Bart Scott thinks Mark Sanchez can be a top backup QB

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New CBS analyst Bart Scott offered quite the endorsement for former teammate Mark Sanchez.

Sort of.

Scott offered some backhanded praise of the quarterback everyone assumes will be a former Jet soon.

“Can Sanchez go out and be a player in this league? Absolutely,” Scott told Metro’s Kristian Dyer. “For me, right now, he’d be one of the top backups in the league.”

Scott did add that he thought Sanchez would benefit from a change of scenery, pointing out that others have followed the same path.

“It doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of him. Remember Steve Young? Quarterbacks can play another 12 years in this league,” Scott said. “The story isn’t completed yet; the book isn’t even half-written yet. Hopefully he goes to a place where he has some weapons with great coaches, great coordinators and help continue to develop him.

“I don’t think it is over for Mark. It just may not be New York for him right now.”

There are more teams looking for starters or solid backups than there are available quarterbacks this offseason, so Sanchez should get another shot somewhere.

But finding the right spot, with all those conditions Scott noted, might be a lot tougher for Sanchez to find.

7 responses to “Bart Scott thinks Mark Sanchez can be a top backup QB

  1. Just Heard Vikings GM Spielman cite the Seahawks Model as a template, Sanchez already thrived in a poor mans version of the Current Seahawks Model in 2009 and 2010. Because Norv Turner and Zimmer were all beaten by Sanchez Led Teams in the Playoffs do not be surpised if he ends up in Minnesota set to compete With Christian and a rookie…. Mark will not, I repeate will not go into a situation where he is entrenched as a backup at this point, the only two options where that will not be the case are Minnesota and Oakland.. The Vikes will be re-vamping their Defense and have a model to win a Super Bowl… Mark may be Russell Wilson encarnated..

  2. Spielman basically said flat out they are bringing in a Free Agent QB, Maybe Matt Cassel knows something we dont… so thats the reason Cassel bolted so Quick!?

  3. I think Sanchez is going to be franchise QB somewhere else and lead whoever that is to a SB win at some point in his career. Hey, he did go to two AFC Championship Games.

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