Boldin says he’s aware of no locker-room gripes about Harbaugh

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If, as Ann Killion of the San Francisco Chronicle recently reported, coach Jim Harbaugh’s “act has worn pretty thin” in the locker room, especially with some “face of the 49ers” players, receiver Anquan Boldin isn’t one of them.

“He had a big role in me coming back,” Boldin said of Harbaugh in a conference call conducted in connection with his new two-year contract, via audio of a media conference call distributed by the team. “You know, he’s a guy I had a real good relationship with. Me and him were able to talk about anything. And I just like his demeanor, the way he approaches the game. He’s a guy that wants to win. I’m the exact same way. So I think we mesh pretty good. I mean, like I said, he was just good to me the entire year. You know, I think the whole, the entire organization was. LIke I said, I was accepted right away. I think they used me in the right way. So me and coach Harbaugh have a pretty good relationship.”

From Boldin’s perspective, there are no players who feel that way.

“I don’t think anybody in the locker room, you know, has an issue with Coach Harbaugh,” Boldin said. “The way our locker room is built, I mean, we have an open-door policy. If anybody has a concern or wants to voice their opinion, I mean, they’re more than welcome to. There have been times we have voiced our concerns as players, and Coach Harbaugh has listened to us and taken into consideration how we felt as players.

“I don’t think there’s any rift between players and coaches, particularly Coach Harbaugh. Like I said, he has a great rapport with all of the guys that I know of. I heard of no griping in the locker room when it comes to Coach Harbaugh.”

Look for other players eventually to be asked about the situation when the media has an opportunity to do.  While it has no relevance to the widespread reports of tension between Harbaugh and the front office, the 2014 season becomes much more manageable if the players aren’t truly griping about their coach.

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  1. fanaticks says:
    Mar 3, 2014 8:32 PM
    Killion’s source must be Brandon Jacobs.

    Made me lol. Scary part is it may be close to the truth.

    mediots…. rumor mongers …. scum of the !@@#

  2. Of course there isn’t. Ann Killion made it up to get a story. She couldn’t reveal her source because it was herself, simply fabricating the story to keep interests elevated in this uneventful off-season. The Boldin signing is a positive and uplifting report for niner fans who’s team has been drug through dirt the past three weeks with bogus reports with no real backing or hard evidence; merely speculation by bored reporters.

  3. The problem is he’s too busy being a frantic poet when he should be using his head to figure out what he can do to put his team in a better position to win. That’s the old act, it’s an indifference to obvious enhanced strategy options that he is consistently oblivious too, and it’s getting stale and boring. But you wouldn’t know that Anquan because you are too busy playing in the game instead of analyzing it like I do and like Harbaugh should be doing.

  4. So Killion who like Kawakami personally dislikes Harbaugh, made up a completely false story hoping to cause more dissent? Wow color me shocked. Tim would be very proud of your trolling attempt. Pretty telling when Lowell Cohn who is long known for trying to rile up 49ers coaches won’t even go there.

  5. That’s all and good but the players don’t hold Harbaugh’s future captive, the front office does. 🙂

    Try not to blow all your Kaep space on a one-trick-pony while you’re at it.

    Nobody has it better than me.

  6. Hey thepftpoet, those undersized Seahawk receivers have a Super Bowl ring. Your Vikings on the other hand do not after 4 tries. The Seahawks only needed 2 tries and they won with those undersized receivers. I actually like Boldin, he’s really tough and has great hands.

  7. I have come to a conclusion, I will not give a thumbs up or a thumbs down nor will I comment to anything logicalvoice, thevikesarebest or pftpoet has to say. I suggest everyone else does the same, they never have anything to say that makes any sense.

  8. As a ram fan, I can tell you the so-called problems in the 9er’s locker room are problems we’d love to have. While this reporter tells some story about Harbaugh (never trust un-named source btw) we’re going for a record 11 straight season w/out a winning record. Would have loved to have had Anquon on our team this yr.

  9. Ann Killion of the SF Chronicle is the same person who said she would have chosen former players in the NFL concussion lawsuit for SI’s Sportsman of the Year award.

    Really? The same guys who are responsible for turning the NFL game we know today into a glorified, high scoring flag football league?

    Killion lacks credibility & is a moron.

  10. I’ll give you 6,000,000 reasons why Anquan Boldin doesn’t see/hear/know about anything in the locker room:

    REASON #1: $1.00
    REASON #2: $1.00
    REASON #3: $1.00
    REASON #4: $1.00
    REASON #5: $1.00
    REASON #6: $1.00
    REASON #7: $1.00
    REASON #8: $1.00

    SEE: Anquan Boldin freshly signed two year contract

  11. thepftpoet says:
    Mar 3, 2014 8:30 PM
    Anquan Boldin is way better than the under-sized ordinary receivers on PEDhawks.
    You mean, like that ordinary receiver Percy Harvin? The guy who can do so many more dangerous things against opposing teams that Boldin cannot accomplish, like jet sweeps for 30+ yards and kick-offs returned for touchdowns?

