DeMarcus Ware situation headed for possible Tuesday resolution


It’s unclear whether the Cowboys will cut defensive end DeMarcus Ware, whether he’ll restructure his contract by taking less money, or whether both sides will proceed with Ware earning $12.25 million in base salary this season, along with a $500,000 workout bonus.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, a resolution is expected soon.  Ideally, it’ll come by 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

Cutting Ware with a post-June 1 designation would result in $3.25375 million in dead money for 2014, along with another $5.31775 million in 2015.  Cutting Ware without the post-June 1 designation would result in $8.5715 million hitting the cap in 2014.

Either way, $12.75 million in cash would be avoided.  A post-June 1 designation would create precisely that amount of cap space.  Otherwise, the move clears $7.43225 million.

But here’s the catch.  Ware’s full salary and workout bonus will remain on the books until June 1, resulting in the Cowboys getting no cap relief until June 1, at which time $12.75 million would appear.  The challenge for the Cowboys would be to find a way to participate in free agency with Ware still counting for $16 million until June.

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  1. Ware shouldn’t give them a break. Take the agreed upon pay rate or bolt, and if you have to lose a few bucks then that’s ok because it would be worth it to get onto a new team that will honor his salary rate in the future. Respect is worth more than a little extra pocket change, don’t sell out and then you can join a winner while you still have time to compete for a title and with a good and respectful team that does things the right way on the field and with the business stuff.

  2. If there is such a thing as a ‘soft’ defensive star he is it.Dallas needs to cut him and Smiles Austin.

  3. If Ware can recover from his injuries he will still be a force. He’s been dealing with excruciating pain for much of the last two years and still managed to record 17.5 sacks.

    Hope they can work something out.

  4. Gotta love these arm chair warriors always in a rush to call players “soft”. Demarcus Ware played with a torn hamstring, a fractured wrist, a hyper-extended elbow, and a torn labrum (which required surgery) all in one season. He played in 136 straight NFL games. So soft!

  5. I suspect that, in the end, Dallas will restructure and make the ‘cut’ decision next year. Why?

    1) Restructuring Ware this year will free up almost as much as cutting him as a June 1 cut, more if you take the entire hit this year. If Dallas restructures Ware they can realize a $8.5Mil cap savings in 2014. If they cut him and absorb the entire hit in 2014 they will realize a cap savings of $7.4mil in 2014. If they designate him a June 1 cut they realize (an eventual) 2014 cap savings of $12.75million in 2014, but, they incur about $6mil in ‘dead money in 2015. ‘Eventual’ means they won’t see that savings until June as team must carry the cap number until June 1.

    So why wouldn’t they use the June 1 cut and use the extra to sign their rookies? Because that makes it a choice between Ware and Austin (who would provide enough to sign rookies if designated a June 1 cut).

    My contention is they will be better served to restructure and realize the savings that way, while having Ware in 2014 to see if he can overcome the combination of age and injury to return to form in 2014. If he doesn’t they can cut him in 2015 and suffer a smaller cap hit. Given that the cap in 2015 will be north of 140 mil AND Dallas is currently $6mil UNDER the projected 2015 cap of 133 mil, it makes sense to give Ware one more year.

  6. If Ware can stomach the ignorant fans he should go to Oakland. They have tons of money and he can try to bring professionalism back to the only XFL team left in existence.

  7. The market has somewhat been set today with Bennett signing is 4/34 contract. If ware thinks he can get more than $8/season at 32 coming off two injury riddled seasons, he has another thing coming.

    He should take the $5M pay cut and allow Jerry to sign a couple other FA players (Melton) to help him out on the DL.

  8. cowboys are screwed regardless. they’ll be in the same situation next year as well specially if the cap doesn’t go up drastically. with romo’s cap number hitting through the roof and dez bryant’s contract coming up next year, jerry is in a deep mess and we haven’t even talked his incompetence as a gm regarding his coaches and draft decisions yet.

  9. Take a pay cut Ware. You are on your way to become Dallas Cowboy royalty. Don’t let greed hurt that. You are a great player but Jerry Jones has been extremely generous and over paid ya to warm the benches and play at 79% for a long while. You have jumped off sides so many times on 3rd and short situations. We still love you and we want you to stay. Take one for the team. It’s your turn.

  10. Since the Cowboys are in fact a rebuilding team not a contender neither this or the Romo contract should have been extended. It’s the usual delusion Cowboy management and fan base situation.

    Parcells fielded the last contending team, it’s been downhill since but the “I love you” extensions just kept on going.

    Ware is emblematic of the “flash” that gets hype and pay but when it was really on the line in clutch games he disappeared plenty of times. Not a team leader either, it’s all about him, another current Cowboy trait.

  11. Demarcus Ware need to know this once an for all. HE NEED TO LEAVE DALLAS in order to save his career. Otherwise, he will collect disability thanks to Jerry Jones. At least another team will benefits better with his services. If he stays, he is going to wished he had left. Dallas will never make the playoff as long as Jerry Jones is at the helm. Dallas is a team that will always fall short. DEMARUS WARE GET OUT NOW.

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