No tag for Jared Veldheer

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Reports that the Raiders would pass on the chance to use their franchise tag on defensive end Lamarr Houston proved to be correct.

Houston was not given either the franchise or transition tag ahead of Monday afternoon’s deadline and neither was left tackle Jared Veldheer. That leaves the Raiders with the rest of the week to hammer out a contract with the impending free agent before he can start talking to other teams about leaving Oakland.

Veldheer said last month that he was hoping to see more urgency from the Raiders on contract talks and now would be a good time for them to pick up the pace if they haven’t already. The Raiders have said retaining Veldheer is a top offseason priority and he would likely see several suitors if he’s allowed to hit the open market.

Giving Veldheer the franchise tag would have put the Raiders on the hook for $11.654 million and Oakland has the cap space to swallow such a figure. Their choice not to go that route could suggest a hopefulness about signing Veldheer to a long-term deal, but it’s a risk with the start of free agency right around the corner.

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  1. Valdheer is a nice prospect with youth and a lot of upside.

    That said, I’d pay Brandon Albert more than Valdheer any day of the week, and if JV thinks he is getting franchise money, he should look elsewhere. He has had his share of mistakes and crappy play at times too.

    Not worth top dollar. I have no problem with top dollar for a legit tackle. We could draft one of the guys at LT in the draftat #5 and get the same production for less money.

  2. Houston isn’t a dominant end he’s not even great!Hes good but not worth what he thinks he’s worth!Let some other team overpay for him.Valdheer is in the same boat he’s good but not worth a huge contract.Oakland can draft Robinson or Matthews now and get a QB in the second round

  3. thepftpoet says: Mar 3, 2014 4:22 PM

    Top 5 Tackles in the NFL :

    1. Matt Kalil
    2. Joe Thomas
    3. Joe Staley
    4. Phil Loadholt
    5. Brandon Albert
    Kalil is barely top 50. Riley Reiff is better than Kalil.

  4. Come on Raiders get Valdheer under contract please. He’s definitely worth a long term deal.

  5. Neither one is great, but the best the Raiders have. McKenzie has yet to prove that he knows anything about drafting, contracts, signing free agents..sort of everything that goes with being a General Manager.
    His signings this year proves he has gained any knowledge from his mistakes last year. He has signed a washed up QB, a running back from Canada (minor league) and a running back that is now going to play defense? And last week a Lineman that lines up off sides, more than on his own line of scrimmage. What the hell is going on? Can’t wait to see how bad he screws up the draft, trading down, picking hospital patients etc.. Now with money in the piggy bank, will he waste it on NFL rejects and more minor league talent? 3 strikes and you’re out. This year he has already fouled the third strike off several times.

  6. Laxcoach37 your post just goes to show you have no idea what you are talking about. Aside from Monroe I would take Valdheer any day over Albert. Valdheer might actually be a better fit for the Dolphins due to his athleticism and Miami running a zone blocking scheme. You need to expand your knowledge on these “what’s his name guys” because Valdheer is a huge upgrade over what the Fins had last year.

  7. Not to disrespect either one of these guys, because I want them both back. But Houston is not going to get 13 per, and Veldheer is not going to get 11. Just the facts.

    I would sign both of these guys. Veldheer deserves a 5 year escalating deal at around 40 to 45 million, and Houston deserves a 5 year escalating deal around 30 million.

  8. Mckenzie just realized 4-12 is not a winning record how do you expect him to realize his best offensive lineman needs to be signed.

  9. Everybody was upset last year when RM let Seymour, Kelly, Huff, Myers, Wheeler, and McClain walk. Nobody wants those guys now. Maybe he knows what he’s doing…lets hope.

  10. Raiders need to back up the truck and get rid of everybody! Why pay when they cant win? A roster full of unemployed bouncers would have the same results.

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