Finley hoping to get clearance very soon

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In the days preceding the Super Bowl, Packers tight end Jermichael Finley told PFT Live that he hopes to get clearance in the coming weeks following neck surgery.

The clearance has not yet come.  Per a league source, it could be coming very soon.

Finley’s primary doctor and his neurosurgeon currently are out of the country, but they will return on Friday.  The goal is to get Finley cleared by Tuesday, so that he can participate in free agency when it opens.

If Finley is healthy, there should be a decent demand for his services.  Before he can learn the extent of the demand, he needs to be cleared.

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  1. Typically it would be a shame to see a good player call it a career earlier than necessary, but Finley is coming off of a scary injury, he has a ring, has made a bunch of money, and his kids told him they didn’t want him to play after the concussion he got prior to the neck injury…I hope he stays healthy because if he gets hurt and it is permanent, he is going to second guess this for the rest of his life.

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