    I’m pretty sure the Seahawks were quite satisfied with Harvin last month while Boldin sat on his couch…

  12. What’s he or any of the other players supposed to say? Whether they like him or not they aren’t going to give their jobs up by running their mouths.

    The 49ers could use Jonathon Martin in their locker room.

  13. Boldin said he didn’t “think” there is an issue in the lockerroom. He said “think” twice. He’s not actually disputing anything. He’s not making an emphatic “no”, he’s couching his response with a vague “I don’t think so…” Pretty weak to my eyes.

    Of course, it still could mean nothing because I doubt there’s a coach out there who is beloved by all his players. That said, if I were a player, I’d have an issue with Harbaugh’s play-calling. A good case can be made that his play-calling at crucial times in the NFC title and Super Bowl losses were the reasons the Niners lost those games. Roman wasn’t calling plays at the end of those games. And didn’t Kap throw Harbaugh under the bus during Super Bowl week when he said the timeout called during at the end of their Super Bowl loss was the reason they lost that game?

    Three years at the doorstep but then to watch the Seahawks win it all must be tough.

  14. Niners fans are delusional. They dismiss literally every objective journalist about their team like Lowell Cohn, Tim Kawakami, and now Ann Killion. Watch, when Barrows, Maiocco, etc all begin to catch on to Harbaugh being a hated psycho loudmouth, they’ll throw them under the bus too.

  15. They have similar intense personalities, so you would expect them get along well.
    It doesn’t make the report untrue.

  16. That this whole story came out at the same time that it was revealed that the 49ers nearly traded Harbaugh to the Browns sounds like the roots of the story come from the management level rather than the players, as a justification for why they would even entertain the idea of making a deal.

  17. The only gripe Anquan heard was about “those God awful Wal Mart clothes”, but it wasn’t that serious and they gave Jim a pass because he’s a 50 year old white guy.

  18. sonoco says: Mar 3, 2014 8:47 PM

    @thestrategyexpert . . . great schtick . . . or get over yourself . . . I can’t figure out which.
    He read a book on the power of positive thinking, and after devoting a full year to those 276 pages, he believes he can land a FO job by posting here. Either that, or he’s a Vikings fan. I can’t figure out which.

  19. @jermainewiggins

    As long as people keep responding to their ignorant comments they will keep leaving them. I am as guilty as everyone else but not any more.

  20. niners might be coming apart at the seams a bit. supplanted in their div by seatt who went on to win SB. kaep the wunderkind imploded in 4th quarter of nfc champ gm and cost his team a SB berth. probably some truth to rumor of frosty relationship between harbaugh and GM baalke. and other team in div — ariz and stl — are getting better. remember last season ariz went 10-6 and did not make playoffs.

    let’s see if sf can hold it together. i say they are in decline. next yr may be last yr for playoffs. or maybe decline is more rapid and no playoffs next yr…

    last, may the kaep over alex smith decision have been a mistake ??

  21. Someone please tell me what Skol means. Are you talking about the chewing tobacco? Honestly Have never met a vikings fan and didnt know they existed.

    Logical, you were so embarrassed by RG3 this year that you had to create a new name and troll about the Vikings?

  22. To the two most prolific Vikings trolls: Have you ever considered, you know, like, getting a job?

  23. This could be the media overreaching again, or it could be a good player/teammate towing the company line. I remember Boldin saying something very similar when the mutiny with the Ravens took place and we found out later that DID INDEED HAPPEN. One things for sure; there are some definite issues with that team. A Super Bowl is the best way to deal with them (although not a cure all see Johnson/Jones.) If they are gonna do it, it’s a good thing they got Q, cause despite all the good players on that team they won’t do it without him. Jim should be thanking big bro and Ozzie every week for giving him Q. More of that and less whining.

  24. It won’t matter. Sea, SF, St. Louis and Arz will beat the snot out of each other and with a better schedule, St. louis or Arz will take the division by a game.

    The NFC West is a brutal fight pit where the survivor will be lucky to be healthy and able to have the strength to make a playoff run.

  25. Boldin is right. The reporters are not making a mountain out of a mole hill, they are making a mountain out of a sink hole large enough to swallow a car. If you don’t have to cite sources, you can make up anything you want.

  26. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what Killion or Boldin say.

    What matters is that class players like Anq Boldin, P Willis, Nav Bowman, Justin Smith, etc are gonna leave it all on the field EVERY GAME no matter what is written in the newspapers.

    This Niner team is bustin at the seams with incredible athletes with great character. They don’t give 2 squirts ‘o piss about all this garbage in the media.

    They give it ALL in EVERY game…regardless of Ann Killion’s opinion.

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