Tre Mason doesn’t like questions about his blocking


Former Auburn running back Tre Mason led the SEC in rushing last season with 1,816 yards, had a whopping 304 yards in the SEC Championship Game, added 195 yards in the national championship game and was a Heisman Trophy finalist. But Mason knows there are questions about him — and particularly questions about whether he’s a good enough pass blocker — heading into the NFL draft.

But Mason doesn’t appreciate those questions.

I feel like I shouldn’t be criticized on it,” Mason told the Montgomery Advertiser. “I haven’t given up many sacks at all the past two years that I played, and I feel like that’s a strength of mine. But people knock me because of my size. . . . But I feel like you don’t block the hole in height-wise, you block it with how much heart you have.”

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, however, says that if the 5-foot-8, 207-pound Mason can block, he hasn’t shown it in his college career.

“The next time he blocks somebody’s going to be his first,” Mayock said of Mason. “and if wants to play on third down, he’s going to have to clean that up.”

Combine the questions about his blocking with the fact that Mason only caught 19 passes in his college career, and there are significant questions about whether he can provide much of anything to a pro passing game. Mason is going to continue hearing those questions, whether he likes it or not.