good fit with Da’Bears and should stay. If he goes anywhere else I think he’ll disappoint. A great stretch for him last season, but teams should be cautious about seeing something in him that isn’t really there. If he was ‘the guy’ he would have been before now.

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