Hall of Fame makes conflicting statements on Eli Manning’s helmet


Is the helmet Eli Manning wore in Super Bowl XLII on display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame? That depends on which statement from the Hall of Fame you believe.

The Hall of Fame’s website says that it displays “The helmets worn by New York Giants’ teammates Eli Manning and David Tyree in their team’s Super Bowl XLII win over the New England Patriots.” But Hall of Fame V.P. of Communications Joe Horrigan told NJ.com, “It’s been displayed only as ‘Eli Manning’s helmet.'”

This matters because Manning and the Giants are being sued by a memorabilia collector who says they “repeatedly engaged in the distribution of fraudulent Giants memorabilia.” According to the New York Post, that helmet is one of dozens of pieces of memorabilia the dealer says the Giants and Manning have falsely claimed were game-worn.

The Giants and Manning deny any wrongdoing.

20 responses to “Hall of Fame makes conflicting statements on Eli Manning’s helmet

  1. So is there any chance that the actual helmet in the HOF does not even belong to Eli Manning in any sense? The NFL should make a determination if they are knowingly or unknowingly purporting a fraud just in case they are.

  2. The buyers of the memorabilia will have to eat the loss, for the NFL, the courts and everybody else, will cover for NFL royalty.

    I believe the memorabilia industry is wrought with fraud, but Manning will be shielded from getting caught by disavowing any knowledge of the actual transactions. I’d be shocked, if all the crooks are dealt with.

  3. So, the HOF people don’t even know, I’d bet a ton, Eli doesn’t even know, unless it’s under his bed, or a bank vault that Archie set up for his kids to “put there stuff in”?
    If there is one person I would not suspect it’s got to be Eli, come on, does easy Eli look like he is a real crook?

  4. To really be sure if the helmet was Eli Manning’s, just look at it. Does it look like Kuzoo’s helmet, the little spaceman from the Flintstones. That’s how you can tell for sure.

  5. Compare the DNA in the helmet with whatever DNA is left on the shroud of turin and then you will know whether or not it is Eli’s because Eli has been kissed by god.

  6. Read the doc from the law suit. It doesn’t shed Eli or the Gaints in a very good light. I totally believe the law suit is legit after reading the docs last month…

  7. Does it really matter? What kind of person likes to collect things that other men have worn? The entire “game worn” thing is a little weird.

  8. “See? Look closer. You can see the sweat marks where Eli, fretted about each and every pass he made in that game.”

    This is like NASCAR memorabilia dealers claiming that tiny chunks of rubber came off of “race driven” tires. A tire is a tire, and a helmet is a helmet. Do people really care, if one was worn during a game, or not?

  9. Weepingjebus…. make sure you show up in Canton when Eli is a first ballot HOFer. You can booooo him there, and continue to make an arse out of yourself.

  10. Shout out to the Giants hater that went through every post and thumbed down factual statements. We know you’re still mad he has two rings, and we’re laughing at you.

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