Titans have no plans to use franchise tag on Alterraun Verner


The Dolphins locked up cornerback Brent Grimes this morning, but there will apparently be at least one top-shelf corner on the market next week.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, the Titans “have no plans” to use the franchise tag by today’s deadline, which ostensibly means Alterraun Verner will hit the market.

They still have this week to negotiate, but they’re already paying Jason McCourty top corner money, which could preclude another such deal.

Verner’s coming off a Pro Bowl season, and should attract plenty of interest in an open market. But a one-year deal worth $11.8 million to keep him out of that market is apparently more than the Titans are willing to spend.

7 responses to “Titans have no plans to use franchise tag on Alterraun Verner

  1. Hey genius maybe you should worry about making the playoffs before you talk about multiple Super Bowl championships! You show up on every post and never show an ounce of football knowledge! Just stupid one liners about the Vikings who are soo bad they are going to let the only good thing they have in Peterson get older and older without ever doing a damn thing! Congrats you must be proud!

  2. His former head coach is the HC in St.Louis
    His former DC is the new DC in St. Louis
    St Louis really needs another CB…………..

  3. He’s a tough decision for the Titans:
    a smart, tough player with a real nose for the ball…but with a very limited skill set lacking top-end speed, best suited for slot/nickel work…

    Not a top tier corner, but some desperate team will likely throw HUGE money at him, so…good for him, I guess…

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