Report: Cowboys restructure Orlando Scandrick, Sean Lee

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Several teams will enter free agency next week with money pouring out of their pockets to spend.

The Dallas Cowboys are not one of those teams.

Despite the salary cap being higher than initially anticipated, the Cowboys are still on the wrong side of it. They need to clear up cap space before the start of the 2014 league year on March 11 and have already planned to release Everette Brown and Phil Costa as a means of freeing up some space.

In addition, they are also restructuring the contracts of other veteran players. According to Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports, the Cowboys have restructured the contracts of cornerback Orlando Scandrick and linebacker Sean Lee. The reworked deals convert base salary into bonuses that can be prorated over the length of the contracts, thus lessening the cap hit for this season and deferring it to future years.

Per Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the restructured contracts freed up $8.5 million in cap space – $3.75 million from Scandrick and $4.75 for Lee.

Dallas had just given Scandrick a two-year extension in November and already needed to revisit the deal to fix their cap problems for next season.

DeMarcus Ware’s contract remains an issue that Dallas may have to deal with as well. His cap hit is the second highest of any player on the roster and releasing him would free up over $7 million in space. However, there still hasn’t been any movement on either a pay cut, restructure or release at this point.

15 responses to “Report: Cowboys restructure Orlando Scandrick, Sean Lee

  1. Both players were willing to accept less money in exchange for knowing they couldn’t possibly play for Minnesota.

  2. Neither got less money, they got the money now instead of during the season.

    Both contracts were structured to do this at the time they were originally offered.

  3. Lets face it boys fans….this is your typical Band-Aid applied to a gunshot wound. They have to cut Ware and then probably Romo to get this thing straight. Im not a hater, just a realist. Jerry basically needs to start over, hire a good GM, and look to 2016.

  4. The cowboys cleared up $4.75 from Lee? That what, half of the profit from 1 beer? SMH…

  5. Cap expansion will destroy NFL parity, the long time driver of NFL popularity.

    Gambling and Fantasy Football, which has brought in a significant number of women and their purchasing power, will sustain pro football forever.

    But when the Green Bays and the Jacksonvilles of the NFL can no longer compete with the Dallases and New Englands then the main drawing card for real fans, parity or the illusion of it, is gone.

    Salary cap expansion is dangerous. It allows the big spenders to continue to cover their profligate ways.

  6. Projected to be 20 mil higher in next two years. I don’t agree with the moves he’s making, but if he wants to keep Ware, this is what he has to do, unfortunately.

    Let’s remember, the man is smarter than you and I. He has more money in his 27th favorite bank account than you and I will ever dream of.

  7. Sean Lee is awesome. But he’s about like Bob Sanders. So you just can’t depend on him, and therefore can’t pay him.

  8. Despite what the Author above is insinuating, these “restructures” are built into the contract, Lee was always going to get restructured this year. Scandrick as well. It’s actually doing good business.

  9. “It’s actually doing good business.”

    Good financial business is not necessarily good football business.

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